A Valiant Life

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6 users have written reviews for the A Valiant Life novel and rated it with an average score of 4.2 out of 5. Our novel is ranked 678th among all the novels in the Light Novel Pub platform.

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Mahmanisnotasimp 2
Chapter 5 9 months ago

It's the usual face slapping novel. The 1-100 chapters are good and all. But the later chapters became bland but not boring. It's the not-enough-to-keep-you-on-edge type of novel. The only thing that I hate about the mc is that he became slightly arrogant. He's stingy about his capability as well that could have at least help some of the people who are in needs. Anyways, this novel has a lot of face slapping scene sooo if you like it just read it.

lnwUser112951 0
Chapter 5 one year ago

This novel is very good, the nature of the character is light, suitable for casual reading, but the drawback is that the ending is too forced, that's all

lnwUser19155 0
Chapter 5 one year ago

I read till chapter 114 and it was boring. Many said this novel was funny but i found it wasnt funny at all. As usual, it just usual fast slapping.

preethi 0
Chapter 5 one year ago

superb story author. i liked it very much . i was literally addicted to reading this . the only complaint i have is ...it ended too quickly i wanted to read more

IAmJustFoolingAround 4
Chapter 5 one year ago

A very nice and funny novel...... although there are not much in explanation part...but it's full of lite jokes and funny parts.. recommend to read

Pandragon 1
Chapter 5 2 years ago

I wish to give this 6 out of 5 stars... As the title of this novel suggests, it's so valiant. The MC Lin Fan is just awesome. I have become a fan, From start to finish, the story has been awesome. It felt like the direction and plot of the story went as I wanted it to be. If some movie or tv show producer reads this, I highly suggest it to be made into a tv series. Kudos to the author, you've made an epic story. Xiexie.