Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God
Chapter 253: One Step Closer To The Truth

Regarding how to govern one’s Divine Kingdom, players had summed up numerous standard patterns and methods with only one purpose in mind—to raise strong cultivators with the highest efficiency.

In Gu Nan's understanding, there was no single best solution among these methods; there was only a method that most suited the Divine Kingdom’s specific situation.

In other words, the Divine Kingdom’s design must take into account its specific characteristics and circumstances.

For example, in a society where feudalism had disappeared for a long time, there would be great resistance to the implementation of a hierarchical system.

Although dissenters could be killed, this was obviously not a good choice because it would cause too much damage to the population.

However, it was different in Immortal Demon World, where the concept of "all men are equal" had yet to be popularized, so it was much easier to divide humans into different classes.

"Should people be divided into classes based on their strength?" Although Yan Xiaoxiao had already learned about Gu Nan's "hierarchical system" before, she was still somewhat uncertain.

Gu Nan nodded. "Bloodline, talent, wealth—all these can be transformed into strength, and we’ll only look at the final result."

"Those who don’t know how to cultivate can learn; those who don’t know how to develop their bloodlines can also learn; those who don’t know how to spend money can of course learn. All materials will be free to the public, as long as they can learn them."

"Prodigious Realm cultivators will be first class citizens, Innate Realm second class, Acquired Realm third class, and ordinary people will be fourth class. Further divide the people within each class into three more ranks based on the proportion of people."

"The proportion of people?"

"The first 10% are third rank, 10% to 30% are second rank, and the rest are first rank."

"That would require us to count the entire continent’s population…" Yan Xiaoxiao immediately gasped in shock. She knew how much work this would be.

As a matter of fact, things like the census were rarely conducted in an ancient society like Immortal Demon World, especially during wartime.

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As it happened, Yan Xiaoxiao had done something similar in the northwest, and the amount of labor and physical resources that had to be invested reached a point that shocked even her.

But Gu Nan’s next words made her eyes widen.

"That's right. Not only do we need to conduct a census, but we also need to do it every single day, and it has to be accurate down to the last person," Gu Nan said with a calm expression.

"Further divide each city-state into districts to ensure that the number of people in each district does not exceed 500. A shadow servant will be responsible for counting the number of people every day."

Yan Xiaoxiao frowned, lowering her head in thought as she pondered the feasibility of Gu Nan’s words.

Having absolutely loyal and immortal servants who would never tire take charge of conducting the census could avoid many problems, and the city-state system was also the foundation that would make a daily census possible.

When conducting a census, they most feared the populace wandering about. The existence of city-states could minimize this situation.

"What if someone doesn't report for duty? Or what if some people truly can't report for duty?"

"A leave of absence is allowed, but it must be requested in advance, and the time allowed will be limited." Gu Nan said nonchalantly, "Special circumstances can be treated differently. For those who deliberately shirk their duties, the highest punishment is death."

It wasn’t easy to design an entirely new social system.

Gu Nan and Yan Xiaoxiao discussed these problems one by one, analyzing every possible loophole and then giving an appropriate response plan.

There were certainly problems they overlooked, but that didn’t matter. Gu Nan had enough time and resources to slowly smooth things out.

If a problem appeared, then they would resolve it. As long as he was powerful enough, no one could overthrow his rule.

After fleshing out the details of the entire hierarchy, Yan Xiaoxiao finally gained some intuitive understanding of the world Gu Nan described, but she felt increasing chills in her heart.

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"Teacher, I feel like…" She hesitated slightly, deliberating over her choice of words for a long time. "You’re raising people like livestock?"

Be it taking inventory of the stock or raising the citizens in a desired direction, these were methods only used to artificially raise livestock.

Gu Nan clapped his hands and said happily, "It's great that you can understand!"


The agreed-upon time with Zi Dian was three days later in Star Realm terms, so it was around a month’s time in Immortal Demon World.

During this time, Gu Nan finally had some time to properly sort out his harvest.

Ever since he advanced to Tier 4, he’d been relentlessly trying to improve his strength. Fighting to control Immortal Demon World and heading to Floral Jasper Star… All of that was to advance to Tier 5 as soon as possible, and perhaps even complete the First Round by reaching Tier 6.

Gu Nan had never forgotten that gods still existed in this world. He had to at least complete the First Round in order to have the means to defend himself when facing them.

He now possessed Immortal Demon World, but Starry Ocean Pavilion also seemed to be stronger than he expected, so naturally, his current focus was on improving his strength.

Starry Ocean Pavilion didn’t have what he needed. What would he gain from going over there to fight them?

Since Red mentioned that Ying Ge could enter the Myriad Heavens Starry Road, Ying Ge was now Gu Nan's next target.

After completing the event "Find Ying Ge," Gu Nan's Evil Value had already reached 1,350, but progress from Lan Si's side had slowed down again.

And his points were even more pitiful. He only had 150 points left. The rest were all invested into constructing the law of resurrection.

If he had enough points, Gu Nan could’ve bought several skills to counter Yue Jiu and Duanmu Sen’s abilities, but too bad he had no money.

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And the construction of his third law upon reaching 1,500 Evil Value would also require an enormous amount of points.

"Personal dungeons are too unreliable. Even now, the people in White Mist actually haven’t found another one." Gu Nan was furious at the thought of personal dungeons.

Back then, he’d been excited for quite a while after discovering a personal dungeon, but he didn’t expect it to be just blind luck. There was no second personal dungeon even after such a long time.

The current Gu Nan was no longer an ignorant transmigrator. His speculation about the nature of dungeons was getting closer and closer to the truth.

Before Gu Nan came into contact with the method to travel among planes, he could receive missions directly from the Evil God Temple and be teleported to those planes, just like in the game.

However, ever since leaving the original Langya World, a mission like that had never appeared again, and all subsequent dungeon missions required Gu Nan to search for them himself through reincarnation.

And after reaching Tier 4, the translated world missions also seemed to lose their effect. At the very least, Gu Nan never received another prompt to incorporate external missions into the current mission sequence upon reaching Tier 4.

The Evil God Temple was merely a fixed system without any sentience of its own. Gu Nan had every reason to believe that such a change occurred because he triggered a certain mechanism.

"The 36 Heavens and 72 Realms may be fundamentally different from other small worlds."

"After Tier 4, one’s essence as a lifeform is elevated to a higher level, which makes them fundamentally different from before." Gu Nan could easily find the critical turning point. "Next, I'll go to Myriad Heavens Starry Road to get to the bottom of this."

Gu Nan had a strong feeling that he might be able to find the answers to these questions one by one in the Myriad Heavens Starry Road.

Three days quickly flew by without keeping Gu Nan waiting for too long. When Gu Nan returned to Floral Jasper Star again, Zi Dian and Ying Ge were already waiting for him.

What surprised him even more was that a third person was also waiting for him.

"This is also our teammate." The handsome uncle was still very polite. "I heard that you guys have met before, Miss Wu Gui?"

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"Yes," a word popped out of the girl's mouth. Then she stared at Gu Nan with bright eyes.

Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God Chapter 253: One Step Closer To The Truth
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