Amon, The Legendary Overlord
Chapter 131: Taking a Medicine Bath Together

In a cave, Amon created spells with the help of the girls. After that, as before, they created a suitable place on the floor for a medicinal bath.

"Amon, you will come in with us, yes?" Ariel asked with a small smile of interest. Her cheeky gaze was especially peculiar, and there was something else in her gaze.

"If you girls don't mind."

Amon had been reading a lot of things related to relationships. The fact that he was dense on this subject does not mean that he couldn't improve and learn. But, he didn't get shy or embarrassed even when those words from Ariel were said to him. In fact, he could feel his heart pounding at her suggestion.

Maisa looked nervously at Julia and Barbara. Julia hesitated a little, but then said, "I don't mind."

"Hehe, I'm more than willing~" Despite her cheeks turning slightly pink, Barbara was determined. It was better to feel a little ashamed now and get used to Amon seeing her naked, and vice versa. And, well, the current situation was somewhat peculiar. She felt a little excited about such a situation.

"I'm in." Seeing that everyone else had agreed, Maisa swallowed her shyness and accepted as well.

'He's seen me naked before and I've also seen him. It won't be much different!' Maisa said this in her mind as she convinced herself that she was making the right choice.

Ariel had only spoken at first as a suggestion with the intention of teasing the rest of them, but when she saw that they had all accepted, although the smile on her face faded for a moment, she returned to smiling even more with interest.

"Ariel has a weird smile again," Maisa said as she glanced at Ariel.

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Immediately, Amon and the rest of the girls looked at her too.

"Mmm?" Ariel continued to smile and raised a cheeky brow in response.

Amon created a hole big enough to have room for the five to sit with the hole just reaching neck high.

In a short time, the room became a suitable enough place to be a mini hot spring. The twins then provided water. On the right side was a fist-wide hole that would be used for Barbara to inject her flames.

The items that Amon got before, the men's clothing, Amon asked the twins to use their water to wash all of it, even though he knew it was likely already clean.

Everyone's clothes were then arranged in strands of thread folded piles that were strung out along the side of the cave.

In the beginning, Maisa and Julia were the most shy, still in their underwear. Meanwhile, Amon had already tossed the ingredients into the medicinal bath.

By his calculations, the effects would last several hours, as he cut two whole blood fruits and added them as well to the medicinal bath.

"The spells must be strong enough," Amon said, "We don't need to be so vigilant. Only a possible beast with a genetic unlock could have a chance to break through, while the fledglings... Unless they get something very rare with a lot of destruction potency, I highly doubt they would be able to do anything."

The girls were moved hearing Amon explain so much to them. After all, they worried about being discovered and being seen naked. They didn't care that Amon saw them naked, despite being a little embarrassing, but being seen by another man was a big NO.

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Their last pieces of clothing were taken off and hung up. The twins mostly cast shy glances in Amon's direction.

Noticing their gaze, Amon looked. His gaze was smoldering. Although he wasn't good at showing expression, his desires still functioned normally, and seeing beautiful girls naked was quite stimulating, even for him.

Amon's 'reaction' surprised the twins, now they both looked shy but proud. However, it was too embarrassing to continue like this, so they soon started to get into the water when they saw that Barbara provided enough flames for the medicinal bath to start steaming up.

Ariel with her proud 'white rabbits' shows no embarrassment in front of Amon. She even got an even more sassy look when he looked at her while showing off her big white rabbits.

Ariel looked at Amon with a cheeky smile and joked, "Do you like what you see?"

"Yeah." Amon nodded directly without looking away. With her acting like this, he didn't feel he needed to look away.

"Ohh, hehehe..." Now even she was a little shy. Amon being so direct in agreement took her by surprise.

Tired of teasing Amon, she, too, entered the medicinal bath. Amon also entered and stood on Julia's right. Barbara was the last to enter and sat down on Amon's right.

Amon was now with Julia on the left, Barbara on the right, and Ariel in front of him, who had recovered and had the same cheeky smile as before.

Before long, only silence remained. Being in a hot bath with herbs and the blood fruit reminded them that they needed to meditate to get stronger. While everyone was silent, Barbara inadvertently placed her hand on Amon's thigh and slipped as she tried to brace herself, as she was providing the flames for the medicinal bath.

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With an apologetic look, she said as she looked to her left side, "Amon, I'm sorry..."

Amon was going to reply but took a deep breath as he swallowed what he was about to say. It took a while for him to say, "Don't worry about it."

"Mmm." Barbara gave him a weak smile that was quite appealing.

With one hand still out of the medicinal bath, Barbara supplied the flames, while with the other hand she tried to find the best way to support herself by going up and down with her left hand. Her face was getting redder from the hot water, her body felt on fire, and even excitement spread throughout her body.

Barbara continues to look for the best position for her hand. Amon beside her panted at times with his eyes closed. It seemed that the hot bath had a big effect on him this time… His expression was peculiar, in a way that caused Barbara to feel even hotter as she looked at him.

She still didn't find a good position and continued to wander her hand up and down the hot water. Her face was getting redder, it must be from moving so much to find a good position.

Minutes later, Barbara felt something and thought it would be better to dip her head in the water... It took her a few seconds to come back up, and because of that, she didn't provide flames for the hot bath, but luckily the water was already at a good temperature after a few minutes. When she came back, instead of being less flushed, she was even redder in the face; her cheeks were a little puffy for some reason.

Barbara made a 'gulp' sound and let out a long breath, and her expression softened over time. Meanwhile, Amon suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes gleamed with excitement. Looks like he'd made some progress...

Barbara returned to supplying flames while having a satisfied expression on her face. When she looked at Amon, she smiled a little seductively and closed her eyes as she began to meditate.

Amon looked at her deeply for a few seconds, then he went back to his meditation.

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Amon, The Legendary Overlord Chapter 131: Taking a Medicine Bath Together
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