A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special (WN)
Chapter 94: Freechel felt more at home as she worked through her first week’s training schedule .

Freechel felt more at home as she worked through her first week’s training schedule .

The training was tough, but it was also very refreshing for Freechel as she finally felt that she was learning something new . It finally felt like she was now attending the great school known as the Hebrion Academy .

Desir’s party taught her so many things and it all became fuel to further drive her studies . For example, she successfully completed casting [Watering], the so-called hardest First-Circle water magic to cast .

‘What’s in store for me tomorrow? What will I learn?’

Freechel’s confidence had increased . To the shock of other people that knew her, she now greeted everyone with delight . They asked her things like:

“Is this really Freechel?”

“… ?”

Freechel walked past a hallway and saw a crowd murmuring about something . Her feet naturally led her to the epicentre of the trouble .

It was where the lockers were located . Once there she saw a familiar face . She pushed herself through the crowd and as soon as she saw the face of the person sitting in the center of the crowd, she couldn’t help screaming .


Erje was Freechel’s former party member . She was a pleasant person that was always surrounded by friends . Of course, Freechel was one of her friends . Erje was staring at her locker with a pale face .

Freechel was speechless when she saw the condition the locker was in . There was an unbearable scent wafting out from inside it . The intestines of some kind of animal were thrown into the locker and blood had splattered everywhere, even dripping down onto the floor .

“Oh, this…”

Freechel was familiar with the scene in front of her . It was all too familiar to her .

“Erje! Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

“Freechel… ?”

Erje turned her head and found Freechel in the crowd . Her eyes changed as if she had suddenly found herself face to face with a mortal enemy .

“Wh… What’s wrong, Erje?”

Erje wiped her tears with her sleeve before speaking .

“You’re such a hypocrite . You’re disgusting . ”

Freechel didn’t expect to hear this . Freechel and Erje were not best friends, but they were still relatively close . Freechel found herself without any clues as to why the Erje standing in front of her was consumed by hatred . Freechel’s face betrayed her bewilderment at this change of heart .

Erje manically grinned .

“If you didn’t leave, this wouldn’t have happened to me . ”

Her words tore Freechel’s heart into pieces .

“Who do you think I’m doing all of this for?”

All of this .

Hazing .

This was something that Freechel had been on the receiving end of up until she left the party . After she moved to Desir’s party, the bullying stopped .

She thought it had stopped .

No, it hadn’t . The target of it had just changed .

“It’s all because of you . Because you ran away . ”


The new target of the bullying was Erje . The charm that she usually displayed had completely disappeared .

“Get the fuck away . I don’t need your pity . ”

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Erje turned around and started cleaning up her locker .

Freechel’s heart hurt so much . She was in this exact situation, getting bullied all the time up until recently, and nobody helped her . She was all alone . Freechel understood how Erje felt . She must be sad, miserable, and resentful .

But that’s all it was .

“Erje, I think you’re missing something . ”

Erje stopped moving her hands .

“It’s not me who you need to hate . I didn’t do anything wrong to deserve your blame . ”

“… What? I became the new target all because you transferred to another party! What the heck are you talking about?”

Erje growled .

“Why do you think it’s because of me? You are bullied because there are bullies out there! Stop trying to avoid reality . ”

“You became so ballsy, Freechel . Does your new party teach you how to lecture someone?”


A girl in a school uniform walked down the hallway .

Llada Iddel .

She was a member of the party that used to give Freechel’s previous party work and also happened to be the one that had bullied her .

“… I’m saying what needs to be said . I should have spoken up about this issue before . ”

Freechel stated with pure determination .

“Really? So what difference does talking about it now make? Whatever you say, it will only tickle me . ”

Llada said as she shook her hand as if shooing away a fly .

“I have no interest in you anymore . You better stay out of my way and watch from the sidelines . This has nothing to do with you . ”

“No, I can’t do that . ”

“What? You…”

“Now, I can see it so clearly . You are just a coward who only picks on the weak . ”

Freechel’s impassioned words had clearly upset Llada .

“Freechel, you seem to have misunderstood something . ”

Llada started casting magic .

“The fact that you are now in Desir’s party doesn’t mean that your blood has now changed . ”

It was a violation of the rules to cast magic in the school building, but Llada didn’t care . Second-Circle magic was hurled at Freechel .


Freechel cast defense magic, but she was only a First-Circle magician . Her magic couldn’t block it .

[Water Shield]



It didn’t do anything at all . Freechel’s defense magic was torn as if it was a thin piece of paper . A wooden fist struck her abdomen and she flew back into the lockers .


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Llada had clearly heard Freechel moaning in pain but she didn’t care . She walked towards Freechel and stomped on her back . It didn’t look like anyone would step up to stop her rampage . She walked back a few steps and then cast another Second-Circle spell .

[Root Binding]


From the magic web, tree branches spread out and wrapped Freechel’s body . The pressure it exerted was overwhelming .

“Now, repeat after me . ‘I as a worthless commoner, blamed a noble, and therefore deserve death . ’”

“… You are the worst . ”

“Well, if you say so . ”

The tree branches started to tighten even further around Freechel’s body . Her bones were at extreme risk of breaking into pieces, assuming she could withstand this pain for much longer .

However, Freechel didn’t let any sound of discomfort escape her lips .

“That’s enough . ”


Some unknown force instantly destroyed Llada’s magic . The tree branches around Freechel disappeared .


“Get away from Freechel . ”

It was Desir . He slowly walked toward the girls and gestured with his hand . Llada felt embarrassed, but she knew how strong Desir was . She stepped backward .

Llada didn’t notice Desir’s casting . His magic and capability were so overwhelmingly strong that her ability was nothing great in front of Desir .


Freechel got up as she coughed . Desir noticed some bruises on her skin . He also saw some red marks here and there too .

“I tried so hard not to yell at students . ”

Desir sighed as he continued walking .

Llada felt the rage emanating from Desir and instinctively walked backward in an attempt to escape . But she found herself backed into a wall . There was no where else to go .

“This is too much . ”


[Create Marsh]

Llada felt her back start to get wet . It then felt as if the wall was about to swallow her whole . She stirred her body into action to get away from it, but as she moved her body sank into the wall faster .

“Wa… Wait! What are you doing?”

In the span of just a second, her body was half-buried in the wall . She could only twitch her fingers .

“Get me out!”

“I wouldn’t bury you if I had to take you out so soon . ”

Llada tried to cast magic to escape, but Desir simply swung his hand and blocked her magic . Llada was truly helpless .

“Do you think you’ll be okay after this? If any professor comes by, you’re dead meat . ”

“Worry about yourself, kiddo . Your body is trapped in the wall under my Slate magic . I can rip your body into pieces very easily . ”


Desir started casting magic again .

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Llada sensed that she was in danger . She struggled in an attempt to free herself, however it was all in vain . After her struggles she found herself in the exact same place in the exact same wall .

The magic was almost complete .

“And this is magnifying magic . I usually use this to enlarge the size of an object, but today, I can use it to fill up the gaps and holes in the wall . ”

Desir’s finger swung in a curved shape towards where Llada was buried in the wall .

“Imagine if you were the hole in this wall . What would happen to you if I just closed up this hole?”

She’d be suffocated .

“… !”

“I guarantee that it’s pain on a whole other level to what you have experienced in your life so far . ”


Desir’s smile gave everyone a chill .

“Stop! This is enough! I understand what you’re trying to teach me!”

“Did you stop torturing others when you were told to stop?”

The magic cast started to glow .


‘Is he even going to stop?’

Tears poured out of Llada’s eyes . She started sobbing uncontrollably . She was well past the point of caring about how shameful she would look . She then screamed .

“Sorry! I’m so sorry! Please forgive me!”

Her make-up blended with her tears and started to streak down her face . Her face became uglier as she cried and shouted . Desir didn’t seem to care . He continued with his magic .

“I’m so sorry! Please… Please forgive me!”

The magic was invoked and left Desir’s finger . Llada closed her eyes tight and screamed .


Llada bounced out from the wall as if it had barfed her out .


Llada didn’t feel any pain . It was strange . She carefully opened her eyes, and she saw Desir standing in front of her looking down on her with a bleak face .

“That’s how you say it . ”


Desir turned around and walked towards Freechel . He helped her to her feet .

“I’ll bring you to the medical center . ”

“How did you know I was here?”

Freechel inquired with a look of curiosity plastered on her face .

“I was walking by and sensed that someone cast magic . I just came by to check it out . I didn’t expect this . ”

If Freechel was only abused physically, then Desir wouldn’t have realised until it was too late .

“I’m so sorry, Freechel . I know you tried to solve this by yourself, but I couldn’t help myself from jumping in . ”

Freechel was beat up mercilessly . Desir couldn’t walk away from what he saw .

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Freechel smiled at Desir .

“No, thank you very much Desir . Thank you for helping me . ”

Desir saw an unmistakable trace of agony concealed behind her smile . It was a bitter grin .

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special (WN) Chapter 94: Freechel felt more at home as she worked through her first week’s training schedule .
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