That morning when Su Yuanzhou’s name was recorded for climbing over the school wall, Xie Xinglin watched as Su Yuanzhou bickered with his seatmate. However, despite their bad attitudes when communicating, their every action revealed their familiarity with one another. Xie Xinglin took all of this in as he watched, and ever since then he knew that their relationship probably wasn’t that of mere acquaintances.

Su Qiuge probably already knew that person long before she knew him.

When he thought to this point, a streak of displeasure inexplicably flashed by within the depths of his eyes.

When he reacted, he inwardly sneered at his own response.

What did it have to do with him?

Pei An’an continued from beside him, “If a handsome and rich man took a fancy to Kitty, Kitty will definitely fall in love with him. Girls her age all like those who are tall, rich, and handsome. They will be easily deceived after being coaxed with a few sweet words.”

Xie Xinglin didn’t respond anymore and his expression turned indifferent. After a moment, he turned his head to calmly look at Pei An’an and said, “Your brother doesn’t need a girlfriend nor do I need you to help me find one, understand?”

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Pei An’an had always been able to clearly sense the changes in Xie Xinglin’s mood, and for some reason, at this moment, she noticed that the pressure around her brother seemed to have increased a lot. It looked like he wasn’t in a good mood, so she didn’t dare to continue joking around.

She obviously didn’t say much, so why was this person suddenly upset?

Pei An’an thought for a moment, then lowered her head and said in a low voice, “But I feel that every time Kitty’s around, Big Brother would be in a good mood.”

Xie Xinglin, who was a few steps ahead, paused briefly, his long eyelashes drooping slightly and covering the emotions in his eyes.

Pei An’an couldn’t see his brother’s expression clearly and slowly added, “I thought Big Brother and I were the same.”

That they both liked the little friend named Kitty.


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It was soon almost time for the second section exam, and unknowingly, the atmosphere in the classroom had become tense.

During the exam preparation week, the school added evening self-study for both the first and second years. This had been a long standing tradition for the school in order to remind the students to properly prepare for the upcoming exam.

Halfway through the Wednesday self-study session, Han Ming found an opportunity and snuck out of his class. He secretly ran to Class 1 to talk to Xie Xinglin.

He stealthily crept his way in through the back door of the classroom, his actions full of familiarity. He squatted by Xie Xinglin’s seat, “Hey hey, Brother Xing, do you still remember what auspicious day it is after the second section exam?”

Han Ming would often sneak into their classroom after class, or sometimes even before class. So a lot of people were already used to it, they just treated it as an incomparably large mouse running around under their nose. They had no reaction and continued doing their own thing.

Xie Xinglin paused the action of lifting his pen and glanced at him, “You’re going to Thailand?”

The smile on Han Ming’s face stiffened, “F*ck, I was joking with you that time. You carefully think about it, what auspicious day is it?”

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The expression on Xie Xinglin’s face was very indifferent. He twirled his pen, “June 1st, Children’s Day?”

Han Ming:“……”

“Xie Xinglin, are you doing this on purpose? After the section exam is my birthday!!”

He was very loud when he said this and someone in the class raised their head to look at him. He quickly covered his mouth and rapidly blinked to express his apologies.

When Xie Xinglin heard this, he asked without changing expression, “This can be considered an auspicious day?”

Han Ming’s mouth shriveled and he was displeased as he said, “I’ve waited for this day for so long and even specially booked a club and arranged all sorts of amusement park activities, and this is how you treat me? You really are a dog.”

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“Xie Xinglin, tell me, did you really forget your good brother’s birthday?”

Xie Xinglin set down his pen, then lowered his eyes to look at him. He lightly tapped the ground with his toes and leaned back in his seat a bit. Then, with a casual expression and a slight smile at the corner of his lips, he said, “My son’s birthday, as a father, of course I won’t forget.”

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