"Dominion Thirst…"

Kyle said as he triggered the spell that he had obtained from Greed! This spell was something that he knew was better than his current Slave Mark Spell.

The Mystics and Shamans, caught in the web of Kyle's spell, felt an invisible force wrap around their wills. With their current level of Spirit Strands and amount of Mental Energy in their bodies, normal mind-controlling spells would no longer affect their bodies.

However, although Kyle didn't use his Divinity to cast this spell and felt quite a normal mind spell, they all felt that their natural defense could easily collapse in front of his spell!

Something was off!

"Not good!"

"A rare mind spell!"

"No! No! This—This one targets the soul! Protect your souls!" Eldrin shouted as he realized what kind of spell they were dealing with after realizing that his soul was protected by his magic artifact felt vulnerable!

Unfortunately for them, it was already too late!

Kyle's Dominion Thirst acted too quickly!

Their pride turned to confusion, then to horror, as they realized they were no longer masters of their own destinies.

They felt their control to their bodies slowly leaving as they realized that they would soon become puppets, their strings pulled by the very person they had celebrated as their savior!

Kyle's eyes swept over the assembly, now his to command.

"You sought to bring order…" He said, his voice rumbling to their hearts with a newfound authority, "but now, you shall follow mine."

The irony of their situation was not lost on them; they had become subjugated, bound by the same methods they had used to dominate their foes.

Kyle knew that these Mystic Arts Practitioners were the ones who were using more innocent humans to experiment on than the Dark Arts Practitioners.

It was something that he learned after having so many memory fragments being extracted.

Anyway, with the Mystics and Shamans now under his dominion, Kyle issued his first command with the authority of a ruler.

"Return to my castle in the Forbidden Forest between the Ruri and Milton Kingdoms" He directed, his voice leaving no room for dissent.

"You will be integrated into my forces and serve as my soldiers. Go now, and await further instructions."

"Yes, Master!"

As the group departed, Kyle couldn't help but smile as he confirmed that they were all flawlessly following his instructions.

Kyle turned his attention to the task at hand. Lesley, the Dark Arts Practitioner who had narrowly escaped his grasp, was his next target.

Actually, he already activated his Divine Sense the moment he had arrived, and he had already marked Lesley's essence. Right now, there was a spectral tether that would allow him to track her movements with ease.

With a thought, Kyle activated his Presence Shift, the world around him blurring as he teleported through the fabric of space. Once, twice, seven times, he shifted his presence, each leap bringing him closer to Lesley's location.

'Mhmm? She's getting too close to their headquarters.' Kyle thought as he noticed the presence of the Vessel's stronghold not too far from Lesley's area.

He couldn't help but feel impressed at Lesley's movement spell. He had actually traveled so far in that short duration! It was certainly impressive!


Finally, he arrived at a desolate crossroads where the veil between worlds was thin.

'There was a Rift here before… I guess it was closed by the Dark Arts Faction.' Kyle thought as he sensed the remnant energy of the Abyss Realm in this region.

At this time, Lesley stood there, waiting for Kyle's arrival. It seemed that she knew all along that Kyle would follow her.

She didn't seem surprised at his presence as her eyes were filled with determination.

Sensing Kyle's approach, she called upon the forbidden arts, her voice a chant that pierced the silence of the dead.

Indeed, there was no talk needed as she immediately started casting her spells!

"From the world of shadows, I summon thee, Astaroth, the Reaper of Souls!" Lesley's body became a vessel for the mystical being, her form shrouded in an ethereal mist as the entity from the netherworld entered her.

'Astaroth? That sounded cool…' Kyle had no idea about the being Lesley had summoned. However, he knew that this would not be easy after he sensed the Corrupted Divinity from the Spirit that she summoned.

Kyle watched, unfazed by the display of Dark Ritual.

"Lesley, you tread a dangerous path… That Astaroth seemed a bit too strong. Your physique could also not handle too much Divinity. " He said, his tone was calm as if he was truly worried about his opponent.

"Why do you persist in this foolishness?" He continued.

Lesley, now imbued with the power of Astaroth, faced Kyle with a newfound ferocity.

"Kyle Marshall, or whoever you claim to be, your end comes now!" She declared, her voice echoing with the timbre of the dead.

Kyle sighed but he also felt a little excited to fight against Lesley…

'It's more satisfying to subdue you if you have the power to resist a little. Let's see your strength this time.' Kyle remarked in his mind.

Soon, the two clashed, creating a vortex of Hoy Energy and Death's Power colliding in a spectacle of light and shadow.

Kyle actually used his Force instead of Shadow Divinity to fight against Lesley!

Furthermore, after canceling Lesley's death energy, Kyle relied on his innate strength and agility as he dodged the scythe swings and spectral assaults with his movement speed alone!

Of course, Kyle also started attacking Lesley with the moves he learned as a Combat Arts Practitioner.

Lesley, driven by the Reaper's might, matched him blow for blow, her attacks imbued with the chill of the dead.

"You cannot stop what is to come, Kyle! The realms will no longer have any Holy Arts and Mystic Arts Practitioners after this war ends!"

Lesley hissed, her form flickering as she got closer to Kyle while avoiding various trikes.

Kyle parried a particularly vicious strike, his counter a mere touch that sent ripples of purifying light through Lesley's form.

"That sounds interesting, Lesley. However, I think that you are still too naïve." He replied. His voice was calm amidst the storm of their battle.

Kyle's fingers were poised to cast the Slave Mark Spell, the incantation that would bind Lesley to his will.

He wanted to see whether Lesley's blessing could stop his Perfect Realm Spells!

However, as he was about to release his Spell, the air shifted, heralding the arrival of the other members of the Evanescent Vessels.

Anyway, he sensed them before they materialized—five figures cloaked in the aura of Sage Spirits, their power amplified beyond mortal's limits.

Apparently, they already had their bodies possessed before they arrived here! It seemed that they had a rough idea about Kyle's power!

Yet, Kyle stood unshaken. His guise as a Holy Arts Practitioner was a mere facade for the Shadow Immortal that lurked beneath.

The newcomers brandished an artifact of ominous origin…

"Ohhh… No wonder you guys seemed confident… Did you steal them from the Demons Saints you've fought so far?" Kyle asked as his eyes lit up.

He wanted those items as well!

Indeed, their Artifacts were formed from the bones of Dimensional Creatures. It pulsed with the potential to rend the very fabric of space, a threat that could consign Kyle to the void if he wasn't prepared!

"Are you the Young Saint? However, it doesn't matter. Whoever you are, your end is nigh…" One of the Vessels declared, his voice was filled with the wisdom of the Sage Spirit within.

Kyle's eyes narrowed, not with fear, but with the thrill of challenge.

"You presume much, assuming that mere artifacts can best a being of my caliber. Go ahead!"

Lesley, still thrumming with the power of Astaroth, smirked. "Your confidence will be your downfall."

The Vessels raised the artifact high, its eerie glow casting shadows that danced like specters.

"Behold the power of the Void!" They chanted in unison.

Space twisted around Kyle as the space seemed to eat him alive!

It was such a scary attack, and the vessels knew that no arcanist could stop this type of attack if they had no knowledge of space-type spells!

However, Kyle was prepared.

From his cloak, he drew the Rift Blade, its edge shimmering with a light that defied the encroaching darkness.

This Rift Blade was a weapon he extracted together with other Spell Models and Spell Lights from the Dimensional Creature he had killed before in the Celestial Realm!

"Your tricks are futile…" Kyle declared that the blade was slicing through the spatial constraints with ease.

Everyone could tell that Kyle didn't use any Spells from that and just simply relied on his artifact!

Lesley's eyes widened in realization. "Impossible! How did you


"Acquire such a weapon?" Kyle finished her sentence with a sardonic smile. "Let's just say, not all creatures of the Dimensional Plane are unfriendly."

He replied mysteriously, confusing the other vessels.

The Vessels stepped forward, their forms blurring as they invoked the Sage Spirits' might!

"You haven't win yet… We are beyond your comprehension! Surrender now, and we may spare your essence."

Chapter 762: Vessels
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