A Monster Who Levels Up

A Monster Who Levels Up

레벨업하는 몬스터

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A Monster Who Levels Up novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Drama genres. Written by the Author Jee Gab Song. 175 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


This is a story of a man named Kim Sae-Jin, who one day, inexplicably wakes up as a Monster. Follow him and his perilous journey to get his life back as a Human, all the while growing even more versatile as a Monster in the process. This should be… complicated, somewhat.

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  • lnUser08977
    Jan 28, 2021

    Joo Ji Hyuk is soo cute, though I'm kind of dreading the day that a harem for Kim Sae-Jin is made, but I'll enjoy it while it's still good to read. edit 8 hours later: I'm hating the harem he is developing

  • sona
    Oct 27, 2020

    I'm disappointed in this, I thought that it'll be a good and interesting story, while some parts are interesting, there's just so many, farrr too many inconsistency. The Author also didn't bother to research some small things. At one point, they called gauntlets "easy to make" and a reverse grip an inverse grip. Translator Notes are fun to read because you can see that they're as confused as you are lmao

    • tryagain1121
      Feb 18, 2021


  • __I2AmReincarnated__
    Oct 18, 2020

    I don't know why the author is so so stupid to write a novel with the genre of leveling up and fighting about building a Guild and different political issues. Its quite boring as you are hoping for new skills or smthing but in the end its about the MC's financial condition and all business stuff.

Latest Release: Chapter 174: (END)

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The ending is very disappointing .MC loses his memories and powers as a gift from earth. Before he had been a celebrity but in end he ends up being a simple bodygaurd.

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First off, the story is great, the translator is fantastic with the effort he has given into translating this novel. The story is well-executed, but it often let you hanging and wanting for more, in a bad way. The author is very inconsistent with his or her novel which is said by the translator himself or herself. The ending is terrible, although it was not exactly sad, I do not think it suited well at all with the story, the ending was not explained at all and the author most likely just wanted to put an end into this story as soon as he or she can. Personally, the novel itself is goos, but the ending made me immeasurably disappointed, I do not recommend this at all unless you do not care for a so-so and disappointing ending and the genre suits well to your liking. Overall, good translation, great story, bad ending, not recommended at all.

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this is the first book which I finished reading till the end. I just loved it, it was awesome I was about to cry in the end .bro thanks for this novel.

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Me encantó esta novela, la historia se describe bien, las emociones y características de los personajes a mi opinión son excelentes.

Aunque es corta, la profundidad de las emociones del personaje principal le da ese encanto el cual te deja con un apego emocional que te hace sentir lo que el siente.

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On my god ! This is so good and sad i almost cried reading the ending. Definitely recommending to people who like romance with action. It has a good story plot, we get to see the Mc grow and the story is well ended.

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The story is great! I love the characters even if some of the females are a bit clingy, they're still all adorable! The male lead is so cool and love his character development throughout the story.
However, I was surprised that it finished and would love more, but it was still a satisfying end.

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A great pastime read. Loved the concept and the story, especially the way it ended. Some might say the epilogue wasn’t satisfactory, but you have to try to look at it from the writer’s point of view. It’s not a commercial ending, that would be a big hit. But It’s HIS ending, the way he imagined it in his story.

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inizia con una premessa, per poi cambiarla completamente durante lo svolgimento, il finale buttato li giusto per, 3 stelle per la simpatia e l'idea

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In short: Started good, then inconsistency happened and horrible conclusion. Okay read for the sake of it, other than the more unique world setting and plot you're better off reading something else.

It started off great like I said, A new and interesting story about a man who can turn into different type of monsters.

But unfortunately, mid way, Author decides to talk about his relationships. About his "harem" of the sorts, Tbh I didn't enjoy reading those parts. He had a girlfriend yet still "jokes" around with other girls, all the while knowing that some of those girls harbour feelings for him.

I also don't particularly like the relationship he has, for most of them MC seeks out only when he needed something. Like if you read the part of his interaction it's all mostly about business, only in rare occasions did he open up to someone and shows personal interest instead.

The relationship with his girlfriend? I can't feel any love from him, the scenes with her are either him talking about business, or him wanting to have sex with her.

Relationships aside, I do enjoy quite a lot of the more fantasy aspect of the story. Him struggling to level up and dealing with his monster egos, finding out about his parents, him fighting the vampires, testing out his skills, and building up his guild.

But boy.
The author is very inconsistent in many aspects, very inconsistent. Author says one thing, in the next page or chapter, it'll change to another.

I also find that the MC didn't get much if any character development.

But oh, please, just please.


There was a resolution, but then the Author decides to stop following the rules of his world and made whatever kind of ending that was.

And also, the final battle itself was... underwhelming. Even the MC said so. And in the final chapters, the author also switch perspective three times in one chapter when the story had been told in third person. Other small annoyance might be the plenty upon plenty of strange and weird jokes that can never be translated properly, and as I've said, far too many inconsistency.

It's odd but I feel like the author changed into a different towards the end. So listen up. don't read the ending.

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Just read until chapter 172, it has a very bad ending, if you don't want to be disappointed imagine your own ending, it is common for the author to ruin his works
He has a relationship with a girl, there is no harem, but he forgets about her at the end of the novel

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