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24 Hearts

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24 Hearts novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adult, and Adventure genres. Written by the Author Sadly Crying Soul. 135 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


I made a game.

When I woke up, I was in that game.
When I was in confusion and embarrassment, the one who brought me into this world appeared and said:

“Oh, Creator. This is a game only for you, but it is also a ‘duty’.”

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    Feb 28, 2021

    This a good read. The mc is not stupid arrogant unbearable and overly righteous he will do what he needs to do in order to achieve his aims unlike other mc's who would kill for talking trash to them or spilling milk on them never growing up though out the entire novel remaining 3 year old children in the body of an adult . All in all you should give this a try.

  • nande
    Feb 22, 2021

    I'll just give it a try.. Even though this is harem tag, I really don't like harem but the reviews are great. I hope I don't get pissed off and drop this.

  • vvllkk
    Feb 13, 2021

    (I am writing this text through a translator)I really liked this novel, because it is very rare to find such a level of text, disclosure of characters, a plot in just 100 ~ chapters. I will look forward to new chapters. P.S. Can't you add new Regressor Instruction Manual chapters on this site? I cannot read this novel through the translator on the Active Tranclate website.

  • soukka
    Feb 06, 2021

    It's good in my opinion but there's only one thing.....i don't know if i'm just being selfish but....why the heck the author made the mc become some third party in the sparring between kain and him? Man, it really left a bad taste to me since i'm expecting that rein is one of the heroines but then the author kinda like say SIKE in my face when mc thought rein was handing him the towel.....feels bad man....it really turned my mood off.....(continues reading)

  • lnwUser33605
    Feb 03, 2021

    I don't know how other view this by reading the description but I say it is a hidden gem. The storyline is good, the background history is well written and the wholesome of the characters are the few things that I like about this novel.

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It's a nice novel to read. You must try it if you don't like it drop it, if you like it keep reading it it's a good novel to read. I hope you like reading if see you!

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*Turkish Comment*
Az önce 114. bölüme geldim. Gerçekten 'Kahraman Bakış Açısı'nı yazar çok güzel kullanmış. Seri gayet özgün. Okurken sarıyor. Tereddüt etmeyin güzel, seri toplamda 684 bölüm ama hikaye hiç yavaş ilerlemiyor.
tek beğenmediğim kısım Calypso'nun kabusu kısmı idi. beğenmememin sebebi, Jinmu olayını birazcık fazla uzatmaları. Başka hiçbir kötü yanını yakalayamadım.
Üstüne google çeviriye rağmen çok güzel anlaşılıyor yani *boktan* terimler yok.
Neyse bu kadardı kimse okumamıştır zaten.

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This novel is great and just one more thing the faster it updates the better. I think I am in love with the story. I am still going on and waiting so please don't drop it.

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I have so far liked the story very much even with its many somewhat dule beginning it will pick up just get past the first 24 chapters and it will pick up.

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Even though there IS a lot of tags that has a...


Hen.t.a.i related tags. The actions pretty good. I like how the goal is clear. And there are some side stories of "What could've happened". the mc is Very adaptable, loner, and cold blooded. Though i wouldn't say he's cold blooded till he can't sympathize with others. He just likes doing things for his own benefit/or other he cares about.

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-24 hearts-
It has an interesting story that has an excellent construction, avoiding pointless scenarios.
The changes and decisions of the characters make sense (it will be understood how one thing led to another).
The MC's personality at first disgusted me but I think that as the story progresses it will change to one more insensitive to death, which is to my liking. His moral is in him and in his relationships.

In my opinion -24 hearts- is a novel with potential, I recommend that you start reading it if you have doubts about it.

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Great writing...the system elements in the novel is seamlessly integrated into the world without making the world unbalanced . Litrpg done well, would recommend it to people starting out on the genere. The author does not force elements such as feelings even thought it is a harem tag the characters are all filled with personality and realism. The world lore is detailed and the scenes are vivid.The translations are great and professional save a few spelling and grammatical errors. Some of the tags are misleading "slave harem" etc don't worry no brain fuck elements in the novel. would suggest you to wait a couple months before reading it with the upload speed no doubt the translation team will get the novel up to 200 chaps in no time will come back for a even more sasfiying read then.

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I don't know how other view this by reading the description but I Like the writing style and the protagonist and think there is alot of potential in the worldbuilding that I hope turns out well so imma be biased and See what this novel got for me.

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