All My Beasts are Legendary

Chapter 94: Aura of a Treasure, the Tidal Treasure Snail

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"I've fed you for so long. This time, it's your turn to sacrifice."

On the shore, Ye Qiyun was muttering to himself in his heart.

He knew that if this underwater blackwater snake were to really seriously injure Ye Xuan…

Or even cause some even more serious consequences.

It would definitely not be able to survive.


Just after Ye Qiyun had finished arranging everything, a thumb-sized figure in the distance hurriedly flew down from the top of the mountain.

It was like a large-sized bee.


A beast under Ye Qiyun that was good at perception quickly perceived something about this scene and related it to Ye Qiyun.

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"It's arriving so quickly?"

Ye Qiyun was stunned.

He had thought that Ye Xuan would not dare to meet them face to face after coming over.

After all, Ye Xuan's strength was still a far cry when compared to theirs.

"No, my Lord. The one who came over was not Ye Xuan, but that little elf beast of Ye Xuan's!"

The Beast Tamer, who reported the situation to Ye Qiyun, hurriedly explained.

Ye Qiyun frowned.

But following that, his furrowed brows loosened.

Although he abhorred the human race.

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But he knew that if he really killed a genius of the human race, no matter what kind of method they used, no one would be able to find out that he was the one who had done the deed.

To him, there was nothing beneficial about it at all.

But if he only killed a beast of a human genius of the human race and still prove that he was not the culprit…

Then the consequences would undoubtedly not be as serious.

"Alright, I got it."

Thinking about it, Ye Qiyun nodded and said, "Let's go. We will stick to our original plan."

"Try to think of a way to force that monster in the lake out, force it into our trap."

With that said, he waved his hand and was about to lead the crowd as they all walked away into the distance.

But at that moment, when he turned around, his eyes revealed a flash of cold aura.

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To a gifted Beast Tamer, the impact of losing a beast was fatal.

Even if it was said that Ye Xuan was able to contract two beasts though he was only at Apprentice-level.

"Wait a minute."

But they had just turned around when on the top of a distant mountainside, Lil Wan had already transformed into a stream of light and was flying towards them at lightning speed.

She had ascended in star level to become a five-star Divine Wood Elf. After advancing to intermediate Dark Iron level, her mental energy was greatly increased, so much so that her flying speed also began to soar.

If one were really going to talk about the speed of flight, even the Tyrannosaurus could not compare with her.

In Ye Xuan's hands, only the Thundercloud Lightning Wings would be able to suppress her in terms of speed.

With her extreme fast speed of flight, in the blink of an eye, she had arrived at a distance of twenty to thirty meters away from Ye Qiyun and his company of men.

"That's so fast."

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Seeing Lil Wan's speed, a hint of astonishment flashed across Ye Qiyun's eyes.

He had not expected this beast of Ye Xuan's, that looked exactly like a small elf, could actually be capable of such speed.

But immediately after.

He saw the direction that Lil Wan came from.

An imperceptible hint of ridicule and coldness flashed in his eyes.

Because when Lil Wan was flying over, she happened to pass by a small area above the lake that was right in front of her.

And from his perception, that gigantic figure within the water of the lake had quietly dived in that direction.


At this time, Lil Wan seemed to have sensed something while flying over.

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However, she still stuck to the original plan and slightly slowed down her speed. Midair above the lake, where she reached somewhere about twenty meters away from Ye Qiyun and his men, stopped.

Then opened her mouth and shouted at Ye Qiyun and the others.


But she had barely come to a halt in midair above the lake when a huge figure abruptly broke through the water surface of the lake.

Amidst the water curtain that seemed to fill the entire sky, a huge snake with its bloody mouth widely opened was revealed. Very viciously, it charged towards her, ready to sink its fangs into her.

It seemed ready to swallow her into its belly in just one month.

In the distance, on the top of a mountain, Ye Gaojie saw this scene, and the corners of his mouth curled up.

As Ye Qiyun's protector, he knew best the methods of Ye Qiyun.

This scene was something that he had long expected to see.

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At the same time, he also knew that this beast, Lil Wan, was significant to Ye Xuan.

On the other hand, Ye Xuan was undoubtedly the genius that Lin Shiru valued the most.

Using the life of a Bronze-level snake, he had fed and reared in exchange for a beast of great importance to Ye Xuan.

To him, it was completely worth it.


Simultaneously, Lin Shiru, who was beside him, also saw this scene from afar. Her pupils instantly contracted.

It did not occur to her that the Eternal Night Clan could actually be so audacious.

They dared to lay such deadly hands-on Ye Xuan's beast right before her very eyes.

As for that huge black snake, on account that it was not a beast of the Eternal Night Clan, and because it was too far away, she had not been able to see it in time.

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And also, because it was just too far away, at this point, even if she wanted to intervene and stop it to save Lil Wan…

It was all too late.

On the other hand, Ye Xuan, who also saw the same thing happening, clenched his fist tightly.

Although Lil Wan could still undergo resurrection in her Beast Lair after death.

He had not wished for Lil Wan to die.

Not even once had he wished for something like that!


And just at this moment.

Just as the huge black snake poked its head out of the water and attempted to bite at Lil Wan.

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After ascending in star level, Lil Wan had acquired a powerful perception akin to that of a Symbiotic Divine Wood. She long detected something amiss.

From a static state of motion, she flew high up into the sky without further ado.

When she was in flight at a high altitude, she waved her hand and conveniently threw the three green seeds that she had previously prepared in her hands into the mouth of the snake.


Before the huge snake could react to what was going on, the three green seeds, under the influence of Lil Wan's psychic power, instantly rushed into the depths of the huge snake's throat.


And in the very next moment, the three green seeds that she threw into the mouth of the huge snake.

It was as if they had absorbed an immense amount of nutrients within an instant.

In the blink of an eye, in the body of the huge snake, they rapidly transformed into many green tree men that were five or six meters in height.

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This change immediately caused the body of the huge, stupefied snake to burst open from the inside.

In an instant, the entire lake was filled with crimson red blood.

And the moment the huge snake's body exploded, Lil Wan retracted her small hands.

And the three huge Divine Wood Guards were transformed back into three seeds that she recollected and put away.

The huge black snake just now was a Bronze-level beast.

Even if there were two or three of her in a head-on confrontation, she might not necessarily be a match.

But in combat, it was never really totally just about strength.

Wisdom was required just as much.

Just like she did.

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In a short time, a Bronze-level monster perished in her hands.


After killing the huge black snake, with a flash, Lil Wan's figure arrived by the lake's shore.

"That's too scary, too scary!"

After reaching the shore, she immediately patted her little chest and revealed her face that showed an expression of lingering fear from a near-death experience.

"If I may say, you are all big men with such small guts. I was in such grave danger just now. How come none of you steps out to save me?"

"And it was pure luck that I happened to fly over and encounter this huge black snake just now."

"If not, who knows? You guys might be the target of this huge black snake instead."

"So in a way, it's not too much to say that I am your saviour, all of you.:

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"And when you guys are looking at your saviour, don't you even know how to say thank you?"

"Or could it be that you people of the Eternal Night Clan are all like this?"

"Holy sh*t!"

Hearing Lil Wan's words, the dozen or so clansmen of the Eternal Night Clan standing on the lake's shore almost cursed and swore out loud.

You killed the monster that we have fed and reared, and you still say you are our saviour?

And even ask us to thank you?

Can you people of the elf clan be any more shameless than this?

Especially Ye, Qiyun.

At this point, he had not fully recovered from the scene of a moment ago where Lil Wan killed the Bronze-level blackwater snake that he had bred for so long within the blink of an eye.

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She was a Dark Iron Beast, and she killed a huge Bronze-level snake in the blink of an eye?

This scene overturned everything he knew within his perceptive mind.

Even if he knew that it was mostly too much of a coincidence for Lil Wan to be able to attack and kill a blackwater snake.

And also, that the blackwater had been much too careless.

"Hey, are you all dumb? How is it that none of you is saying a word at all?"

Seeing how Ye Qiyun and the others were completely not speaking, Lil Wan immediately dealt them another blow.

Her purpose in coming over this time was precisely to antagonize them and pick up a fight.

Therefore, regardless of how awful something might sound, she would say it out, nonetheless.

Whether her words would offend these people of the Eternal Night Clan or not, or how offensive her words could be, it totally did not matter to her at all.

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"You're Ye Xuan's beast. Where is Ye Xuan?"

At this moment, Ye Qiyun finally recovered from the shock and found his ability to react.

He looked at Lil Wan, who was right in front of him. His eyes were glimmering with an intense murderous intent.

"You can ask Ye Xuan…"

Lil Wan smiled.

But just as Ye Qiyun and the others thought she was going to say something.

They saw that when Lil Wan was halfway through her sentence, her gaze suddenly moved.

It was as if she sensed something that caused her to raise her head and look into the distance suddenly.

"Eh… that is?"

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The next moment, her body moved.

Without another word, she flew straight to a place that was behind Ye Qiyun and the others.

Leaving behind Ye Qiyun and his men's company in their original spots, looking all confused and puzzled.

This little thing, what tricks did she have up her sleeves again?

"My Lord, the place that this little thing is flying to seems like the area that we have laid the trap ready in place to force that monster in the water into."


When Ye Qiyun heard this, his expression changed, and he said, "Let's go. Let's give chase!"

The place where they laid the trap had cost them a lot of effort and work.

If Lil Wan destroyed it, then their hard work was all for naught.

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Up ahead was Lil Wan, who originally just wanted to test if she could lure Ye Qiyun and the others here.

And yet, she flew away by herself all of a sudden.

Seeing how Ye Qiyun and the others were quickly catching up with her from behind.

Her face instantly revealed a hint of surprise.

But closely following her surprise, she seemed to have thought of something.

All of a sudden, she released her psychic power.

"So that's what this is all about."

The next moment, a bizarre smile appeared on her face.

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She finally knew why Ye Qiyun and the others would come chasing after her.


It was just that after knowing the reason, she secretly shook her head.

Secretly, she muttered to herself, saying that Ye Qiyun and his company actually laid such a trap that could not even hoodwink her.

And they were actually thinking of using such a trap to capture the Tidal Treasure Snail. This was fool's talk.

And just as her mind was filled with thoughts of the Tidal Treasure Snail.

In the centre of the lake next to her.

There was something perched on a piece of gold, strange metal, and it was only the size of a hat.

And it was also particularly similar to a hat.

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Convex on the top and concave at the bottom.

And on top of it, there were also strange patterns of circular treasure snails that were constantly changing without a moment of pause. It seemed to have sensed something all of a sudden.

Its entire body began to tremble uncontrollably without warning.


"It has the aura of a treasure!"

"And the aura of this treasure is so powerful that even I myself have never felt before!"


After sensing this aura, it did not even bother to stop and think.

It directly abandoned that piece of strange metal that was originally beneath it.

In the middle of the lake, a gorgeous white waterline was drawn instantaneously.

Very quickly, it rushed towards that aura that had tempted all the cells in its body into trembling so vigorously.

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