Aromatic Flesh
Chapter 60.1: Extra (2)

On the way to the suburbs, the scenery outside the car window flashed quickly like an afterimage.

A beautiful young woman with an orchid-like elegance sat on the back seat, and next to her sat a seven- or eight-year-old boy. Though the child’s facial features were tender, it was extremely refined, especially the shape and vibe of his eyes, which resembled a certain woman in the photo.

“Mommy, are we visiting Daddy in a few days?” The little boy asked sullenly as he casually kicked the front seat of the car fit of pique.

“Sit properly.” The beautiful young woman reprimanded the little boy sternly for his tantrums, before continuing softly, “Han Yi, I’m sure Daddy will be glad to see you, doesn’t Han Yi wants to see Daddy too?” Her voice was extremely patient and kind.

“Not at all!” Han Yi pouted his lips unhappily and glanced out of the car window. His mother had solely taken care of him since he was a child, as for his father… That man did not care about him at all! In fact, the man had always appeared crazy during the few rare times that they met, always muttering under his breath… Why would he want to meet someone like that?

So annoying!

The beautiful young woman sighed, but she knew that there was nothing else she could do. No matter how she tried to persuade the Han Yi, the child was fixated on detesting his father – her husband…

The car quickly arrived at the front porch of a magnificent and extensive nursing home. After taking a while, the beautiful young woman managed to get Han Yi out of the car with much coaxing and persuading. After patting off the wrinkles on their clothes, they made their way hand-in-hand into the two-storied building with ivory white walls and clean blue tiles.

“Hello, we are the family members of a patient and are here for visitation.” The beautiful young woman approached the counter desk before nodding and smiling at the nurse on duty.

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“Welcome. Please provide the name of the patient.”

“Shen Rong.”

“Okay, please give me a moment.” The nurse entered the name into the computer system and the patient information was displayed clearly on the screen. She glanced at it roughly and said, “Ah, this patient’s mood has been extremely unstable, so please try to limit your visitation times. Our doctors and nurses will also be on the sidelines during the visit for your safety.”

“That’s much appreciated, thank you.”


The familiar sound of the automatic glass door opening sounded, and the doors slowly slid open to both sides.

It was a windowless room, with white lights that shone brightly upon the snow-white walls and furniture, making everything in the entire room look dazzling.

A tall man in a blue-and-white striped hospital gown was curled up motionless in the corner of the room with his face buried between his knees.

If you get closer to him, you would near the man’s intermittent mumblings.

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“I was wrong… Don’t leave me… It’s my fault……”

“I like you, let’s be together forever, okay……?”

“Don’t… Don’t go……”

“Mother, what’s wrong… Mother……?”

“Xiao Yue… Xiao Yue… Xiao Yue… Xiao Yue… Xiao Yue… Xiao Yue……”


The door to the room was unlocked from the outside.

The beautiful young woman and Han Yi slowly stepped into this place, which they had visited countless times before. Though his body trembled slightly at the sound, it was unknown if the man in the corner heard the sound of people entering the room, however, he did not look up to check.

The beautiful young woman moved toward the man slowly, stopping in her tracks only when she was a few steps away from the man and squatted down.

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“Han Yi, dear, come here and say hello to Daddy.” She reached out her hands as she gestured to the child, her expression unreadable.

Han Yi moved reluctantly towards the young woman and stood by her side as he glanced at the man – his father.

“Daddy, I’m Han Yi, how is your health?” Han Yi asked sullenly as he spoke the routine sentence each time he visited, and after he was done speaking, he instantly hid behind his mother.

The beautiful young woman led the little boy to sit on the bed before proceeding to describe Han Yi’s current situation to the man in a soft and gentle voice. She spoke about how naughty he was at school, how a couple of his teeth had begun to grow, what he learned in school, etc…

The man stayed motionless and did not react to their words at all, however, as if already used to it, the woman did not wear a sad and disappointed expression. Her voice was clear like water as she described the recent big and small things in detail. She spoke nonstop for about half an hour before she stopped.

In the end, she flashed him a faint smile before walking up to the man and leaning against his ear, “You know, it’s almost her death anniversary.” She whispered.

Upon hearing her words, the man finally raised his head and stared at the woman in front of him in response. His skin was morbidly pale, without a trace of blood, while his eyes were blank, as if he was not able to focus on anything.

He tasted the words on his tongue, repeating them softly: “Her death anniversary……”

Suddenly, without a warning, the man pushed the young woman in front of him in fear, and his strength made the woman stumbled a few steps back before falling straight to the ground.

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“Ahhh!! Don’t die! Don’t die! Ahhhhh!”

The man suddenly held his head and started to scream hysterically. Upon hearing his screams, the doctors and male nurses who were standing guard outside instantly rushed into the room and pressed the man on the bed with brute force before injecting the prepared tranquilizer into his blood vessels.


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