The temperature in the air had been steamy hot, but as soon as October arrived it immediately cooled down catching everyone unaware .

In the garden of Hebrion Academy, the flowers and plants bloomed in such vivid shades of red and green that one could easily mistake these plants as being painted .

With the conclusion of summer break, it was naturally time for the fall semester to start .

“It’s second semester already . Time sure flies!”

With the commencement of the semester, all of the students who had left for the break had now returned . As a result, the mood in Hebrion Academy was one of youthful excitement .

No matter where you went in the campus there were students walking in groups of three or four . Amongst one such group, there was one boy with dark hair that stood out amidst his peers . He was wearing a Clothes Line that showed his status as a single ranker .

Naturally, it was Desir Arman .

He had returned to school for the new semester and felt all of the attention directed at him from the crowd . Students whispered as he walked by . Some snarled at him while others simply gossiped about him . It was so much attention… too much really .

Of course, not all of the attention was positive . However, it clearly proved that Desir was now really famous . Some students would even come up and ask for his autograph . This unbridled curiosity continued until the opening ceremony was over .

It was evening by the time the assembly concluded . At Hebrion Academy, whenever there was an event like this, all of the students gathered at the main hall and had dinner together .

Desir could only see with one eye . And due to that fact, he could no longer gauge the distance to objects in-front of him very well . He was currently walking down a flight of stairs, heavily relying on the rail . Before making it very far he ended up losing his balance . He almost fell, but at that time, someone happened to be nearby to offer their assistance .

“Be careful, Desir . ”

It was Pram Schneider . He looked up at Desir and smiled at him .

“Thanks, Pram . ”

“I’ll help you walk . ”

Desir felt he didn’t need such help . Pram approached him, but he politely refused .

“No, thanks . ”

“You might fall!”

Pram wasn’t one to easily give up on such things .

“If you fall and get hurt while I stand right next to you, I’d be living in a nightmare of a guilt-trip from not being able to save you…”

“Relax! Relax, Pram!”

Desir hurried to comfort Pram before he could become depressed and out of sorts .

“Then, does that mean I can help you?”

“… Fine . Then if you would, please Pram . ”

“Excuse me . ”

Desir realized that Pram had tricked him as he saw Pram with a smile so radiant it was as if he had never been sad . However, it was already too late .

Pram linked arms with Desir .

“Now you can lean on me . ”

Pram was a thin person, but he was a very steady support for Desir . He also constantly checked on Desir’s wellbeing and comfort .

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Pram already knew about Desir’s condition . After Zod left, Desir explained his condition to the party .

After walking down the stairs and outting both feet back onto flat ground, Desir turned to Pram .

“Thank you . ”

“No problem . Allow me to assist you when you walk back up . ”

They hurried over to the banquet hall . For dinner there was: corn salad, rye bread, and vegetable sandwiches . This was unusual as they were all used to eating from the luxurious menu on normal school days . Of course this caused some complaints from students and quite a few of them immediately left the hall .

Desir and Pram didn’t care . They nonchalantly picked up some salad and rye bread before moving on .

“You’re here . ”

Desir and Pram found Romantica and Adjest were already settled, so they sat down next to them . After a short exhange of greetings they started eating .

Romantica wasn’t happy about the food here either and muttered .

“I don’t know why I need to put this low quality food in my mouth . Is this the result of some kind of conspiracy?”

“Nonsense . ”

This was the highest educational institution of the Hebrion Empire . The empire’s very own noble heirs attended this school . It would not have been possible for corruption of that magnitude to occur here .

“To be honest, this is probably not the result of a reduction in quality, but more about a change in diet . ”

Meat was thoroughly excluded from this new diet .

Romantica shook her head .

“There must be something else at play . Is today somehow special?”

“I don’t think it is anything to do with the first day of the semester . ”

It was then .

“All of you are here!”

It was Ladoria Doriche . She is a sophomore single ranker making her one of the best of the best . She seemed rather excited . She took out a pen and paper from her inner pocket and headed over to Desir .

“A friend of mine is a big fan of you . Can I get an autograph? I mean from all of you . ”

All of them were surprised . They looked at each other and soon nodded in agreement .

“Of course . ”

It wasn’t a big deal, so they easily accepted her request .

As she waited for all of the autographs, Ladoria gaze settled on Romantica’s plate that had so much leftover food .

“You didn’t like it, did you?”

“Ahh, yeah . This isn’t really…”

Ladoria nodded her head as if she understood what Romnatica attempted to explain .

“Actually, my friends were not satisfied with today’s banquet either . But then again, what can we do? They said it was done in remembrance of people who had died from Western Kingdom Union terrorist attack . ”

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Desir and his party finally understood why the menu was the way it was .

“Don’t worry about it . The menu will return to normal after a while . Alright, guys! Keep up the good work! I’ll always cheer for you!”

Ladoria left on those words .

Pram couldn’t believe what he had heard .

“Ladoria, from the Red Dragon Party, asked for our autographs… The Ladoria…”

“Wow, now I’m sure that we really are famous . ”

Romantica said delightfully in delight .

They were all Beta students before this summer break had started . It was true that they feel some kind of pressure from the other students, but nobody really expressed that feeling that they sensed .

“Well, there are a few annoying disadvantages though . ”

Adjest wasn’t really happy with their newfound reputation . Unlike Romantica, she didn’t like to be in the center of attention .

“I see it as a good thing . This is a chance to advertise our party . ”

Becoming famous meant that you can spread your name to the world . Desir had decided to use this fame .

Desir established a party for the talented people who couldn’t utilize their full potential in the future . There were no requirements to enter this party . Even if they didn’t have any discernible skill, Desir still wanted to help them if they had a strong will .

Romantica added on to this .

“It will be a good advertisement, but the important fact is that nobody wanted to join our party . ”

“… I know . ”

But so far, there was nobody that took up their offer, with the exception of Adjest .

Honestly, it was puzzling .

“It’s so strange . Let’s say they didn’t know about us before . However, now that we are pretty famous, I can’t understand why there is still no one… no one applying to join us . ”

“Well, don’t you think it’s about the rumor of our tough spartan training regime?”

“… Maybe it is . ”

Yes, Desir’s training method was definitely harsh .

As trainees, they might hate it . Even Romantica had complained about the heavy training in the beginning . She always complained and never seemed happy about it .

However, as hard as his training was, it produced results and everyone didn’t complain since they knew it as well .

“Desir’s training really works! I feel like a totally different person in comparison to the beginning of the semester!”

Pram insisted strongly .

Adjest, who had been silently listening, added her piece too .

“The training that enstated highlighted and helped the areas that we needed to improve . It was more effective than what any professor could do for us . ”

Desir smiled .

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“Really? I’m going to prepare the training for tonight . All of you should come prepared!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Got it . ”


There was only one person who remained silent . Desir stared at her .


“Okay, okay! I got it!”

Romantica has been diligently participating Desir’s training lately .

There had been several occasions in the past where she skipped out on them, but since “the incident”, Romantica’s attitude had changed completely . She faithfully undertook the training offered by Desir .

While they were chatting about these things, all of a sudden, there was a loud noise .

A woman stepped up on the stage in front of the hall . She appeared to be somewhat familiar .

She was professor Bridget, the one who had taught them study of magic .

She wiped off the sweat on her face twice, then turned on the magic microphone . Her voice echoed deeply in the hall .

“It is great to see you again, Hebrion students . I am professor Bridget, the study of magic teacher . I want to explain some of the changes we will be implementing this semester that couldn’t be explained at the opening ceremony . ”

Immediately, the entire hall was silent .

“I assume that you all have heard what happened in the Western Kingdom Union . The Outsiders invaded and caused serious damage to the Western Kingdom Union . Therefore we, Hebrion Academy, have decided to take measures and prepare against such a serious threat . As a result, a patrol squad of graduates now reside at Hebrion Academy and some security regulations will now be enforced to keep you all safe . ”

Security regulations .

“These are the measures regarding external activities . In order to leave the Hebrion Academy grounds, you will now need to get approval from your grade professors . Your grade professors must be informed of where your party will be going . Also, in order to enter the dormitory after 10PM, you will now need to submit a reasonable excuse for the late entrance . ”

Romantica sighed . She left Hebrion Academy pretty often and thought it was going to be an extra hassle for her . Professor Briggette continued listing the additional regulations .

“We will now also start imposing a curfew from 6PM . We encourage all students to follow the instructions from all members of the faculty . I have personally increased the security magic around our school . If you are not higher than Fifth-Circle, don’t even think about sneaking out . ”

She continued on for a couple more minutes after this . To summarize it all, school life was about to get a lot more strict and tiring .

After finishing her words, Professor Bridget announced that all of the information regarding the new regulations would be sent to the communication pads . She then left the stage . The hall soon returned to a normal level of noise again, as students discussed the implications of these regulations .

“Oh my, so she is saying that we have nowhere but here to go . ”

“I can’t even date . ”

“I need to shop for chips and snacks . ”

Many students including Romantica were not happy about this, but Desir thought differently .

“Think about what would happen if the Western Kingdom Union tragedy was repeated here . It’d be horrible . ”


Romantica involuntarily recalled what happened and ceased complaining .

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“Yeah, you’re right . I can’t imagine the result of them unleashing such havoc here . ”

She ripped a piece off of the rye bread in her hand and shoved it into her mouth, as if trying to block that thought .

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