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Chapter 28 2 months ago

People are giving this a really horrible review for some reason because of the ending but I can guarantee you’ll like this novel I actually liked this alittle more then warlock of the magnus world because this follows a more traditional magic scheme. Very violent and gory novel but amazing because of it.

Chapter 28 3 months ago

Well written Well thought out hits most if not all the notes you would hope it would except one big problem the ending is S tier TRASH with absolutely no path to redemption

  • Kiruuz
    Supporter KP:1

    without writing an essay or anything, the author is doing a good job of building the story and hitting the notes you'd expect to hit within the space they are writing in and then LITERALLY goes "ok guys THE END" out of nowhere with no payoff.

    3 months ago Reply
  • greenarcade
    Reader KP:112

    can you spoil the ending for me? what makes you guys hate it so much?

    3 months ago Reply
Chapter 28 4 months ago

5 out of 5 for the novel Good storyline Good powersystem Good MC Really good world building Good flow and growth Honestly exceptional novel -2 for that ending like wtf is that ending Read this if you have time but don't expect to feel satisfied when you finish it

Chapter 28 8 months ago

The MC is useless. Whenever someone forces him to do something, he does it. Always falling for conspiracies which even a 3yr old can see. . .

Chapter 28 10 months ago

For those who likes a slow burn storyline with a well crafted world this is the best choice One of my all time favourites Fair warning Info dump is quite high

Chapter 28 11 months ago

The novel is tolerable, definitely one of the better magic reincarnation assistant AI chip gimmick novel. Genuinely a bearable replacement for Warlock of the Magus World type up until you get the ending… absolute waste of time with how the novel ends. Basically a big fuck you to reader that decided to read 1500 chapters just to have everything they read negated, all the MC struggles every arc of plotting training etc futile…

  • abdullahi-ali-1826
    Reader KP:0

    Can you spoil it for me?

    5 months ago Reply
  • Loaded
    Reader KP:8

    Is the ending really that bad?

    7 months ago Reply
Chapter 28 1 years ago

Ok this is the novel that got me into reading webnovels. It has great pacing (tho a bit slow) and world building. And while the main character does have a system it’s not all power full. It does not give him spells and powers instantly it just helps in optimizing his study of those spells he still has to take time and effort to learn the spell.

The ending is not great and felt a bit rushed. It was open ended and it could be that the author wants to make a second novel and I hope he does Because there’s a lot more planes to steal resources from and enemy’s to eliminate for Greem. Anyway I hope this review was to you.

Chapter 28 1 years ago

5 Stars for the story, characters, pacing, and world-building.

-4 for that fucking ending. Do not recommend if bad endings or cliffhangers bother you. From what I can tell this novel will never be finished, picked back up, or have a sequel.

But if you don't mind open endings where you can just create your own ending, then do read this as it's fairly well written and enjoyable.

For people who have decided not to read this and want to know why it got a 1 star just for the ending...

The MC when tried to advance into a 6th grade adept he got ambushed by the soul of an 8th Grade Fire Elemental King in the Fire Elemental Plane. He got possessed and his body got taken over by the king. Before his body got taken over, the MC dispersed his soul and hid his soul in his body with the chip's help, so one day when there is a chance, he could take over his body again.

  • BiancaC94
    Reader KP:0

    Wait a minute....... That cannot possibly be the ending! I didn't even start reading the novel, but I'm glad I looked at your review first. I would've taken a flight to meet the author and get him to finish the novel!

    1 years ago Reply
Chapter 28 1 years ago

I don't know why many people are giving low review for it. It is my second time reading and still the story progression is like a flowing water full of interesting things. Mainly unlike in many novels the Mc is not stupid but neither is he a genius, he learns every single damn gimmicks by going through a breathtaking experience. Many say this novel is a WOMW ripoff. But I say they are complete different things altogether. I think this novel is better of the two.

  • Aneilyn
    Reader KP:36

    You will change your mind if you read until the end. Such stupid ending of all time.

    1 years ago Reply
Chapter 28 1 years ago

I'm 18 chapters in and quite a few things have happened but the author manages to make me as a reader feel like the pacing or I don't know what it is but the god damn story progression feels SO SLOW. My 3 star rating is for the genuinely Excellent translation, Like damn some of these highly rated novels have Trash translators when compared to this