Chapter 1581 “Breathtaking Di Cang (3)”

Bai Xiachen may have come only few a day ago, but even he knows the importance of public opinion in this peaceful society. They aren’t going to stick around forever. Even if they don’t care about their own reputation, they must still look out for Ling Lang and his family, that’s what relatives and friends do, look out for one another.

“Didn’t you all want to know how my parents met? Eight years ago, my mother fell into someone’s scheme and was drugged. In order to cure herself, she picked up my father who was also injured at the time and used him as an antidote.”

Tian Wind falters into a tremble after that bombshell of a news: “That… maybe she made that up too.”

Bai Xiachen didn’t care about the bastard’s objection because it’s not even worth acknowledging: “It wasn’t until five years later by the time my mother and I encountered my father again…. My mother knew who my father was, that’s why she hid me from him. Unfortunately, I was eventually discovered by my father’s subordinate and taken away. Father wanted to use me as a bargaining chip in order to make Mother leave with him, but I was clearly the extra one in their relationship…. My father would blackmail me on multiple occasions in order to help win Mother over so she would go home with him.”

Bai Yan didn’t know for certain, but she somehow got this feeling that her son had a very high level of grievance when going over the story from the past.

“Yan Yan… so you…” Bai Ran wipes some of the tears from the corner of the eye before reaching over to hold onto Bai Yan’s hand. She’s aching inside for not being there by her niece’s side when something so tragic occurred without her knowledge.

Bai Xiachen didn’t stop though after laying all those details on everyone. Instead, he shifted his gaze towards Wen Shan who was clearly showing a disgusted look: “Some people though aren’t so kind. In order to obtain power, they would sacrifice even their most intimate person. But my father is different. For my mother, he would abandon the world!”

Those last words only made Wen Shan snicker a sneer. As if this coward would believe in a child’s claim over his own belief? If he did then wouldn’t that make him a bastard worthy of being thrown into the chopping block?

“Mother,” Bai Xiachen ignores the sound coming from the coward and showed a blooming smile at Bai Yan, “Father said I am a boy, and as a boy I must fend off anything bad at the forefront. Mother, I am actually very grateful to be born a boy instead of a girl like my little sister….”

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When Bai Yan heard her boy’s last remark, her heart actually trembled somewhat. She didn’t know it before but it’s clear her son had a lot of grievances due to her lack of attentiveness. As compensation, she reaches out to caress his little head for comfort.

Still smiling in the face, the steambun continues while being patted: “Because, only as a boy will Father be as strict with me. He can be so tolerant with my little sister….”

Bai Yan: “….”

Is he happy or complaining?

“As a boy, I can assume the responsibility of protecting my mother and little sister. Oh right, this bad person wouldn’t try to claim Jin Tian and Ling Yan is also born of someone else, would he?” The steambun asks his mother after making a glance at Tian Wind.

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