48 Hours a Day

48 Hours a Day

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48 Hours a Day novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Little Bleary Zhao. 704 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Growing up with eccentric materialist parents who left him in the care of his grandfather for a job overseas, Zhang Heng had learned to adapt and be unfettered by the oddities and challenges in life. But he would soon learn the baffling truth about the world he thought he knew when one day at midnight time froze and he found himself in a world so quiet and still it was deafening. That night, he discovered that he had 24 hours more than everybody else and thus, marked the beginning of his adventures. The mysteries surrounding his newfound ability only deepened when a strange old man claimed to have given Zhang Heng that ‘gift of time’ and recruited the young man to participate in a cryptic ‘life-changing’ game on his behalf. Little did Zhang Heng know that accepting those terms meant embroiling himself in many versions of reality and exposing himself to the hidden secrets of the world—a decision he could never undo.

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  • Atseis_Agral
    Jan 16, 2021

    Give it a try, believe me when I say you won't regret it.

  • Hey
    Aug 22, 2020

    This is so SACRILEGIOUS day has only 40hrs and that's how much YOU SHOULD PRACTICE PERIOD.

    • ColdDemonSlayer
      Dec 21, 2020

      Imagine leaving a twoset reference on a pirated lightnovel website smh also r/unexpectedtwoset

    • noHAREMpliease
      Sep 25, 2020

      I want to read this but I don’t now if it’s is god story can you tell me if its good story I don’t want to waste time on it

      • SebUser02347
        Sep 30, 2020

        It is one of the best novels I have ever read, and I am a rather selective reader. The characters in the games are great 5/5, the writing is so good 5/5 and the story is very interesting 4.5/5. On the other hand, I have to tell you that it has a lot of technical details that you can just ignore and there is an arc (the pirates arc) that was way too long so I skipped most of it and the progress of the story can be painfully slow a couple of times.

      • SebUser02347
        Nov 05, 2020

        96 to 254. There are some very cool chapters but there are also ones where the MC doesn't even appear. What I did was skimming through the chapters, reading the ones that seemed interesting, and skipping the others.

Latest Release: Chapter 703: Reward

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A cold and methodical mc who strives to survive and progress, and that determination is put to the test. He goes through multiple lives and it is simply one of a kind that deserves to be in a league of it's own.

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48 hours a day. A novel that doesn't get the attention it deserves.
You will be fascinated by the multiple arcs of its history, it has a normal-slow development that made me feel comfortable.
Although it saddens me not to read about the secondary characters from the various rounds of the game again, believe me when I tell you that you will miss them, hehe.
Greetings from Argentina.

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Decently Written and Plot is great! I definitely recommended. It has my favorite parts of different novels, all mashed up together. Although the story get long, it’s still entertaining throughout.

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If you are not a patient person then this book is not really going to work for you. But if you can stand slow progress books then this is a gem. Its slow but it's packed. The writing is superb and has the touches of a professional. The characters are full of potential and worthy of investing in. Story development is very nice too.
A 8.5/10 in my opinion.

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Highly recommended, an outstanding piece of work. It has fairly slow progress so you need to read at least the first game to decide whether it is for you or not.
Writing quality: 5/5, I would describe it as professional but I read most of it on another site so I can't say for sure about this translation.
Story development: 4.5/5 The story is great as a whole and I have loved every arc (Except the way too long arc about pirates which I skipped not because it wasn't good but because of its length), but it can be painfully slow sometimes which is why I won't give a 5
Character design: 4.9/5 I have gotten emotionally attached to some characters, I have found most of them very interesting.
World Background: 4/5 It has been kind of blurry but I feel intrigued instead of annoyed.

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