All My Beasts are Legendary

Chapter 38: Truly Grown Up (Season 1 End)

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Ye Xuan looked at the person in charge of the group of people from Baida Beast Mall and said, "The Amber Beasts I captured are all inside my Beast Ring. How can I give them to you?"

The person in charge was a middle-aged man in a suit. Coupled with the fact that he had more than 20 followers around him, he seemed very imposing.

However, Ye Xuan didn't act like a shrinking violet in front of him.

"Just let them all out. I have enough men over here. We can take them back right away," the middle-aged man said with a smile.

"Alright then." Ye Xuan nodded.

Subsequently, he prompted his mind and activated his Beast Ring, letting out the dozen or more Amber Beasts, including the Amber King Tiger.

"Oh my gosh!"

It was just that, when Ye Xuan let the Amber Beasts out of the room, the 20 or so people from Baida Beast Mall were taken aback.

They all took a few steps backward.

Up until the moment when they saw that the Amber Beasts that had come out of Ye Xuan's Beast Ring were as obedient as military dogs.

Only then did they raise their heads and look at Ye Xuan in confusion.

The middle-aged man wearing a suit looked at Ye Xuan in disbelief. "Mr. Ye, did you just put all these Amber Beasts inside your Beast Ring without restraining them first?"

Previously, he'd thought that Ye Xuan's Amber Beasts had already been restrained.

"I'm sorry." Ye Xuan awkwardly glanced at the person in charge and said, "Did you not bring any tools? How about I wait for you guys here while you go back and get them?"


The middle-aged man from Baida Beast Mall had question marks all over his face.

However, he was the person in charge, after all, and was very experienced in these sorts of matters. As a result, he quickly regained his composure and said, "That won't be necessary. We brought our tools with us. Please give us a moment so we can go get them." Then, he waved his hand and instructed the people around him, "You guys, go to the car and get all the Beast Tendon Ropes."

"That won't be necessary." Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan immediately said, "I'll let them follow you guys and hop in the car themselves."

Immediately after he waved his hand, these Amber Beasts, which had just come out of his Beast Ring, glanced at him and then at the Amber Tyrannosaurus Beast beside him. Then, they immediately moved forward with their tails between their legs.

The training the Amber Tyrannosaurus had put them through had traumatized them.

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Each and every one of them didn't dare to so much as think of escaping.

The middle-aged man's mouth was twitching in spite of himself when he saw this scene.

For as long as he had lived, he had never seen monsters that were so compliant.

He couldn't figure out what kind of brutal thing Ye Xuan had done to these monsters to make them so afraid.

When these monsters looked at Ye Xuan, their eyes were full of terror.

At the same time, the people living in Ye Xuan's community were rooted to the spot, completely dumbfounded as they watched what was going on.

In this era, monsters were common.

But few people had ever seen more than a dozen monsters queue up in line and walk like a well-trained army.

"You guys, go in this car."

"You guys, go in that one."

Under Ye Xuan's command, it didn't take long for the Amber Beasts to board Baida Mall's beast carts.

There were various restraint tools on these beast carts.

Almost all the people the middle-aged man had brought to this place were Dark Iron Warriors in their 30s and 40s.

As Dark Iron Level warriors, they naturally weren't afraid of these Amber Beasts.

The Amber Beasts was immediately restrained the moment they boarded the carts.

Some seven to eight minutes later, after everything was settled, the middle-aged man from Baida Beast Mall handed a card to Ye Xuan and said, "Mr. Ye, here's your 350 thousand dollars. Please give it a check."

Ye Xuan nodded. After receiving the card and confirming that the amount was correct, he directly transferred the money on this unregistered card to his account via the Combat Watch.

After Ye Xuan received the money, the middle-aged man from Baida Beast Mall informed Ye Xuan that he and his men were leaving. "Mr. Ye, since everything is done here, we'll be taking our leave."

However, as they drove away, they couldn't help turning back to glance at Ye Xuan one last time.

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They all thought to themselves, "He's already so capable at such a young age and is even Jiangzhong University's specially enrolled student. I wonder just how powerful he'll become in the future."

"Ye Xuan!"

As soon as the people from Baida Beast Mall had left, Ye Xuan saw Ye Guotao and Su Yunmeng running over from a distance.

Ye Xuan went over to them with Tyrannosaur. "Dad, mom, what are you doing here?"

As soon as Su Yunmeng arrived in front of Ye Xuan, she yelled right in his face, "What are we doing here? We want to know what you were doing with those people and those monsters just now!"

But as she said this, she couldn't help looking at the Tyrannosaurus beside Ye Xuan.

Previously, she had already heard Ye Xuan mention that he had acquired a new beast.

She also knew that Tyrannosaurus was very big.

So big that he couldn't let it out in his room.

But at this moment, as she and Ye Guotao looked at the war-machine-like Amber Tyrannosaurus, which stood over four meters tall and had fierce eyes and dragon wings with razor-sharp edges, they felt frightened, nonetheless.

In the face of such a behemoth, it was true that ordinary people would unknowingly perceive their own insignificance.

At the same time, after seeing the Amber Tyrannosaurus, they genuinely realized that Ye Xuan had really grown up and could already spread his wings and soar the skies on his own.

"Oh, you mean those Amber Beasts?" Ye Xuan said with a smile, "Didn't I already tell you guys? I captured some weak Amber Beasts in the Amber Secret Realm."


Both Ye Guotao and Su Yunmeng opened their eyes wide.

Both of them had mediocre talents. But at the age of nearly forty, they both had the strength of a Top-Level Warrior Apprentice.

When they were upstairs, both of them had felt the overwhelming power of those Amber Beasts.

One could only imagine what such power would feel like up close.

"Those Amber Beasts are really weak."

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Seeing both of their expressions, Ye Xuan smiled bitterly and said, "Dad, mum, I am Jiangzhou University's specially enrolled student. You guys know what kind of aptitude a person has to have in order to be specially recruited by Jiangzhou University, right?

"With my aptitude, my strength will grow almost every day. So, please take it easy.

"And bear this in mind in the days to come.

"You were so terrified when I brought back just around ten Amber Beasts. If I manage to capture a few Divine Dragons one day and bring them back here, you'll probably pass out from shock."

"Pass out my foot, you naughty boy! Divine Dragon, huh?!" Su Yunmeng angrily glared at Ye Xuan, but after a while, she sighed internally.

After more than a decade, Ye Xuan had grown up without their realizing it.

She was happy about Ye Xuan's growth.

But she also felt the inevitable sadness most parents feel when their child is about to spread their wings and leave them.

Standing to her side, Ye Guotao gently held Su Yunmeng's hand and stroked her palm with his finger.

It was as if he were reminding her of something in an affectionate way.

Su Yunmeng angrily glared at Ye Guotao. He was already an old man, and besides, they were in front of their child. Wasn't he embarrassed doing that?

On the contrary, Ye Guotao was smiling ever so happily.

He'd been thinking of having another child ever since Ye Xuan had brought it up.

Su Yunmeng glared at Ye Guotao. Then, remembering something, she suddenly asked Ye Xuan, "By the way, Ye Xuan, just how much did you earn from selling all those Amber Beasts?"

"Not much. Only 350 thousand," Ye Xuan said.

350 thousand dollars?

Su Yunmeng was taken aback.

It would take her and Ye Guotao years of hard work to earn that kind of money.

But after recovering from her surprise, she smiled and said, "Not bad, not bad at all. My son has really grown up. He can already make his own money now."

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At that moment, her heart was brimming with motherly pride.

She was so happy that she had a smile on her face the entire way home.

Meanwhile, as they all walked home, from time to time they heard similar words of praise from other people in the community.

"Old Ye really struck the jackpot."

After awakening his beast Beast Taming aptitude, he'd earned 300 thousand dollars by going out for a few days. For the people living in this tiny community, this was like a fairy-tale.

Hearing what some of the people in the community were saying about Ye Xuan, Su Yunmeng felt her mood lift.


In the meanwhile, when Yang Yiming arrived at home after bidding adieu to Ye Xuan, he immediately made a phone call.

"Uncle Qi, I conveyed the offer to Ye Xuan, but as I expected, he has no intention of coming to Zhongzhou University."

A somewhat regretful voice came from the other end of the line. "Is that so? But you tried your best, so don't worry about it.

"Although Beast Tamers that can contract two beasts during the Apprentice Level are all true geniuses, as prestigious as Zhongzhou University is, it's not like we can't live without him.

"Another thing. Since you've already acquired all the inheritance of that inherited secret realm, you should return to Zhongzhou as soon as possible.

"There's still about two months' time before the College Entrance Examination. I'll tutor you personally until then. You should be able to improve a little more."

Yang Yiming nodded and said, "Alright, Uncle Qi. I'll return to Zhongzhou tomorrow. I'll probably arrive in about four to five days."

At the same time, he was very much looking forward to it.

He was a stranger in a foreign land. It had been two years since he'd left Zhongzhou, and now he was finally going back.

Besides that, he was also very eager to see how many more geniuses had been born in Zhongzhou this year.

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