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This is one of the best cultivation novel i have read out of all the cultivation novels i have read for the past 6 years. It started off slow but man the wait was worth it. This journey of immortality with Han li was epic and i hope others will enjoy this novel much as i did.


I thought it was going to be good considering the tags and rating but imo. . . its not good at all. The spoiler free reason is simple. This MC is INSANELY LUCKY!!!! There are many situations that happen throughout this LN, but MC succeeds because of extreme levels of luck. There were even times where MC was shown to be clever and strategic, but guess what, it was all pointless because luck was the deciding factor of his victory! Let me ask you readers. Why would an author put so much effort to make MC seem smart and intelligent if luck is the consistent deciding factor? Not just any tiny luck btw, but INSANE levels of luck. Completely pointless of this guy being shown as smart, cunning and well planning out. I had to stop reading after a few hundred chapters. Up to you guys if you don't mind this kinda thing. But the levels of pivotal luck based plot points are too much for me lol. Completely cripples the reasons for showing his intelligence too many times in many chapters i've read thus far. Good luck!


I have spent two months reading this to the end and, to be honest, I don’t know how to review it. I will give 5 stars because it kept me engrossed and interested for 2450+ chapters. I started to play dramatic music in my head and say “of course the man was none other than Han Li”. Only those who have read the story will understand this :-) This is a fantasy adventure story with lots of battles, treasure, betrayals, greed, mass murder, and beautiful women! There is a cast, literally, of thousands, but the characters are very one dimensional. We don’t even really get to know the hero, Han Li, as we rarely get to know his thoughts apart from his obsession to cultivate. The so called love of his life is only mentioned in about 20 chapters. Spoiler AlertFor example, he leaves her behind twice with barely a backward glance, not to see her for hundreds of years!The writer has set us up for a sequel, so I will have to see if I manage to live long enough for it to be published and translated. I will have to start cultivating immortality.


It is one of my favorite novels so I recomend it. This novel has an intresting way of fighting cultivators rely more on mastering items than fighting techniques.


Actually well written. If you want some hormone-inducing, no logic, hotheaded, almost to the point of pointlessness novel, you will most likely not appreciate this. Otherwise, this is probably one of the best novels on this site.


First of all this a slow phase novel if you can continue reading you'll definitely find how amazing this was, there's no bulls**t and heram s**t , novel make sense


The Mc is a simp, supported by a pathetically horny virgin author. What else is there to say? Absolutely nothing, and that’s all this novel will ever turn out to be.


Love how this novel has a different view to cultivation path how the mc struggled from mortal to immortality also how there's no stupid angry young masters, the mc is smart and doesn't trust foolishly I highly recommend this you'll seriously not regret reading this can't wait for the mc to ascend to immortal realm from spirit realm


I'm intrigued by the profoundness of the author to create this character and story. I feel like he/she has good grasp of the ancient teachings of the East esp on the path to Immortality whereby one ascends from being a mortal then going thru varipus planes/realms of existence. The author incorporates pragmatic approach to it. This reminds me of Edward Bulwer-Lytton's Zanoni but a reversal and more transcendental approach to attain immortality for someone treading the spiritual power cultivation and mystic path.


This is one of my favourite cultivation novel. Mc is humble, no power up right of the ass. Everything is obtained by hardwork. Slow paced and all arcs are amazing. One of the best weak to strong novel. Similar to Renegade Immortal. No harem bullshit. It's starts slow n gets better as the story goes on, he will be member of forever alone sect for a quiet a while xD.