Amon, The Legendary Overlord
Chapter 146.1: Ariel versus Team Sheron - Part 1

"Team Schneider wins!"

When the announcement of the end of a match was given, Ariel stood up. Raising her hand, she said aloud, "Team Amon challenges Team Sheron!"

Intentional or not, the Sheron team that Ariel challenged was part of the Golden Phoenix University and was the only team at this university that had created a genetic factor. At that moment, Sheron's team had risen one rank, being at rank 5.

When Ariel spoke, the audience erupted. It was, after all, a challenge from the rank 1 team. There was no reason for them to have challenged a lower rank team, however, there were no rules that stopped Ariel from doing so. As said, each team could challenge other teams twice.

"An entire team against you, yes?" the Judge, Elder Wilian clarified with a small smile while keeping his eyes closed.

A flash of surprise crossed her eyes, but soon Ariel recovered at the thought of Elder Wilian's strength. Someone of his level would have been easily able to hear their conversation even though he was in the crowd, and the way they were acting before drew a little attention from the people around them.

Confirming, she nodded and laughed, "Yes, I want to challenge all five members of Team Sheron by myself. If I lose, our entire team loses and we drop to the bottom rank." She looked at Amon and the girls. "Is it ok like this?"

"I don't see a problem~" Barbara said casually. She didn't believe Ariel would lose. Seriously, even if there were five at the same time, Ariel's genes favored her to fight against a group. She alone was capable of soloing an entire team. Not to mention that Sheron's team wasn't the strongest of teams.

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Perhaps she suggested this to encourage Sheron's team members to fight harder, since she didn't believe they would be thrilled even if they beat Ariel.

"Do it the way you want," Amon said nonchalantly. He didn't care even if they dropped to rank 5.

"We'll still have another chance to challenge for first place once you lose… I mean, if you lose~" Julia stuck out her tongue.

"Tsk, pretending she got it wrong, when she actually did it on purpose." Ariel puffed out her cheeks. Not being able to stay in that kind of character for long, she ended up laughing malevolently. She looked defiantly with a charming smile at Sheron's team. After all she said, it would be a shame for them to turn down such a chance to take out rank 1.

After all, they still had both chances to decline team challenge, and if they declined when Team Amon challenged them, they'd manage to keep at least in the top 4, even if they lost to other teams in the top 4.

"My team accepts the challenge!" Sheron said in a cold voice with a hint of anger.

Of course she would be angry. What Ariel was doing was treating them like weaklings and that they only deserved to go against her if it was an entire team. How could she, a proud genius who had created a genetic factor while still being a fledgling, not get upset?

However, she couldn't refuse this challenge and couldn't even say that she would fight her alone... That's why she got even more angry.

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Ariel jumped very high and soared into the arena.

"Wow!!" The audience was impressed as they saw no elemental trace when she started to glide. It was so smooth it became eye candy.

Psychic genes were rare. Very few people have it and few have ever seen it. The problem wasn't even having the psychic genes, but raising the genes. Not all users of these genes were able to create a genetic factor. The difficulty was higher than normal. Because of this, only a few people identified that Ariel was a carrier of psychic genes when she was gliding through the air.

Precisely for this reason, even the teachers from the other universities kept an eye on Ariel when they saw her climb into the arena.

Sheron and her team also entered the arena. The instant everyone was in the arena, the protection spell was cast. Ariel continued with a confident smile; she had an expression of amusement at the same time. It was like she'd said before, losing wasn't exactly a punishment for her.

"Hehehe~ This is going to be fun~" Ariel laughed out loud as she looked sadistically at Sheron's team.

"Is she crazy?" Naiton, the second strongest on the team, muttered doubtfully. The others expressed the same thought.

It was unusual to act like this in front of a team of five that even had Sheron, who had already created her first genetic factor of the ice attribute.

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"Hehee~" Ariel giggled in response to their ridicule, showing her sharp white teeth.

In the next instant, she pulled the whip from around her waist and with a loud crack, she whipped the floor. Red flames burned around the whip as burn marks appeared on the arena floor where the whip hit.

"I'll make you pay for your arrogance!" Sheron declared through gritted teeth. She bore a pair of four-inch sharp claws with eight blades in total. With her arms outstretched and a more hunched posture, she looked like a wild beast about to pounce.

At the same time, the other team members went into battle mode, and something in common was noticable: they all had almost the same shape, being a bird-like appearance, or more precisely, the mystical beast, phoenix. Despite being an imperfect mimicry, the aura around Team Sheron had changed. Their strength underwent a great change. When they finished, a smug smile appeared on the faces of Team Sheron, but instead of being scared, Ariel's smile deepened.

A pinkish-red aura created a small vortex around Ariel, then began to take shape.

"What the hell is that?" Someone in the audience who was seated stands up while pointing in Ariel's direction. His voice was so loud that everyone heard it and looked at Ariel.

That's when they saw the form of Ariel's battle mode. With something like octopus tentacles, she had ten tentacles sticking out of her back and fidgeting in a way that was kind of obscene and intimidating.

"Without further ado, let the duel begin!" shouted the judge.

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"Die!" Without Sheron's consent, the other members of her team attacked at the same time. Their battle mode helped to fluctuate a bit. Because of that, their speed was very fast.

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