Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God
Chapter 27: Razy Hunter

Unlike the great karma god who liked to listen to reports, the Evil God Temple never determined players’ Evil Value rewards based on their words. Evil Value was only awarded based on their actions.

So Gu Nan also developed the habit of never speaking any superfluous words. He only liked to speak using the crossbow in his hand.

The killing continued, blood splashed everywhere, and the endless blood filled the small courtyard. Yan Xiaoxiao felt as if she was surrounded by blood.

Her inability to escape the scent of blood and the indescribable sensory stimulation she experienced caused her to sink into a wonderful experience.

On one hand, there was the constant urge to vomit, but on the other hand, there was a shudder from the depths of her soul—seeing them deprived of their lives one after another shocked her eyes and astonished her heart.

She didn’t know how much time had passed. The Gu residence became silent, and the sounds of fighting, shouting, or footsteps could no longer be heard. All was quiet.

A strong sense of suffocation struck her, and Yan Xiaoxiao felt dizzy. Her vision gradually grew dark.

"What happened to her?"

"You probably scared her so much that she fainted."

"Oh, she really is fragile..."

With the last of her consciousness, she seemed to hear this kind of dialogue. That calm tone……



Yan Xiaoxiao suddenly sat up from the big warm bed. Her body was still shaking slightly. Everything she had experienced before seemed to be a dream.

"Are you awake?" Mo Jiaqi was sitting beside her with a faint smile on her face.

Upon seeing her, the little loli finally recalled that all of it wasn't a dream. That indifferent voice and that person’s figure walking slowly out of the Gu residence courtyard were deeply imprinted in her mind.

The blood, the killing, the loss of life…...

"Cousin, I want to join your organization comprised of the Blessed." Yan Xiaoxiao suddenly turned her head and spoke in an incomparably firm tone.

She had long known that her cousin was one of the Blessed, just like that person. She also knew that the Blessed had an organization mostly composed of other Blessed, but there were also ordinary people.

Of course, what she didn’t know was that natives like her could only ever be outer circle members, but this didn’t matter.

"Oh?" Mo Jiaqi gave her a strange look. "You want to find Gu Nan?"

"I want to… study under him."


"I feel that I have found the meaning of my existence."


Ten days later, Yan Xiaoxiao followed Mo Jiaqi, looking a little haggard.

They stood in front of a manor. According to Mo Jiaqi, the headquarters of their “organization” was here.

Because she wasn’t a reincarnator, it wasn’t easy for her to even become a member of the organization’s outer circle.

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In the last ten days, Yan Xiaoxiao only slept for ten hours in total. She had constantly been undergoing unimaginable special training. And whenever she felt like giving up, she would recall the bloody scene that almost suffocated her.

"Elder Sister Jiaqi." At the front desk of the manor, a girl in green saw Mo Jiaqi and greeted her with a smile.

"I’m looking for Gu Nan." After greeting her back, Mo Jiaqi cut to the chase and directly spoke her request.

"Gu Nan?" When she heard his name, the girl in green paused slightly.

"What? He still hasn't reported for duty yet?" Mo Jiaqi was somewhat doubtful. Ten days had already passed. No matter how slow he was, Gu Nan should’ve already reported to the organization already for duty.

"No, it's just that he…"

A voice came from behind them, "Mo Jiaqi, do you know that Gu Nan?"

Mo Jiaqi turned to look and saw a familiar face. She was a colleague from a branch office on Ruby Fish Star. Her name was Zhang Yan. They fought side-by-side together several times in the past, and their relationship wasn’t bad.

"Yeah, he’s a newcomer to our branch," Mo Jiaqi inevitably replied.

"Ah? He’s a newcomer?" Zhang Yan was normally a woman who paid great attention to manners, but now she couldn’t help but open her mouth.

"And he’s even from your branch office…" The gaze Zhang Yan directed at Mo Jiaqi suddenly became strange.

Mo Jiaqi suddenly had a bad feeling. "Did he do something… Did he offend those people from the headquarters?"

The headquarters naturally referred to the Ruby Fish Star headquarters. With her understanding of Gu Nan, it actually wasn’t so strange if he really did offend them.

It would still be fine if it was people from another administrative star’s headquarters, but if he offended people from Ruby Fish Star’s headquarters, then they might make his life difficult even after the mission was over.

"No, on the contrary, Lord Yue Chenxing from headquarters has quite a favorable impression of Gu Nan…..."


After listening to Zhang Yan's explanation and understanding what Gu Nan had done in the past ten days, Mo Jiaqi felt that she couldn’t quite process the news.

"You mean, ever since he came here, he has hunted at least 20 Innate Realm fighters every day?"

Zhang Yan nodded. "The number has never fallen below 20, and it’s still growing… Many people are betting on how many heads Gu Nan will bring back today."

Mo Jiaqi was by no means inexperienced, so she knew very well how difficult it was to assassinate one of the six demonic factions’ Innate Realm cultivators.

Every single Innate Realm expert possessed an extraordinary identity, so it wasn’t easy to approach them without being discovered. More importantly, it was very troublesome to escape after the assassination. After all, he would be inside enemy territory.

Although she had seen Gu Nan's crossbow in action before and knew that he could kill Innate Realm fighters like killing chickens, this was still……

Instead, Yan Xiaoxiao’s gaze lit up from beside her.

"He’s back, Gu Nan is back!"

"Oh? How many heads did he bring back? "

"I don't know, enough to fill an entire sack. I’m still counting…"


A noise came from the door, and several people looked over simultaneously. They saw a familiar figure standing there.

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Today Gu Nan was dressed in all white, without any liveliness typical of the mortal world, as if he was a young master out on an excursion rather than an assassin who killed people like flies.

"Eh? How come there are only 17 today..."

"Only 17? Haha, I win... No wait, this is Lin Tianyun! It’s Lin Tianyun's head!"

"Lin Tianyun? Isn't he a great master at the peak of Innate Realm Sixth Stage?"

"That’s the one..."

Gu Nan stood aside and watched them exclaim while counting the number of heads. He nodded in realization. "So he was at the peak of Innate Realm. No wonder he was somewhat hard to kill."

He really wasn’t easy to kill. This peak Innate Realm cultivator costed him a lot of effort. Finally, he had to trick his opponent into the mountains and use guerrilla warfare for half the day to kill him, which was why he killed fewer people today.

But Gu Nan didn't suffer any losses because the stronger the target, the higher the reward.

「Side Quest: Kill the six demonic factions’ 'Innate Realm and above' cultivators」

This was the only side quest Gu Nan received so far, and it was also the reason for his crazy hunting spree in the past ten days. Unfortunately, almost all of these hunts only provided points, and targets that rewarded Evil Value were pitifully few.

His original 31 points had now risen to 450 points, but he only had 35 Evil Value in total, which meant he’d only gained 5 Evil Value from ten days of fighting.

"Mo Jiaqi? Long time no see." Seeing Mo Jiaqi, Gu Nan immediately stepped forward and greeted with a smile.

The current him seemed to be nothing more than a friendly neighborhood teenager, where no trace of bloodthirst or coldness could be seen.

Mo Jiaqi looked at him deeply and took a deep breath. "It hasn’t been a very long time… Right, there’s one request I want to ask of you."

"What is it?"

Mo Jiaqi pushed Yan Xiaoxiao forward. "This is Yan Xiaoxiao, she wants to..."

Before she even finished, Gu Nan suddenly felt a gentle vibration from the Evil God Temple, and a line of text appeared.

「Side Quest: Accept Yan Xiaoxiao as a disciple and train her into a strong killer. Reward to be determined」

Devotee's Game System Inspired Note

» This section of the chapter is a Fan based created system to mock-up or simulate the 'Status Information' of our MC - Gu Nan. This implies that you are free to skip reading this and continue your journey onto the .

» All catalog data below is a summary of various information achieved by Gu Nan that corresponds till the end of the related chapter and is compiled into a singular 'Status Screen.' Additionally, the invented system below would continue to evolve as we progress and learn more about the novel itself.

MC's Status Information

Name: Gu Nan

Current Location: Radiant Tower’s branch office on Ruby Fish Star’s sixth asteroid belt

Current Soul Location: Headquarters of the Blessed Organization, Immortal Demon World

Status: ⟪ Evil God ⟫

Advancement Direction: Agility Type

Current Evil God Rank: Tier 2

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Equivalent/Current Martial Art: External Kung Fu - Innate Realm Fourth Stage

Current Evil God Temple Quest:

Main Mission Objective/s:

-— Eliminate the six demonic factions. - External Source

Status: On Going

-— Take revenge on Jiujiang Prefecture’s Gu family. - Evil God Temple Issued

Status: Cleared

Side Quest Objective:

-— Kill the six demonic factions Innate Realm and above cultivators. - External Source

Status: On Going

-— Accept Yan Xiaoxiao as a disciple and train her into a strong killer. - Evil God Temple Issued

Status: On Going

Current Evil Points: 450

Overall Evil Points: 1275, Overall Evil Value: 35

Exclusive Skills Acquired:

Deceitful Steps. [ Passive Ability ] 「Movement Speed increased by 30%. Attack Speed increased by 50%」

Power of Shadows. [ LVL 1 ] 「Allows the players to activate the skill “Hidden Shadows”.」

Hidden Shadows. 「The power to manipulate shadows to a fine degree.」

Equipment being worn


-— None.


-— Four Element Crossbow. 「A Tier 2 crossbow weapon that can generate four types of elemental arrows—earth, water, wind, and fire—based on the user’s needs and does not need to load arrows.」

Accessories - Facial Accessories, Necklace, Earrings

-— Observer Eyepiece. 「An eyepiece that have a fixed Tier 2 magic 'Insight' inscribe in it.」

-— None.

-— Shadow Earrings. 「Skill 'Power of Shadows' LVL +1」

Equipment Skills Acquired:

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-— Insight. 「Ability to obtain high-precision data analysis when looking at people or objects.」

Item/s owned:

→ None.

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