Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 1667: Banquet

Chapter 1667: Banquet

With Ling Han’s speed, returning to Joint Peace Planet really did not need too much time. After advancing into the Great Saint Tier, the limits of his cultivation level continued to be unlocked. He had gained a breakthrough improvement in the Lightning Flash. Though his speed had not increased, the time that he could continuously use it had been extended considerably.

At first, he had estimated he would arrive in about a year’s time, but in truth, he had only taken nine months’ time because he had used Lightning Flash in the journey to speed himself up, which saved him as much as three months’ time.

After returning to the Great Ling Empire, Ling Han did not make a great fanfare of it, but when Feng Po Yun and the others knew that he had become a Saint, they were still incredibly surprised and pleased, and were determined to throw a celebration for him. When the news spread out, the elites from the surrounding great stars all arrived personally—firstly, to see it with their own eyes, and secondly, they did not dare be absent.

…A Saint had succeeded Dao, and you actually did not come to offer your congratulations? Were you looking down on the Saint?

This feast naturally needed some time to prepare, and Ling Han began his work of moving people.

Those by his side naturally entered into the Black Tower, but it was impossible that Ling Han would be so trusting of every single person, and allow the Black Tower to become public knowledge. He began to forge Spatial God Tools, and when the time came, he would only have to place people inside, and he would be able to bring a few more people with him.

Moreover, he had no plans of bringing too many people into the Celestial Realm.

Firstly, everyone was far from touching the ceiling to their cultivation, and it was completely fine for them to stay in the Ancient Realm first and reach the Heavenly Body Tier, Eternal River Tier, and Genesis Tier. Secondly, he had no foundations at all in the Celestial Realm. If he brought a lot of people with him, what kind of arrangements should he make for them?

And in future, after he advanced into the Severing Mundane Tier, he would be able to freely travel to and fro between the Celestial Realm and Ancient Realm. He just had to be faster to avoid the fate of having his lifespan severed.

Five days later, the elites from the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire were the first to arrive. There were the Left and Right Ministers and the Great Generals. In this galaxy, they were elites that stood at the apex, but in front of the present Ling Han, they did not even dare to stand up straight.

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Saint, that was the True Dragon from the Nine Heavens!

The Left Minister was also rueful. In the past, he had even warned Ling Han to keep his distance from his youngest daughter, and thought that Ling Han was unworthy to associate with her, but now! If he had known that Ling Han would become a Saint, how could he have possibly objected?

Who knew, he might already be the father-in-law of a Saint by now.


However, Li Weiwei and Ling Han’s relations were still amicable. In truth, the two of them only had a very pure friendship. It was only the Left Minister himself who had a misconception. This girl was very carefree, and the moment she spotted him, she shouted, “Ling Han! Ling Han!”

“Girl!” The Left Minister’s face had turned green from shock, and hurriedly pulled his daughter back. “That is a Saint, you have to respectfully pay your greetings!”

Li Weiwei gave a small pout. She thought that there was not much that had changed in Ling Han as compared to the past, so why did she suddenly have to pay her greetings now? She did not dare disobey her father, primarily because the Left Minister’s present expression was too pitiful. If she dared call out Ling Han again, her old father would probably pass out from the extreme anxiety.

She gave a slight curtsy, about to bow, yet Ling Han had already reached her, and stretched out his hands into the air. A force immediately stopped her from continuing to bow.

Ling Han smiled, and asked, “What need is there for you to be so reserved with me?”

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“That’s right!” Li Weiwei had not wanted to bow in the first place, and immediately went along with the flow. “Little Han, you are very incredible now.”

Ling Han laughed. “That’s right, who do you think I am?” In front of friends, he did not mind a little teasing.

Ji Yun’er also came, pursing her lips in a smile at the sidelines. In the past, among the three great beauties of the Imperial Capital, only she and Li Weiwei had not married, and their presence here also caught the attention of others, especially because they had a connection with Ling Han, which caused a considerable number of forces to have some ideas.

…If they could marry these two women, then wouldn’t they have boarded Ling Han’s great ship?

Of course, it was not everyone that dared have such thoughts, fearing that Ling Han had some relationship with the two women that they were unaware of. What if they were lovers? Then they really would be seeking their own deaths.

Half a month later, the elites from the other great stars also gradually arrived, and another half month later, the great banquet officially began.

Ling Han sat high up on the throne, while there were masses beneath. There were as many as hundreds of thousands of people, and everywhere he looked, there were heads. Meanwhile, seated at his side were his two brothers, Feng Po Yun and Murong Qing, and his uncle, Yue Zhen Shan, and cousin, Yue Kaiyu, were seated on the other.

The two of them were the most shocked. Previously, Ling Han had united the whole Lower Realm, and even opened the sky and entered into the Immortal Realm. This was already unfathomable to them, but they had never imagined that Ling Han would be invincible even in the Immortal Realm by now, and was about to enter into the Celestial Realm!

Celestial Realm, the final land of immortality!

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“Ling Han!” The Empress sent a mental thought to Ling Han from inside the Black Tower.

With a thought from Ling Han, the Empress was summoned out.

“Sister-in-law!” Both Feng Po Yun and Murong Qing greeted. They knew that the Empress was in seclusion inside the Black Tower. Yue Kaiyu also greeted her, but did not dare look too long at her. This sister-in-law was too beautiful.

The Empress nodded in response. If it were not for the fact that these three men were Ling Han’s elder brothers, she would not have paid them any regard. She was really too proud.

“About to break through?” Ling Han asked.

“En!” The Empress nodded. “Wait for me.”

She took a step, and had already arrived in the galaxy. The Great Saint tribulation that she had to undergo was also incredibly terrifying, more frightening even than the Saint King tribulation that others had to go through. If she did not hurry to leave, Joint Peace Planet would no longer exist.

“Your Majesty!” The Left Minister and the others hurriedly bowed. They were relatively more reverent of the Empress. After all, they had been cautiously living under the Empress’s authority for about 1,000,000 years.

Boom, lightning suddenly appeared in the galaxy. Even if there was a boundless distance separating them, it could still be clearly seen.

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Multiple giants of lightning thousands of meters tall appeared, surrounding and attacking the Empress in the galaxy. Everyone’s faces turned pale as they watched that sea-like lightning, breaking out in a cold sweat. Even if they were standing here, they could still feel how frightening that lightning was.

“Her Majesty…. has also become a Saint!” The Left Minister and the others were all incredibly surprised and joyous. In their eyes, the stronger the Empress, the better, naturally. They were all soldiers under the Empress’s rule.

“Long live Your Majesty!” The people that belonged to the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire all knelt and bowed.

The people of the Great Ling Empire, meanwhile, bore smiles of pride. No matter how strong the Empress was, she was still their king’s woman!

Ling Han’s figure leaped, and he also entered the galaxy. He wanted to freeload the Empress’s heavenly tribulation, and get himself some Heavenly Tribulation Fluid. At present, the Empress was able to match this kind of heavenly tribulation, but was unable to forcefully enter into the heavenly tribulation to obtain the Heavenly Tribulation Fluid.

After all, the Empress did not have as strong a physique as he did, and could not bear being attacked simultaneously by as many as millions and millions of peak stage Saint Kings. She could only do so after she became a Saint King.

And that wasn’t certain, either.

Ling Han stretched out a hand, delivering an attack at a lightning giant. Being crushed by the frightening power, the lightning giants immediately crumbled, and the heaven and earth was furious. New tribulation clouds appeared, forming a second heavenly tribulation.

Above Joint Peace Planet, everyone was watching with gaping mouths.

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There actually was someone that would actively trifle with the heavenly tribulation?

If this was any other person, that would be an idiot, but in Ling Han’s case, he was a freak!


Ling Han directly entered into the innermost depths of the heavenly tribulation. He wanted to finish this as soon as possible.

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