All My Beasts are Legendary

Chapter 76: Inquiry

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"Ye Xuan!"

"That was freakin brilliant!"

In front of the Silver Blood fortress, after Gu Qinghe and the rest of the people heard Ye Xuan say that he was indeed responsible for the scene over here. Everyone immediately gave him a big thumbs up.

They literally could not imagine how did Ye Xuan take down this fortress secured by a plethora of traps and guarded by dozens of Top-level Apprentice Beast Tamers all by himself. However, for them, all they had to know was that this Silver Blood fortress before their eyes was genuinely took down by Ye Xuan.

The ability of a Beast Tamer was their most secret of secrets.

Ye Xuan could not tell them about it, and they could not ask about it either.

"Alright, leave this place to us. You must be exhausted having gone through such a great battle. Go and have some rest."

After being shaken by startlement, Gu Qinghe swiftly made arrangements.

"Alright, I'll leave this place to you guys."

Ye Xuan nodded. Compared to Gu Qinghe, he was merely a passerby at this place.

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For him to have entered the Ancient God Planet, his first reason was the assist Lin Shiru to retrieve double the resources which they expended to get into the Spirit Secret Realm. Secondly, it was for him to train himself.

Now, he considered these two goals of himself almost completed.


Silver Blood Planet.

Boulder Ridge.

"What did you say?"

Seignior of Boulder Ridge, Morotian, was sitting on his Seignior's throne at the high up. With chilling eyes, he was looking at an Apprentice-level Beast Tamer who was in a dire state below.

As if a massive dragon of ice staring at its own food.

"G-great Seignior, our… our assault into that Cerulean base camp in the Apprentice-level region on the Ancient God Planet has f-failed."

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"The third young master died in the hands of a Cerulean Beast Tamer by the name of Ye Xuan."

"As for the second young master, to escape Ye Xuan's pursuit, he fled into the prohibited thunder zone. No one knows if he's dead or alive now. I…"


At this moment, before the Beast Tamer who was on his knees below could finish his words, Morotian sitting at the throne high above slammed the armrest of his seat. In the meanwhile, as his Mind Energy became temporarily unstable, it burst outward. In the massive hall, umpteen items instantly shattered into fragments.

As if time and space were frozen, the debris hovered in mid-air.

"My third son is dead. My second son is hunted. Then why are you still alive?"

The next moment, as Mototian waved his colossal hands.

The countless debris in the void amassed.

Turning into a massive terrifying sharp blade and stabbed through the Beast Tamer who came to report the situation to him right on the spot.

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"Gather all the Apprentice-level Beast Tamers at the fortress!"

"Get in touch with Flame Ridge. Tell them that I am willing to pay a handsome price to recruit their genius Apprentice Beast Tamers to venture towards the Ancient God Planet!"

"Get every single Apprentice Beast Tamer nearby into the Ancient God Planet at once. Keep me updated on the situation on the Ancient God Planet."

Morotian stood up from his throne.

At the same time, as he walked towards the exit, he said, "Give this person an honored burial!"

"Tell people that he has made great contributions to the Boulder Ridge and has died to the remnants of malicious energy in his body upon returning to base. And treat his family well."

"Received, my Lord!"

Below, an elder quickly lowered his head and said.


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Some ten minutes later.

As Morotian stood in front of the wormhole connecting to the Ancient God Planet and gazed at a deceased Twin-Headed King Kong Viper.

On a countenance much suave than both Morodo and Moroun, gloominess was intense.

In the past ten minutes, he had sent no less than ten Apprentice-level Beast Tamers to enter the Ancient God Planet through the wormhole.

However, none of them were able to return and report to him the situation on the Ancient God Planet.


Their fortress on the Ancient God Planet was conquered by the Cerulean Beast Tamers over a short span of time.

"Ye Xuan!"

Thinking about the name mentioned by the Beast Tamer who reported the incident to him, a cold glare like that of a venomous snake flashed in his eyes.

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"Haha, these Silver Blood Beast Tamers really aren't afraid of death."

"How many people they sent already? I seriously wonder why they are still coming."

On the Ancient God Planet, Gu Qinghe stood in front of the wormhole and smiled gleefully as he looked at the corpses before him.

However, after more than a dozen Silver Blood Beast Tamers died in succession, the opposite side seemed to have completely given up.

They did not continue to send Beast Tamers over to test the waters.

In the meanwhile, as time went by, more and more Beast Tamers from the Cerulean Planet have arrived from afar.

And joined the base camp.

As for the Silver Blood Beast Tamers who were still unaware of the situation over here, when they fled back to their fortress from far away.

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They were all stunned when they caught sight of the situation over here.

Like a silly roe deer, they went right into the Ceruleans' trap.

And was killed one after another.

"Gu Qinghe."

Ye Xuan rested for a moment, and after seeing that the preparations by the Cerulean Beast Tamers in front of the wormhole connecting to the Silver Blood Planet were almost done.

He sought out Gu Qinghe and said, "When I was hunting down Morodo, I encountered a strange beast in the prohibited thunder zone. I feel that we are bounded by fate."

"Besides, after I met that beast, I even obtained a secret inheritance."

"In that inheritance, there's a way where I can evolve that beast."

"It's just that the evolution resources are kind of hard to come by."

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"So, I would like to request you to send someone back to the Cerulean Planet to help me ask Miss Lin to see if whether she could help me with those evolution resources."

In fact, on such a matter, it would be best if Ye Xuan goes out and ask Lin Shiru himself.

However, he had already become a Dark Iron Beast Tamer.

Once he left this place, he would never get to return.

Hence, he could only inquire Lin Shiru through other people.

"There's such a beast in the thunder forbidden zone?"

When Gu Qinghe heard him, he immediately revealed a look of surprise.

He did not expect that Ye Xuan would have such a miraculous encounter.

However, this was something entirely normal.

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During this period of time, he was not the only Cerulean Beast Tamer who had a miraculous encounter on the Ancient God Planet.

Ye Xuan getting an inheritance; that was not something unusual.

"Alright, I'll get someone to leave the planet and run the errand for you."

Thinking, Gu Qinghe agreed to his request without the slightest of hesitation.

This was not something too major.

As for replacing Ye Xuan and finding a way to get the Beast that Ye Xuan valued, he did not even think about it.

Not to mention that this was not in line with his personality.

The fact that he was the descendant of the King of Thousand Cranes alone would make it that he does not have to do so at all.

With his background, barring the later phases.

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But in Dark Iron level, relying solely on his background, getting himself another five-star Dark Iron level beast would be no big issue.

"Thank you."

Ye Xuan thanked Gu Qinghe and started his wait on the Ancient God Planet.

As for Gu Qinghe, after he promised Ye Xuan, he quickly arranged for someone to return to the Cerulean Planet.


"Zhai Wenqiang, make a trip to the Ancient God Planet and have a look at what's happening in there."

"It has been so long already, but no one came out to deliver an update on the situation."

Outside the wormhole, Xu Younian had his eyebrows knitted as he ordered an Apprentice Beast Tamer.

Before the great battle between the Ceruleans and the Silver Blood, Gu Qinghe arranged for someone to come out to report the situation there.

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But now, after such a long time, nothing was heard from the Ancient God Planet.

Immediately, a bad feeling arose in Xu Younian's heart.

In the meanwhile, beside Xu Younian, Lin Shiru, likewise, had her eyebrows tightly knitted.

She kind of regretted that she had agreed for Ye Xuan to enter the Ancient God Planet.

After all, Ye Xuan's experience in actual combat was too little.

Although someone came out yesterday to report that Ye Xuan had turned the tides and repelled the Silver Blood Clan upon entering the Ancient God Planet.

In her heart, there was still a trace of worry.

She was worried that after Ye Xuan achieved victory, he would be too full of himself.

Causing him to be too impulsive and fall into the Silver Blood Clan's trap.

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Just as she thought so, her brows suddenly raised.

She saw the dark vortex of the wormhole before her swirling, and from inside, came an Apprentice Beast Tamer.


Seeing this person, Lin Shiru's eyes lit up.

But immediately after, when she saw this Beast Tamer's sweaty appearance, her heart abruptly clenched.

In an instant, dozens of bad conjectures emerged in her heart.

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