All My Beasts are Legendary

Chapter 58: Borrow

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"Miss Lin."

When Lin Shiru arrived outside the Spirit Secret Realm, a voice came from afar. After a brief moment, Xu Younian dropped down in front of her on a four-winged Fluttering Feather Snake.

Seeing Lin Shiru, Xu Younian did not put on any pretense of cordiality.

Straightforwardly, he said, "Miss Lin, are you here to look for Ye Xuan?"


Lin Shiru lifted her eyebrows, feeling a little surprised. She does not know why Xu Younian was looking for him, but from the looks of it, it seemed to be related to Ye Xuan.

Thinking of Ye Xuan, she could not help but feel worried. She thought that something had happened to Ye Xuan while she was not around.

"Miss Lin, as you know, we discovered the Silver Blood on the Ancient God Planet connected via the wormhole nearby Cangzhou University," Xu Younian said without mincing his words while looking at Lin Shiru.

"In the beginning, we only spotted them at a Gold level region. But some time ago, we discovered their Beast Tamers in an Apprentice level region as well."

"As we speak, they are assaulting our base over there. The reason I came here this time is to borrow your student for a while."

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"Borrow Ye Xuan?"

Lin Shiru was surprised.

At the same time, she did not expect Cangzhou University to be so unlucky.

To have actually encountered the Silver Blood Clan in an Apprentice level region.

Thinking about it, Lin Shiru opened her mouth and asked, "Can you tell me how powerful the Silver Blood Beast Tamers that are attacking your base are?"

"Aside from regular Silver Blood Beast Tamers, there are another 32 Beast Tamers at the peak of the Dark Iron level assaulting our base."

"Besides, among these 32 people, four of them own four-star Dark Iron level beasts, and one of them owns a five-star Dark Iron level King of Mountain Giants."

"Four four-stars and a five-star Dark Iron level beast?"

Lin Shiru narrowed her eyes when she heard his words.

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When the battle between the Cerulean Planet and the Silver Blood Clan broke out more than a century ago, she was not born yet. Hence, regarding the prowess of the Silver Blood Clan, her knowledge was limited to what she gained from books. She had never encountered the real deal.

However, she did not expect that the squad of Blood Silver Apprentice level Beast Tamers, which Cangzhou University bumped into on the Ancient God Planet, would wield such power.

Should Beast Tamers of that caliber be present at Jiangzhou University, absolutely every single one of them would be worth nurturing.

"I'll have to see if Ye Xuan's beast has advanced to Dark Iron level."

With that in mind, Lin Shiru said, "If not, I present you my apologies in advance."

"But even if his beast has advanced to Dark Iron level, I'll still have to ask his opinion first."

The enemies Cangzhou University encountered this time were too powerful. If he was not confident, not to mention if Ye Xuan was willing to help or not, even she was kind of reluctant to let Ye Xuan take the risk.

"That's of course. This is your decision."

Xu Younian nodded. "However if you do agree, we will return all of those evolution materials that you paid to enter the Spirit Secret Realm."

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"All of them?"

Lin Shiru revealed an enigmatic expression.

After a slight pause, Xu Younian said while gritting his teeth, "Double!"

"The reason we are borrowing Ye Xuan from you isn't to push him to his death. On the Ancient God Planet, there's one of the disciples of the King of Thousand Cranes who owns a five-star grade Dark Iron level Thousand Shadows Lightly Breezed Crane."

"Besides, not long ago, we got ourselves an Apprentice level Beast Tamer of the Qingzhou prefecture. This Apprentice Tamer is in possession of a Bizarre-type Dark Iron level beast.

"In addition, the five-star Apprentice level beasts of two of our high school's students are about to advance to Dark Iron level as well."

"Bizarre-type beast?"

Lin Shiru revealed a surprised expression.


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Spirit Secret Realm. On a lofty peak.

Following a series of spatial fluctuations, Lin Shiru's figure flickered and appeared on the top of the mountain.

Boom! Boom!

When she just arrived, she heard the sound of howling winds coming from the cave, which she created at the peak of the mountain. She prompted her mind and unleashed her Mind Energy. Promptly, she found Ye Xuan beneath the cave practicing the Honing Fist while drenched in sweat.

Beside Ye Xuan, Tyrannosaur, whose body had grown from five meters to a whopping six to seven meters, was standing upright. Following Ye Xuan's movements, it was waving its own dragonic claws.

Not to question it but…although the Honing Fist's existence was to develop the physical prowess of Warriors when a Tyrannosaurus was using it, it truly does look pretty imposing.

But of course, it looked really weird in appearance.

At the same time, she also saw Lil Wan.

At present, Lil Wan was using her Mind Energy to control a verdant pearl, the color of which had faded a lot, to draw circles in front of her.

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It felt as if she was doing a graceful dance.

Most certainly, Lin Shiru could tell that with every circle made by that verdant pearl, some of the energy contained within it would be absorbed by Lil Wan.

And this was the reason why it seemed a lot darker compared to before.


All of a sudden, as Lin Shiru probed farther downward with her Mind Energy, as if having sensed something, Tyrannosaur, whose body was blooming in five colors, lowered its head and growled at the entrance of the cave.

At the same time, having sensed Tyrannosaur's Mind Ripple, Ye Xuan's facial expression altered immediately. He halted his motion and shouted, "Whose there?"

"It's me."

Lin Shiru's faint voice sounded from up above.

"Miss Lin."

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Ye Xuan's eyes brightened, and without delay, he was preparing to go up. However, immediately, it felt as if he thought of something.

He quickly grabbed his towel and wiped off the sweat on his face.

Only after doing so did he trotted out of this cave, which he had been in for more than ten days with Tyrannosaur and Lil Wan.

"Is this what is called 'a girl will doll herself up for the man who loves her'?"

On Ye Xuan's shoulders, when Lil Wan saw this scene, her happiness of almost advancing into Dark Iron level after more than ten days of painstaking cultivation immediately dissipated. She even felt that the verdant pearl, which she treated like a treasure in the past, was not so great anymore.

"Don't talk bullsh*t."

Ye Xuan was shocked.

Fortunately, Lil Wan only used her Mind Ripple to convey her petty thoughts. With a stern face, he conveyed his thoughts to Lil Wan via a Mind Ripple. "This is called respecting my teacher. Besides, what kind of word is that? I'm a man, okay? Not a little girl like you."

"You're back, Miss Lin."

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While the conversation was going on, as Ye Xuan walked out of the cave, he immediately saw Lin Shiru, wearing a fitting white suit, standing not far away, her long hair fluttering. Above the empty mountain peak, white clouds were drifting in the sky that matched with Lin Shiru's attire, and Ye Xuan's immediately lit up.

"Not bad."

However, seeing Ye Xuan coming out, Lin Shiru only glanced at him once before she settled her gaze on Tyrannosaur.

Looking at Ye Xuan, Lin Shiru opened her mouth and asked, "So? Have you tried out Tyrannosaur's combat prowess after it leveled up?"

"Nope, not yet."

Ye Xuan shook his head. "There aren't any good opponents here, nor was I bold enough to leave this place. So I have no clue about how well it would do in combat."

"But I have a feeling that in terms of power, my Tyrannosaur may not be any worse than some low-tier five-star beasts in the Dark Iron level."

"Pretty confident."

Lin Shiru smiled.

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However, she did not have any doubts. Immediately after, she settled her eyes on Lil Wan who was on Ye Xuan's shoulders.

"What about her? How long more until she advances into Dark Iron level?"

"It will happen really soon."

Ye Xuan revealed a smile and said, "Lil Wan will level up within one or two days."


Lin Shiru revealed surprise on her face.

Subsequently, she waved her hands, grabbed a few items, and tossed them to Ye Xuan. "These are the evolution resources for your Ancient Wood Elf to become a Divine Wood Elf as I promised you before."

"Since she's about to rise in stars, take these resources with you."

"All right."

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Happiness cropped up on Ye Xuan's face.

In this way, after Lil Wan got into Dark Iron level, she could immediately evolve into a five-star grade Divine Wood Elf.

In the meanwhile, at the time when Lil Wan would evolve, that would probably be the time when he would level up to Dark Iron level!

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