Chapter 969: Difficult Situation For The Burchard Family

With a powerful yell, the young lady summoned all the strength she had left and attacked. Since she couldn't dodge the attack, and the possibility of being able to defend it was very small, she decided to attack.

The impact of the attack might be able to push her away from the jaws of death. This was her only hope at the moment.


Both attacks clashed and the impact successfully forced her back, however, she suddenly felt a powerful pull. Before she knew it, instead of leaving the area, she was actually being dragged into the zone of the attacks.

With both attacks exploding at the same time, even a Peak Sage Plane Elementalist would have to tread carefully or they might lose their lives, much less an Eighth stage Sage Plane Elementalist like herself. Even if she boosted her strength, it still didn't change the fact that she was still in the Eighth stage.

"No… I..."

Her shriek was heard from the explosion, it died down some moments later.

Grey stood on the same spot, staring emotionlessly at the place where the explosion occurred.

The explosion died down and the result was evident for all to see. The young lady was dead. Her figure was so badly mutilated by the explosion that it was almost impossible to associate her with the figure who stood proudly on the platform some minutes ago.

"Elder Brook, you let him kill her on purpose."

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A voice filled with displeasure rang out. It was the leader of the Nether Faction. When the young man who attacked Grey wanted to kill his opponent, the old man stopped him, but in Grey's case, he let him stop his opponent from escaping.

The old man referred to as Elder Brook turned to look at the leader of the Nether Faction.

"Both cases are not the same." He didn't explain any further and gave the nod for Grey to step down from the platform.

Grey left the platform and headed back to his seat. He had successfully shocked those from the Burchard Family as the surprise was still evident on their faces.

"He's strong." Scott said with a serious expression.

He didn't think Grey had shown his full strength yet. The fact that Grey hasn't shown his full strength while fighting against an opponent three stages ahead of him showed that he was on another level. Even with the help of the Fusion State, Grey was still two stages below the young lady, but he not only won, but he killed his opponent as well.

"Such a terrifying figure, where did Sylvia find such a freak?" An Elder commented.

While those from the Burchard Family had nothing but praise for Grey, the feelings of those from the Nether Faction were different. Two figures had remorse written all over their faces, Bill and the young man who attacked Grey.

"I made a mistake."

"I should've killed him when I got the chance."

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One regretted sending the young lady to her death, while the other wished he could go back in time and kill Grey.

The last battle soon started and just as everyone expected, the person from the Burchard Family won easily against his opponent, but he was unable to kill him, unlike what Grey did some time ago.

With that battle completed, the first round was over, and even with Grey, the anomaly, the Nether Faction still had more people which made them confident.

On the side of the Burchard Family, they had nine people who advanced to the next round, four Peak Sage Plane Elementalists, three Ninth stage Sage Plane Elementalists, one Eighth stage, and Grey who was in the Fifth stage.

The Nether Faction had six Peak Sage Plane Elementalists and five in the Ninth stage. With just this alone, they were the clear favorites to win the competition.

The old man quickly called for the start of the next round.

Just like before, those at the Peak would be the first to challenge an opponent, then followed by those in the Ninth stage.

The Nether Faction was the first to go once again.

Bill stepped forward, he gave Grey a long hard look before moving his eyes away. Those from the Burchard Family heaved a sigh of relief since they wanted Grey to fight someone in the Ninth stage of the Sage Plane.

Bill's eyes rested on a young lady in the Ninth stage.

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The young lady didn't waste any time and stepped on the platform.

The battle didn't last up to three minutes as Bill was able to bulldoze past his opponent with ease. Luckily for the young lady, she survived his attacks and admitted defeat on her own.

Bill snorted coldly before turning away.

The next person from the Nether Faction stepped out, just like Bill, he challenged someone in the Ninth stage and won.

Before long, there were only two Peak Sage Plane Elementalists from the Nether Faction. The previous four who fought had won their battles. This meant that four people had been eliminated from the side of the Burchard Family, all three Ninth stage Elementalists were gone, and the young lady in the Eighth stage was also eliminated as well. She almost lost her life if not for a timely decision she made, although she lost her right hand, it didn't matter as long as she survived.

Now, there were only five people left on the side of the Burchard Family, and of the five people, all but Grey were at the Peak of the Sage Plane.

At this moment, the result of the battle was almost fixed. The Nether Faction still had seven people who hadn't stepped on stage, and they already had four who had advanced to the next round. If things went this way, they might win with ease.

The next person at the Peak stepped on the platform, he looked at Grey before letting out a smirk. There was no one else below the Peak of the Sage Plane except Grey.

Even if Grey defeated someone in the Ninth stage, no one felt he would be a match for someone at the Peak.


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