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Heavenly_Scribe 2
Chapter 1341 2 months ago

Plot: 4 : 3/4 of the story was really good, the remaining 1/4 was kinda rushed but still good. Every chapter is long so you have to suffer 1000+ chapters. However, its really good to read, especially their daily shenanigans. Also lots of Parody Character Development: 5 : Characters were all reasonable and smart. MC is cunning, comedic, and has tons of Chicken Soup. Yes, I like Papayas and Little Sunny Eggs so I give a big 5. 0 Lore: 4 : Really interesting however it could have been much better if the author would somehow refine how he presented it at the remaining 1/4. Really a wasted potential. It has hints of Sci-Fi Overall Impression: Its similar to Library of Heavens Path but the MC is much smarter and cunning and less overbearing, also lots of female friends, sadly he is a single dog. I have to say 3/4 of the story was really much better than LoHP becquse he really teaches students and you can even relate to some of them but the remaining just really was rushed (more time skips compared to 3/4 of the story, which was really slow but fulfilling)

Heealmee 1
Chapter 483 8 months ago

ehem, brothers and sister give me a chance to do my first comment on this website. i have read this novel from the beginning until the end, and it's truly good. i don't know how much I've cried even though I'm a man and not easily cry. it has a great story and aspiration it's very very motivational but it can't be said the same for the ending there is a god? and shepherd? and killing god is so easy? LOL I feel like the tears I've cried are wasted but well, its really great novel and i want to be a teacher too, even if it's just teaching people how to read and write

Pocketfm 1
Chapter 483 9 months ago

Great work, I am also waiting for next part. Can press explain some character name like dark dolens , and other dark techer name and it's power

lnwUser19155 0
Chapter 483 one year ago

This is a boring version of library of heavens path. I read till chapter 40 and he was searching disciples and he just gave them advices and didnt taught them anything. Just a massage from him to level up his disciples

QueenInRags 1
Chapter 483 one year ago

A great read altogether but It has strayed far from the concept of a teacher reverting focusing more on the MC running around and faceslapping people along with giving massages to people and ending up with them leveling up. He hasn't really taught his disciples at all. Dont go into this book expecting his students to develop at all instead this book has mainly been focused on the MC becoming more and more powerful and such an " Amazing teacher " and not at all focusing on the development of his students.

PlusEighteen 2
Chapter 483 one year ago

I am losing interest on this bullshit. I read about 200+ chapters, guess what. He does not even teach, his best teaching lessom js a fvckin massage. He doesnt even teach the massage, he just fvcking perform it and their somehow improving

lnwUser30126 0
Chapter 483 2 years ago

Great novel .one of the best novels I have come across,the only problem is the chapters...pls update more chapsssss­čą║moooooooorrreeeee plllllsssssss

lnwUser11432 2
Chapter 483 2 years ago

The very good and fun novel to be read u will love the protagonist who thank god does not follow everything that the system says to him besides this novel to do well the role of teacher