Chapter 968: The Older, The More Experienced

The young lady was sent flying once again, slamming into the platform.

She was still capable of fighting, so the old man didn't try to interfere in the battle since he didn't see a need to.

Grey's figure shot toward the young lady as he wanted to continue his attack.

But a lightning bolt shot at him. The attack forced him to stop for a moment since he had to deal with it.

The young lady used the opportunity to get back on her feet and used a secret technique to boost her strength. Before Grey could even react, her strength had shot to the Ninth stage.


A powerful explosive attack shot out from her body and crashed at Grey.

An earth wall rose from the ground and blocked the attack as it was about to hit Grey.

The earth wall soon had cracks running down across it. Grey was in the middle of reinforcing the earth wall when the young lady attacked once again.


Another attack struck the earth wall, and the already crumbling earth wall fell apart, revealing Grey.

The impact of the attack didn't die down and almost fifty percent of the attack was still there. It shot at Grey, who was still trying to find his bearings.

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The attack struck him, and although he managed to move to the side, he was still grazed by it and pushed to the side.

The young lady attacked once again, but this time, to her surprise, she didn't overwhelm Grey.

Grey steadied himself when he saw her coming, with a tap of his foot, the gravity around him dropped once again.

Even though the young lady already knew of this skill of his, she was still taken by surprise. Grey's timing for using his gravitational force field could be said to be top-notch. He only uses it at the best opportune time, so even if his opponent could defend against it, it would definitely provide the opening he needs to escape, or in this case, attack.

Grey unleashed an orb mixed with the fire and lightning elements.

The young lady had freed herself from the impact of the gravitational force field, but she was directly hit by Grey's attack, even though she managed to set up a defensive wall at the last second, she was still sent flying.

She crashed to the ground and rolled a few times before coming to a stop.

Those from the Burchard Family cheered when they saw this. Grey had once again shocked them. Even when his opponent had increased her strength to the Ninth stage of the Sage Plane, going ahead of him with two stages, he still managed to overpower her. This spoke volumes of his talent.

Of everyone in the Burchard Family group, only a few didn't have excited expressions. The leader had a shocked expression, while two Elders had dark faces.

Sylvia was dumbstruck, she didn't even know what to say. Just when she felt Grey was impressive while fighting against an Eighth stage opponent, he started to do even better by overpowering a Ninth stage opponent.

Grey didn't continue his attack as he waited for the young lady to get back to her feet.

The young lady struggled, but she managed to stand up after almost a minute. She looked at Grey, and her eyes couldn't hide the shock. Just like everyone present, she was dumbstruck.

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Originally, she felt she would be able to defeat him from the start after he started to show his terrifying power, she felt once she used her secret technique to increase her strength just like him, then she would beat him up, unfortunately, reality proved to be different. Even with her upgrade, she was still on the losing end.

'I can't lose to an opponent in a lower stage.'

This was the only thing going through her head.

She clenched her fists and with gritted teeth, she started to draw a symbol with lightning that converged on her fingertip.

Grey, seeing this moved out immediately. He could sense a powerful force converging on the symbol the young lady was drawing.

The young lady naturally saw his movements and used her other hand to send out attacks his way.

Grey dodged the attacks as he shortened the gap between them. When he got within twenty meters of her, he unleashed a lightning rain.

His motive was to disrupt whatever she was planning to do.

The young lady created a powerful protective screen above her to block the attack of the lightning rain.

Seeing this, Grey's figure shot to the sky, with both hands spread apart he muttered to himself.

"Meteor descent…"

Large boulders, covered with flames appeared in the sky.

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Their appearance amazed those watching.

"She's lost." The leader of the Nether Faction shook his head.

"Not necessarily." Bill commented.

The leader of the Nether Faction looked at Bill but didn't say anything. Compared to Bill, he was more experienced. He knew why Bill said what he said, the young lady was done with the symbol she was making, however, he knew for a fact that Grey's main attack was far stronger than hers.

Only those above the Elemental Venerable Plane could tell what Grey wanted to do, behind this attack of his lies an even more powerful attack.

The symbol the young lady drew sent out a powerful lightning strike in Grey's direction.

It clashed with the boulders shooting down. And it was able to disintegrate the first few boulders with ease.

Just as the attack was about to hit Grey, the young lady felt her heart skip a beat, however, it was too late.

"Dimensional slash."

Grey's somewhat eerie voice resounded softly on the platform.

The lightning attack that was shooting at Grey was cut in two by an almost invisible force that soon turned into a black slash.

The young lady felt a chill run down her spine as she felt an intense threat to her life. No, she knew her life was in danger. If she doesn't block or dodge this attack, she will die. She wouldn't even have the time to admit defeat.

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