All My Beasts are Legendary
Chapter 37: Selling Everything

"That's really unfortunate." Ye Xuan shook his head.

"Why?" Yang Yiming asked curiously.

"I thought that I would have a chance to fight you in the future," Ye Xuan said with a smile.

"Fight me?" Yang Yiming laughed and said, "Then you'll have to first become a Bronze Beast Tamer like me.

"But since you're also able to contract two beasts at the Apprentice Level, I bet you'll level up really fast in the days to come.

"In that case, maybe we'll really meet each other in the Hundred Academy League a few years later.

"It's just that when that time comes, I hope you won't get destroyed," Yang Yiming said with a wave of his hand.

Just like he said he would, he only spoke a few words with Ye Xuan.

Seeing that it was very unlikely that he could persuade Ye Xuan, he simply turned around and left.

"Zhongzhou University…"

Gazing at Yang Yiming's receding figure, Ye Xuan mumbled to himself.

"The Hundred Academy League."

The Hundred Academy League was held annually in the Country of Xia.

The students that could participate in the league were all top geniuses of various universities.

Even Ye Xuan himself didn't know when would he become eligible to partake in the Hundred Academy League.


While he was finishing up his dinner, Ye Xuan's phone vibrated. He picked it up and saw that it was Nong Lejia.

"Brother Lejia, what's the matter?"

"Ye Xuan, as Miss Lin discussed with you, you can sell the beasts that you brought out of the Amber Secret Realm," Nong Lejia said through the phone. "I contacted a Beast Mall for you just now. They'll come to your community to find you later."

"Alright, got it. Thank you, Brother Lejia," Ye Xuan said thankfully.

Previously, on the car ride to his house, Lin Shiru had told him that the beasts he'd brought out of the Amber Secret Realm wouldn't do him much help, and she'd suggested that he sell them all.

He'd immediately agreed at that time.

But he hadn't expected Lin Shiru to move so fast.

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On the phone, Ye Xuan said a few words of thanks to Nong Lejia before hanging up the call.

Then, after he informed his parents, he brought Tyrannosaur to the open space in the community.

He switched on the Combat Watch and looked at the information on Amber Dragons while waiting.

The reason he'd come here was that he had no other choice.

His home was simply too tiny to accommodate a big guy like Tyrannosaur.


When the birds hovering above one of the trees in the community saw Tyrannosaur, they sensibly left, not waiting for him to growl at them.

This made Tyrannosaurus very satisfied.

"I see."

After searching for some information inside the Combat Watch, Ye Xuan discovered that there were actually lots of Amber Secret Realms all over the country.

These Amber Secret Realms were like tiny worlds, but due to unknown reasons, they were broken and scattered throughout the world.

Therefore, in the Country of Xia, the number of Beast Tamers that had contracted an Amber Dragon wasn't in the few.

However, even so, only Ye Xuan's Amber Tyrannosaurus was of five-star grade.

"These fighting techniques are really important to me too."

Ye Xuan scrolled through some Amber Dragon combat videos.

Amber Dragons that originated from the Amber Secret Realm all had similar abilities.

The only difference was that compared to Amber Dragons, Tyrannosaur had some extra abilities.

However, although Tyrannosaur was powerful, he was limited to close-range combat.

This was due to the Amber Secret Realm's environment.

However, now that he'd left the Amber Secret Realm, Tyrannosaur would encounter all kinds of enemies in the days to come.

For instance, long-range caster-type beasts.

Or beasts that could escape into the ground.

Tyrannosaur had never encountered such enemies.

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At present, watching more combat videos with Tyrannosaur of Amber Dragons fighting against similar foes could really prevent him from being at a complete loss when he encountered such enemies in the future.

As Ye Xuan and Tyrannosaurus relished one video after another, a tender voice suddenly sounded from not far away: "Ye Xuan, is that your beast?"

Ye Xuan turned around and saw that it was a teenage girl who had called out to him.

"Yeah, he's my beast." Ye Xuan smiled gently. He recognized her as a little girl who lived in the community.

The community was small, so he knew most of the people living in it.

Plus, he often teased the children who lived here, so he had a good relationship with them.

The little girl's eyes immediately lit up. "Can I touch it?"

Ye Xuan glanced at Tyrannosaur. "Sure."

The little girl's eyes were shining. With her mouth pursed, she walked forward, reached out her hand, and tentatively touched the Tyrannosaurus's cold, sleek body.


Tyrannosaur, who was watching videos at the moment, glanced at the little girl. Seeing that she was such a tiny little thing, he made a low growl and proceeded to ignore the little offense that this little girl had committed against him, a supreme king.

This was the kind of compassion and tolerance that a king should have.

However, the little girl was still startled by Tyrannosaurus turning around.

She took two steps backward, and after she saw that Tyrannosaurus was ignoring her, she mustered the courage to cautiously walk over again after some time.

"Jiajia, come back."

At this time, the little girl's parents, who were playing on their mobile phones, looked up and saw what was happening. They were so shocked that their faces turned pale, and they immediately hurried over.

After running over, the girl's parents apologized to Ye Xuan embarrassedly. "I'm sorry if my child disturbed you. She doesn't know any better. I'll take her away at once." Then, they immediately picked up the little girl and hurried away.

"Specially enrolled student of Jiangzhou University. Ye Guotao's family struck the jackpot."

At the same time, further away, some people in the community looked at Ye Xuan and the Tyrannosaurus beside him with envious looks on their faces.

"Yeah. Sigh, my child is still an Apprentice-Level Warrior. I wonder if he can become a Dark Iron Warrior before the College Entrance Examination."

The people gossiped amongst each other.

Before, they'd all thought of Ye Xuan as a good person. He would greet anyone he saw, always had a smile on his face, and even loved to play with children.

But no one had thought that Ye Xuan, who was so ordinary except in terms of how handsome he was, would awaken his Beast Taming aptitude so close to the College Entrance Examination.

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What's more, he'd even become Jiangzhou University's specially enrolled student.


At that moment, several large vehicles suddenly arrived at the gates to the community.

After the few cars stopped, more than twenty people came out one after another.

"What's going on? What are these people up to?"

Everyone was bewildered when they saw what was going on.

"Judging by their clothes, they're probably from our city's Baida Beast Mall. But I wonder what they're here for."

Some of the people recognized who these people were, but this only made them even more puzzled.

They didn't know why people from Baida Beast Mall were visiting their community.

And what's more, why so many had come at the same time.

After these people got out of the car and walked into the community where Ye Xuan lived, at a glance, they immediately noticed Ye Xuan standing beside the Tyrannosaurus, who was like a crane standing among chickens.

Then, they walked over to him, and the person leading the group asked respectfully, "Hello, are you Mr. Ye Xuan?"

"Yes." Ye Xuan nodded.

"So here's the deal. My manager is an acquaintance of Mr. Nong, the teaching assistant of your Beast Taming Class. We talked it over and decided that 350 thousand dollars would be an adequate sum for your 14 beasts."

Seeing Ye Xuan nod his head in agreement, the head person of the group promptly said without mincing his words, "We're here to collect the Amber Beasts in your possession. Of course, we'll transfer the money to you concurrently."

350 thousand dollars?

Ye Xuan's eyes lit up.

The more than a dozen Amber Beasts in his possession were mostly two-star in grade.

Two-star Apprentice-Level Amber Beasts weren't worth much. Being able to sell one at a price of ten thousand dollars, let alone more than that, was already pretty good.

However, the three-star Amber King Tiger in his possession wasn't that easy to come by.

One of them could fetch over 200 thousand dollars.

After all, a three-star Apprentice-Level beast had the potential to evolve into a Bronze-Level beast in the future.

"What does that mean?"

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The curious onlookers in the distance were all shocked when they heard what the people from Baida Beast Mall had said.

350 thousand dollars?

Ye Xuan was able to earn so much money after becoming a Beast Tamer just a few short days ago?

All My Beasts are Legendary Chapter 37: Selling Everything
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