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Chapter 314 18 days ago

I don't know why this has the harem tag, but it was a good read anyway. It might have been better if the author had finished some minor plots, but overall it's a good story.

Chapter 314 1 months ago

Really loved it. There are a few plot threads that don't go anywhere, or rather are not very well resolved, but on the whole this is very nice.

Chapter 73 3 months ago

The story is entertaining till the end with major plot twists along the way. The MC is one of the smartest and the novel tackles the concept of magic systems in a different way. Though the romance part is unnecessary. The ending is very good but not completely satisfying. But it is still one of the best magic novels out there with epic moments.

Chapter 73 4 months ago

Entertaining story with lots of plot twists. The power level of the characters throughout the novel remains somewhat consistent (besides desir) but in the final arc all of that doesn't matter, it was as the writer came short of good characters and they became powerful just because of plot, and obviously in the battle desir's party became even stronger. Would have given it 5 stars if it ended sooner, thanks for reading my rant

Chapter 73 4 months ago

Storyline keeps jumping with no clear division between scenes and at times the chronological order becomes confusing and past chapter 76 the editing takes a massive turn downhill it looks like someone has intentionally gone thru and changed words and lettering around to be an absolute mess using vv as a replacement for W this needs serious correction it's to the point of being incomprehensible

Chapter 73 7 months ago

A good reading, the coherence in the cause and consequence is probably the most remarkable thing in this novel, just in terms of the approach of "facing the future" the story is amazing, you can see an Mc more human in terms of shortcomings, priorities and the limitations by his own position. The story, at least in its early phases is amazingly well paced with kind of a detached form of narration that puts you in the same page of "events to change the future". Something that I didn't like along all the novel is probably the narration of battles, initially I was not too bothered by it, but later I found it increasingly irritating. The problem wasn't in the descriptions (that in the end it's what it is), but in the clear script used for a lot of battles where the Mc team is fighting an enemy team and their initial struggles are disregarded to win the battles. It's fine sometimes when it is a close victory, but there are others where one side is clearly overwhelmingly strong and the narrative tries to balance the fight. The previous point is linked with other thing, though I'm praising this novel for presenting an Mc more human, with shortcomings, errors of judgment and the like, there are some situations where the narrative tries to downside(or just disregard) the knowledge that the Mc has thanks to his past life experience(and sometimes just his experiences in the present life), an example can be seen in the war's last phase: the homunculus is used like a strategic weapon to attack in intervals of time some positions from the alliance, the Mc sees this information and he doesn't make further analysis? Really?. Man, he fought a half-done homunculus in a previous shadow world and one strike could destroy a city, not just that, he is able to defend against the first attack but it hadn't been a minute and the homunculus is preparing a new one, so you're really telling me that it's logical a 12 H timespan between attacks for a full-fledged homunculus that had more than 100 years to improve further?. I'm not asking for an almighty Mc that knows everything, I'm looking for a logical development, maybe some assumptions, maybe some suspictions, I don't know, something. Something similar happens when he knows that the meeting in "divide" is a trap, and he just really goes there without preparations. Again, the narrative tries to justify this, highlighting how powerless the Mc is and how "determined" is he in facing the trap head on, man, you don't know the extent of that organization's power cause you don't know how many executives there are, you know that probably the most dangerous character in the story (until that moment) is there, and you are just brushing it away or just ignoring it completely, you are probably going against a whole country in this operation for god's sake. All the previous things are exacerbated by how the author has presented the Mc before, a measured man, his attention to the details when planning, his driving to prevent what will happen exhausting every method that he can use, so. . . it just takes a lot from the story.

Chapter 73 9 months ago

Too slow paced, I quickly lost interest. Although the protagonist is clever and good at analysis, he remains very weak. The idea of the Shadow Worlds based on historical events was somewhat original but ultimately it was uninteresting. I imagine this story would be great to watch if it's ever turned into an animation, but as novel it's just too damn boring.

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    There's a manhwa. It's 160 chapters.

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Chapter 73 10 months ago

Why does it have the 'ongoing' tag? I thought it's completed. The story, characters and the world building are perfect. It's highly underrated. Should easily rank top 3.

Chapter 73 10 months ago

Wow!! What a incredible history. I simply loved it. Once, I stopped in the santa's part, with a powerfull anger, but 3 days ago I started again, and I loved it.

Chapter 73 1 years ago

This was absolutely am amazing story and had great magic building .Everything was amazing. The only problem I had was that the author rushed Desir and Adjest relationship . If they were gonna have them get together in the end they should have built up their relationship more from the beginning.