Chapter 967: What Can One Man Do?

Grey took the initiative to attack this time, after he blocked the young lady's attack, he started his attacks.

The young lady covered herself with lightning before sending out a powerful bolt of lightning Grey's way.

Grey dodged the attack before closing in on his opponent and using the fire element to attack.

The young lady blocked with the lightning element but was pushed back from the impact of the attack.

This lifted the spirits of those from the Burchard Family, while the eyes of those from the Nether Faction showed shock.

The young lady prepared herself when she saw Grey coming closer once again. This attack showed her that she should not take him lightly.

Grey attacked with a fireball, but she retreated.

'Explode.' Grey said internally as she retreated.

An explosion erupted from the position the young lady was retreating to. Not prepared for the attack, the impact pushed her forward, into the attack in front of her.

She was still covered in lightning, so it helped block most of the attacks. She bolt through the fireball explosion in front of her and shortened the gap between herself and Grey, just as she was about to attack, she suddenly felt a strong pressure on her body.


She slammed into the ground.

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Grey had unleashed his gravitational force field when the young lady got within its coverage.

This was something that as long as she had never seen him use before would always work as a surprise attack.

Taking advantage of the opportunity the gravitational force field brought about, he appeared beside the young lady and sent her flying with a kick, packed with the strength of his fire element.

The young lady was still trying to adjust to what just happened when she saw Grey's incoming kick, she used all her strength to set up a lightning defensive wall that covered her, but she was still sent flying by the kick.

She slammed on the platform before rolling a few times.

Grey stood on the same spot, staring at her with his blank eyes.

The young lady stood up and stared at Grey with furious eyes. Even though she felt Grey wasn't ordinary, she didn't think he would be able to overpower her so easily.

"I'm done playing." She spat out the small bits of blood in her mouth before the clouds started to change, it was as if a storm was brewing.

Grey raised his head to look at the sky, a smirk appeared on his lips before lightning started to dance across his body.

The young lady who prepared to attack almost stumbled to the ground when she saw this. Grey had already used three elements, now, he was showing the lightning element which meant he had four.

Elementalists with more than three elements were quite rare.

'We'll see whose lightning is stronger."

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With a cold snort, she moved her hands to perform some seals and the storm suddenly roared fiercely. A bolt of lightning shot out from the storm, heading in Grey's direction.

Not just that, but multiple lightning danced around the body of the young lady that took the shape of a lightning snake and they shot at Grey as well.

Grey took in a deep breath before fire and lightning started to dance around him. Lightning on his left, while fire on his right.


The bolt of lightning falling from the sky struck within a moment's notice, but Grey's figure started to fade.

"An afterimage!" The young lady exclaimed softly.

The appearance of an afterimage showed that Grey didn't use the space element to escape, instead, he moved with unprecedented speed.

The young lady hurriedly looked around and tried to find his location.

She soon spotted his movements, but he was already almost in front of her.

He unleashed both his fire and lightning attacks at the same time.

With the aid of the lightning element, the young lady dodged the attack, but she was soon met with another attack from Grey. Scrambling, she dodged again, and again. Before she knew it, she was finding it difficult to keep up with Grey's attacks. She couldn't even defend properly, much less counterattack.

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In the seating area of the Burchard Family, everyone turned to look at Sylvia with dazzled eyes.

They had seen Grey fight against someone in the Seventh stage and win, so even though they had hopes for him fighting against someone, the person must be in the Seventh stage. Grey was currently doing something out of their expectations.

Suppressing this young lady showed that he was not in any way weaker than a typical Ninth stage Sage Plane Elementalist. Even if he used a secret technique to boost his strength, it was only to the Seventh stage.

"Where did you get such a figure from?" An Elder couldn't help but ask.

"I saw him on the way during one of my travels, I didn't think he would be this good, to be honest." Sylvia replied.

Although she didn't give them too much information, they could already tell that she knew he was powerful, but not on this level.

They continued speaking about Grey.

Scott looked at Grey with surprised eyes.

Those from the Nether Faction were just as shocked. Bill's expression was even worse since he was the one who told the young lady to challenge Grey since he was weaker. His seemingly foolproof plan seemed to be on the verge of crumbling.

'Even if he wins, we still have the advantage.' He consoled himself.

Yes, so what if Grey won this battle? It doesn't change the fact that they had two more Peak Sage Plane Elementalists, and three more Ninth stage Elementalists as well.

'What can one man do?'

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This was what he concluded in his head and he gave up on the thought of the young lady winning. From how Grey was suppressing her, it would take a lot from her to come back into the battle.

While all these thoughts were running through the heads of multiple people, Grey's attacks were getting fiercer by the second. He didn't want to give his opponent the chance to fight back.

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