Ancient Strengthening Technique (Web Novel)

Ancient Strengthening Technique (Web Novel)

Portraits of Beauty

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Ancient Strengthening Technique (Web Novel) novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author I Am Superfluous. 2491 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


A human warrior cultivating the Ancient Strengthening Technique has transcended dimensions and arrived on Kyushu. Together with twelve ravishing beauties with looks that were unmatched in their generation, will he be able to stand on the summit of this world?

This novel is about the main character, named Qing Shui, who transcended dimensions and arrived in the Kyushu continent. Storms of blood and wind, resulting in corpses and bones strewn about are extremely common here. The young warrior Qing Shui forged ahead in his path to cultivate, using 10 years to train himself, only to seek vengeance for the one who had forsaken his mother!

Note from Author: I Am Superfluous

To put it simply, this is a story about the rising up in ranks, and getting hot chicks along his journey to stand at the summit of this world.

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If you really want a story consists of harem and leveling up in martial arts this is probably gonna be a good and somewhat mediocre story for you, definitely this is not an amazing story telling novel with a depth plot, the story just like what the the description said...
At least it was good

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Very good ...

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What can I say except that is a really fun read and that it only needs faster releases/more chapters for this to rank as one of my most favorite LN I ever read

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This thing is something you don't want to read seriously. It is not only repetative, but the author seems to forget important plot hooks that he made previously, and the one's he gracefully incorporates in the story are usually bad written, and don't make much sense(aka they come oit the blue with some stupid excuse on top, it would be fine if it wasn't so overused). Important techniques tend to be frown away just for the sake of progression or just because author forgets about them(dunno which one is sadder) to the point author doesn't even bother to justify it. Interesting mysterious/events/people/promises are not all uncovered, just because author probably forgot about them after a while. This story has way more text than it needs to have.

Also there is no particular reason for story to go on after like less than one fifth in the story progression, author just makes up artificial reasons for the hero to get invested into another mess. It would be alright as long as the stories that he gets involved would be any different than the previous one's, but it's literally the same thing with different names with very slight changes to it.

Well, you may wonder if the conclusion to the story makes up for the rest. As much as i would love it, it doesn't. The end is very plain and unsatisfying due to the lack of any worthwhile conflict to conclude what so ever. Not only that, but the teases that very thrown previously are not all present in the end.

Oh and did i mention that like 1/4 of the whole story is more like lite-pornography? The hero at the end of the story has like 15 wives, and each of them have several in depth descriptions of their intercourse, dating and some of them have even threesome's that are described in a lot of detail. Though author tries to tone down the lewdness of the descriptions, he never actually quite succeeds with that.

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If you want a big harem and super op MC who only gets more and more OP as time goes on by learning more powerful techniques and skills while turning building a limitless supply of resources this could be your thing.

If you are more interested in depth of plot, twists and character development then its a bit on the thin side and probably not your cup of tea as things do get a bit repetitive which is probably its biggest shortfall.

While I can't whole heartily recommend this novel I'm sure some can enjoy it. It could be a pretty awesome novel if there was a way to consolidate his powers a bit more its honestly too hard to keep track of all of them and if the female characters were a bit less one dimensional particularly once 'conquered' they all just pretty much submitted into being a 'good wife'.

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