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There were many people at the experimental school who knew that Su Yuanzhou disliked Xie Xinglin, and adding to the fact that the two were both incredibly attractive, the relay race was already full of fire before it even started. The whole school was looking forward to it.

When the gunshot was fired, the girls in the first leg of the race did not create much of a disparity in the distance traveled. However, Class 1 did fall behind slightly.

In the second leg of the race, Tang Jie was able to create an advantage. Along with the athlete of Class 12, they were evenly matched as they ran far ahead and led everyone else.

Peng Jianda accompanied the runner on the field as he loudly shouted, “Little Black Man of Africa is awesome!”

“F*ck, Tang Jie is the Little Prince of Africa!”

“Class 1 will win!!”

The other classes also had people accompanying them. They competed with Peng Jianda to see who was louder.

After Tang Jie handed the baton to the next girl, he gasped for breath before giving Peng Jianda a high-five.

Peng Jianda, who seldom complimented him, said, “So handsome!”

Tang Jie accepted the water given by a classmate, “That’s a must, the whole school is watching.”

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As the race continued, Class 12 was still leading, but Class 1 was slowly falling behind

The team organized by Peng Jianda to cheer for the runners were anxious as they loudly screamed, “Class 1 steady, Class 1 unparalleled!!”

By the time it was the third to last leg of the race, the entire race had already greatly intensified and was about to reach the climax.

Even the teachers and parents in the audience stood up as they attentively watched the race on the field.

Su Yuanzhou was the third to last of the leading Class 12 and was able to inherit the advantage of being ahead. He immediately tried to increase their advantage and widen the gap.

He wore a t-shirt and the pattern on the shirt was puffed up by the wind, appearing matchless and flamboyant. It was as if there was a hurricane sweeping across the field.

In the audience, the Class 12’s headteacher felt, for the first time, that Su Yuanzhou, who liked to play hooky and participate in fights, was actually pleasing to the eye. He smiled and said to Zhao Minghua, who was beside him, “My class can only be ahead of Class 1 on the sports field.”

All the boys in Class 12 yelled, “Go Brother Yuan!!”

“Brother Yuan, chase down the beautiful lady ahead!!”

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“Don’t worry, Brother Yuan! Us brothers will follow!!

Gao Jing was even more exaggerated, “Su Yuanzhou, this is the dignity of a man! Defeat the lifelong enemy in your heart!!”

Su Yuanzhou was originally getting a little exhausted, but when he heard Gao Jing’s roaring voice, he remembered that Xie Xinglin was also participating in the relay race this time. He gritted his teeth and sped up.

Class 12 once again widened the distance.

When Su Yuanzhou passed the baton to the next runner of their class, he saw Su Qiuge standing on the track and waiting.

He hesitated for a moment as he stood in his original spot.

Class 1’s baton carrier finally arrived.

The boy who carried Class 1’s baton appeared exhausted. He looked too tired to even stand up against the wind. His brows were beaded with sweat and his face was pale. He seemed as if he was about to fall over in the next second.

When Su Qiuge accepted the baton, Su Yuanzhou heard her say softly to the boy, “You’ve worked hard.”

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Then, her movements were very fast as she turned around and ran down the track.

And then, Su Yuanzhou watched his sister madly dashing forward. She resembled a small spinning top as she whirled down the track.

She didn’t give him a single glance.

Su Yuanzhou: ???

Class 1’s morale was originally plummeting, but when they saw this situation, their fighting spirit was rekindled.

Peng Jianda loudly roared, “Xiaosu is awesome!!”

He loudly said, “Xiaosu’s legs aren’t legs——”

At this moment, the rest of Class 1 responded, “it’s the spring water of Seine’s riverbank!!!”

**t/n: “[insert name]’s legs aren’t legs, it’s the spring water of Seine’s riverbank” is apparently a way of praising others – it’s also a line of a song that’s popular on Douyin (Chinese version of Tiktok)

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Even the one who previously gave Su Qiuge a look of dislike when their class changed seats screamed, “Su Qiuge, you are the fattest! Run!!”

**t/n: in Chinese, fat (pang) and awesome/best (bang) are very similar, so pang is probably an internet slang of saying awesome/best – or the character mispronounced when screaming

Tang Jie also changed his method, “Su Qiuge you have half the style that I used to have!!”

The rest of the audience were all stunned.

“This girl from Class 1 is so fierce.”

“It’s like she’s been injected with chicken blood.”

“Look at how many people she’s already passed.”

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