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Chapter 1647 “Bai Xiao (1)”

“Ling Yan, I know a really fun place we can go, would you like to come with me?” Bai Xiachen smiles brightly, his eyes flashing with the cunning light of a fox.

Sure enough, the peachy baby girl’s attention was swiftly shifted away with that idea: “Okay, but can we bring Jin Tian with us too?”

No matter when or where, the twin sister would always remember her twin brother, they’re both of the same coin.

“Come, let’s go find Jin Tian and Dragony. We mustn’t disturb Father and Mother.” Leading the way, the steambun held his sister’s hand and left without looking back.


With the setting of the sun came the rising of the moon.

Inside the bedroom, Bai Yan’s ravaged body lay helplessly atop of her husband’s as sweat soaked her skin due to the excessive exercise they just committed.

“Di Cang!” She grinds her teeth in frustration after gathering her breath. The wife here still hasn’t gotten over the intensity and madness this guy did to her despite the pleas for mercy.

Grinning mischievously like a sly dirty fox that he was, the evil smile of the man only showed the level of egotistic pride he had in what he’s done. “Yan Yan, your flavor is so beautiful and mesmerizing, I can never get enough of you.”

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“You beast!”

This guy is a beast, a perverted and mindless beast!

Not rejecting the claim, Di Cang once again reverted back to his animalistic instincts and worked his hip and pushed.

“Of course I’m a beast, a beast that only wants to ravage you.”

It’s never enough for him, he must have more! And sure enough through a quick turn of positioning from bottom to top, the perverted bastard of a demon king thrusts into his wife for the second time, plowing right through the already tired barrier and continued the sexual act. He’s truly ruthless today and intends to make her crippled in bed for days on end after tonight.


Under the glistening moonlight, a man donning a snow colored robe stood atop of a treetop near the inn, his back appearing lonely and sad as he watched the two black silhouettes stacked atop of each other. It doesn’t take much for this person to understand what they’re doing inside. Unable to bear this pain, he eventually turned and left less he loses to his emotions to barge in there and separate the two.

Wandering aimlessly through a forest, Chu Yi God eventually came to a halt after sensing a energy signature nearby.

“Yi God…” Coming out from hiding was a woman donning a long blue dress, her face veiled with a thin silk to give off an outer appearance beauty and purity.

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“What are you doing here?” He asks with that forever emotionless voice of his.

“I came to see you.” Yun Ruo Xi’s gaze was as captivated as ever towards this man. It’s so bad that the woman had started to approach without thought.

“You never divulged my locations to Bai Yan and Di Cang, is it because your heart still has me in there?”

After she was rescued, she had gone to meet with Chu Yi God on several occasions, never once did the man before herself reveal her location. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be standing here anymore.

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