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Chapter n/a 3 months ago

The premise sounded interesting, but the story turned out to be utter garbage. The protagonist is an EXTREMELY delusional child. It's amusing at first, but then you quickly realize that he wholeheartedly actually believes the nonsense he spouts. This goes far beyond a case of "chuunibyou", he's clearly mentally ill. For some baffling reason, the author introduced a character that play the role of an instructor. The problem is, that character is a sadistic sycophant who is also a borderline-pedophile, at least that's how he behaves. Why the f*ck would he do that? I felt genuinely sickened by this character. The "absolute choice", which is the entire premise of this story, is moronic. Basically, whoever issues those choices is just a troll. He gives the protagonist utterly idiotic choices. Some has no rewards, and are even called "mischief choices". WTF?! Almost every chapter ends with a long and pointless author's note. I stopped reading them after a while because I found them rather annoying.

Chapter 16 one year ago

I think the author’s trying too hard to make this “funny”, and for the most part, it is. It’s just that it sorta fails as anything else other than this funny cultivation story, and is thus, flawed. It’s still a good read which I recommend though.

Chapter 16 one year ago

Holy sh*t this story is just too funny, as long as the annoying repeats of random stuff on the bottem of the beginning pages, the story would be a lot more fun. This story is a must read if you dont mind how the MC's personality. The MC has a sad backstory which you find out about in later chapters and it is very funny.

Chapter 16 one year ago

Novel muito boa.recomendo muito vc ler
Tem bastante comedia q vai fazer vc rir muito
E um pouco de romance cômico verdadeiramente bom, lê pq vc deve gostar (eu gostei bastante)