All My Beasts are Legendary

Chapter 91: The Monster That Cannot Be Seen Or Found

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On the back of the Snowy Bladefeather Eagle, Lin Shiru listened to Ye Xuan as he gave his account of his experiences over the past few days. And though she did not say anything.

The surprise in her eyes when she looked at Ye Xuan was almost to the point of overflowing.

This made Ye Xuan quite proud of himself.

Men, this was just so typical of them.

Which man would not like it when a woman looked at him with a surprised expression that seemed to say, "Oh, you are so strong"?

The only pity was that, compared to Lin Shiru, Ye Xuan's Beast Tamer Level was a tad too low.

It was a good thing he had the Beast Editor at hand. Among the beast tamers of the same rank, he was definitely at the top of the list.

"Did you just say you have awakened the Space-type Beast Taming Talent?"

Lin Shiru saw Ye Xuan's face reveal a hint of self-satisfaction and originally intended to say anything more.

But towards the end, when she heard Ye Xuan say that he had also awakened a Space-type Beast Taming Talent when he broke through the Dark Iron level, her pretty eyes instantly widened into a stare and glowed brilliantly.

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"That's right."

Ye Xuan nodded.

The talents awakened by Beast Tamers were all their biggest secrets.

But most secrets of this kind, in fact, could not be kept under wraps for long.

Unless the Beast Tamer that owned this talent never wanted to use it in front of people at all.

Otherwise, it would be like the two talents of Yang Yiming, Size Manipulation and Heart of Fury.

People learned about those talents well ahead of time.

And he had been together with Lin Shiru for so long, and in the future, he definitely still had to be in frequent contact with her, so he did not bother hiding it from her.

Straightaway, he told her that he had awakened a space-type beast taming talent.

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Of course, he merely told her a part of the beast lair's abilities.

It was still like before, where he did not say anything at all about the rebirth of a beast, the ability to speed up a beast's cultivation speed, as well as other abilities that others could not see.

"Can you pull the beast back and then directly teleport it to be right in front of the enemy?"

After listening to Ye Xuan's explanation, Lin Shiru felt a slight stir in her heart.

She felt that this ability of Ye Xuan's if he were to execute beheading tactics, especially at low levels, was really insanely powerful.

"I get it."

At the same time, after listening to what Ye Xuan said, she also guessed how Ye Xuan had taken down the Silver Blood Clan's stronghold on the Ancient God Planet singlehandedly with his own strength.

"Right, Ms Lin."

At this time, Ye Xuan was struck by a thought and asked, "Previously, Director Xu told you that there was a group of people in the Spirit Secret Realm over the past two days. Do you have any idea who was he talking about?"

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"Eternal Night Clan."

Lin Shiru cast a glance at Ye Xuan and said, "You should know that when our Cerulean Planet fought that battle against the Silver Blood Clan more than a hundred years ago, it once allied with the Eternal Night Clan."

"Later on, with the disappearance of the space wormhole, a part of the Eternal Night Clan's population stayed behind in our Cerulean Planet."

"And now that more than a hundred years have passed, some of these people have gotten married and had children with the people of our Cerulean Planet. They have since been integrated as part of our Cerulean community."

"Of course, there are also some nobles of the Eternal Night Clan who still retain some of the original customs and practices that were unique to the Eternal Night Clan. At the same time, they only allowed intermarriages internally."

"Director Xu said over the past two days; there had been people entering the Spirit Secret Realm. They are none other than people from the Eternal Night Clan."

It was actually them?

Ye Xuan frowned.

"What's wrong?"

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Seeing Ye Xuan's expression, Lin Shiru opened her mouth and asked.

"I just told you, Ms Lin, that previously, to complete my mission, I joined forces with some people of Zhongzhou University Affiliated Women's High, where we killed quite a few people of Eternal Night Clan at the Ancient God Plains."

Ye Xuan replied.

"You don't need to worry about this."

Lin Shiru waved her hand and said, "On the Ancient God Planet, you can retaliate against anyone so long as they attempt to attack you. This is regardless of whoever it is."

"And the Eternal Night Clan on the Ancient God Planet are those from the Eternal Night Planet."

"They have nothing to do with the Eternal Night Clan on our Cerulean Planet at all."

Up till this point, Lin Shiru's tone turned slightly cold as she said, "In the future, you should also remember to treat those Eternal Night Clan people living on our Cerulean Planet as our own people."

The thing was, after saying this, Lin Shiru paused briefly and then went on to say, "Of course, if you feel that even they don't think of themselves as one of us, then you can do whatever you want with them."

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Ye Xuan's expression flinched slightly.

It was apparent that he could feel the coldness in Lin Shiru's tone when she said these words.

In his heart, he immediately understood why.

This teacher of his, Ms Lin, unfortunately, bore an intense grudge for some of the people from the Eternal Night Clan.

"Also, in the future, you have to remember to be a little warier of that Ge Hongshuang. When that woman goes crazy, she dares to do anything."

Speaking of this, Lin Shiru reminded Ye Xuan again, "In fact, a quarter of the blood coursing through her body is that of the Eternal Night Clan's bloodline."

A stunned Ye Xuan froze momentarily.

It was completely out of his expectation that Ge Hongshuang before actually had Eternal Night Clan's blood in her body.

"Of course, you are still very lowly levelled right now, so it's actually tough for you to come into contact with these things. You need to understand them in general. That's fine for now."

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And speaking up till this point, Lin Shiru suddenly slowed down her speed of speech.

It seemed like she felt that it was not good for her to instil these things in Ye Xuan right now.


And so, both Ye Xuan and Lin Shiru conversed with each other via this more lighthearted yet somewhat indescribably warm exchange.

With the Snowy-feathered Eagle as their ride, it did not take long for the two of them to arrive at the entrance of the Spirit Secret Realm again.

In front of this Spirit Secret Realm entrance, there was a teacher from Cangzhou University standing guard.

But before the two of them arrived, Yu Younian had already contacted the teacher responsible for guarding this place by phone.

Therefore, the two did not experience any delay getting in.

They got through the black space door straight away and walked into the Spirit Secret Realm for the second time.

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At this time, there were no more students waiting here in front of the lofty and towering Spirit Pagoda.

Ye Xuan looked at the Spirit Pagoda that appeared in front of him and wondered if the Elder of Arrays knew of his arrival.

But thinking about it, he still nodded gently to the Spirit Pagoda.

Then together with Lin Shiru, he stepped onto the Snowy Bladefeather Eagle again.

And they flew towards the area that the Elder of Arrays had previously mentioned to him.

"It's really astonishing to learn that even a Site of Inheritance of the Templars of the Ancient God would come into existence."

When Ye Xuan left, the figure of the Elder of Arrays had appeared within the Spirit Pagoda.

These days, with some people discussing the Ancient God Planet in the secret realm, he had also learned some news.

Especially after learning that a Site of Inheritance had emerged.

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He felt a tremor within him, and that came from the bottom of his heart.

Other people might not know what the Templars of the Ancient God was, but he knew.

He knew that even amongst all the other worlds he was previously in, the Ancient God's Templars was still an extremely colossal and ancient force.

Even when compared to the Palace of the Ocean Dragons that they, Chaoxi Sect, had attached themselves to, the Ancient God's Templars was not the least inferior.

And today, a Site of Inheritance of the Templars of the Ancient God had appeared in this world. This immediately stirred up fear in his heart.

It was hard to guess what exactly the Royal Heavenly World had become today.


"How is it? Still haven't found it yet?"

In the Spirit Secret realm, in front of a huge lake, a dozen or so Dark Iron Bronze Level Eternal Night Clan Beast Tamers were continuously sending out water type beasts that were, in turn, rushing into the lake.

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They were all looking for something within the lake.

There was a youth among them. Dressed in black exquisite clothes, he stood on the shore and gently set his chin in a particular angle where he could look at his men before addressing them.

"Young Master, we have tried our best. But that underwater monster seems to be able to detect all our actions in advance."

"For the past two days, it has been carrying that piece of extraterrestrial gold tungsten metal around and avoiding our search party."

A henchman of the Eternal Night Clan heard this and immediately bowed before he said anything.

"We have kept it surrounded by forming tight encirclements on several occasions, but it is always able to find a way to escape."

"Even until now, we have not even seen what it looks like."

"We can only deduce from the traces that were left behind by that piece of extraterrestrial gold tungsten metal when it was moving about that there was such a monster."

"Able to detect all our movements in advance?" There was a slight glow in his eyes as he said, "Having spent two days in self-seclusion, I just broke through to a Bronze level Beast Tamer, and it just so happened that I am looking for a beast that is compatible with me."

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"If this monster really has such an ability and is of a reasonable quality, then it is not bad after all."

"Young Master, don't worry. This lake may not be small, but after we have completely figured out its habits, we will definitely be able to apprehend it!" The same henchman immediately gave the assurance upon hearing what was said.

Simultaneously, a few miles away from them on the other side of the lake, an older man of the Eternal Night Clan, with two young men of the same clan, sat on a boulder and waited quietly.

His name was Ye Gaojie.

He was the protector of that youth of the Eternal Night Clan from earlier on, the one who was dressed in black exquisite clothes.

And that youth, on the other hand, was called Ye Qiyun.

He looked at Ye Qiyun on the other side of the lake from afar, with a trace of satisfaction in his eyes.

Ye Qiyun was the son of the great leader of their Eternal Night Clan.

And he was extremely talented.

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If he were to attend college as well.

He should also become a Silver-level Beast Tamer upon enrolment into college, just like those real talents of the Cerulean Planet.

"Extraterrestrial Gold Tungsten metal, it is really beyond my expectations that such a thing could appear in this Spirit Secret Region. What a pity, I can't make any move in this Spirit Secret Region."

Ye Gaojie shook his head and secretly thought to himself.

"But there is no harm in waiting a little while."

"So long as next up, Ye Qiyun can obtain that piece of extraterrestrial gold tungsten metal and concoct it into an evolutionary medicine according to the recipe."

"It would be good if he could get his Bronze-level three-star beast, the Flowing Light Heart-Piercing Falcon, to successfully up its star level."

In this world, some evolutionary recipes existed.

Some of these medicines made via references to evolutionary recipes could speed up the cultivation speed of beasts.

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Some could even help the beasts ascend at star level.

However, such evolutionary recipes were exceptionally precious.

Especially if it was an evolutionary recipe that could help a beast ascend at star level.

Also, consuming most of the evolutionary medicines concocted according to evolutionary recipes, the chances of the beasts rising in star level were still meagre.

And this kind of medicine could generally only be used once. When the first use was unsuccessful and administered on the same person again, then most likely, there would not be the chance of success.

But even so, this kind of evolutionary formula was still something that countless people clamoured for.

And within this Eternal Night Clan of theirs, there was a kind of evolutionary recipe that could allow the Bronze Three-star Flowing Light Heart-Piercing Falcon to rise in Star-level.

The evolutionary medicine concocted using this evolutionary recipe had a ten per cent chance of allowing the Flowing Light Heart-Piercing Falcon to ascend to a four-star Bronze level Flowing Light Heart-Piercing Falcon King.

However, to concoct this evolutionary medicine, one had to own the extraterrestrial gold tungsten metal.

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This time, they just got the news.

The news saying that there was a piece of extraterrestrial gold tungsten metal had appeared in the Spirit Secret Realm.

That was the reason why they came here.


Just then, Ye Gaojie frowned and looked up into the distance.

Then he saw it.Amongst the vast expanse of white clouds, a white-feathered eagle with a wingspan of more than ten meters, carrying a man and a woman, was flying towards this place from afar.

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