"The nightmare’s attack isn’t as scary as I thought…" Gu Nan soon broke away from the illusion while making an offhand remark doubting the illusion’s power.

In the information he obtained before, nightmares were very dangerous. Void Cutter cultivators who entered Dream World with their true bodies frequently died from nightmare attacks.

Zi Yi shot him a strange look while thinking, ‘If everyone did what you just did, then no illusion will have any effect.’

Indeed. If everyone went on a killing spree without another word like Gu Nan did, then this kind of illusion meant to befuddle and confuse the target really wouldn’t have any effect.

But why was he able to do it?

Zi Yi also didn’t understand. How could anyone be so resolute, so much so that he kept all of Zuo Zuo’s memories out of his mind? Was he really not curious at all?

That was a peak-level existence second only to the 13 Heavens. Zuo Zuo was an ultra-powerful Star Ruler who could ignore Red’s home field advantage and directly suppress Red even inside Star Realm!

It was such a powerful figure’s past, plus several people Gu Nan knew were also in that scene… Even if he was only a tiny bit curious, Zuo Zuo’s memories would flood his mind like a tidal wave.

At this moment, Zi Yi had already realized that the appearance of such an illusion probably wasn’t a coincidence. In all likelihood, someone deliberately designed this trap.

"This is the work of a dream master." Zi Yi said to Gu Nan, "Zuo Zuo rules over Nirvana Heaven, but I didn't think that he’d even have dream masters serving him…"

Gu Nan originally didn't know about special existences like dream masters, but he took the time to learn about them earlier because he was about to enter Dream World.

Only people born with the ability to use the law of dreams could become a dream master after special training.

A profession like this that had stringent requirements of both a person’s talent and training would naturally be scarce, so Zi Yi couldn’t find any dream masters to help her for the time being. She didn't expect Zuo Zuo to actually have dream masters among his subordinates.

"Nirvana Heaven?" Gu Nan, on the other hand, captured a different piece of information.

"You should’ve heard of the concept of the 36 Heavens and 72 Realms, right?"

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After hearing Gu Nan's affirmative reply, Zi Yi sighed instead. "That was the saying back in those years. Now, there are only 29 Heaven Level planes left, and Zuo Zuo’s Nirvana Heaven is one of them."

The phrase “36 Heavens and 72 Realms” had now become nothing more than a general reference. The statuses of the astral worlds were ultimately determined by the power of the Star Ruler in charge of that world.

After ten thousand years, some Heaven Level planes were eliminated from the ranks, while other Realm Level planes ascended to Heaven Level, finally stabilizing at 29 Heavens.

Gu Nan listened to Zi Yi's explanation and nodded silently. He discovered that Zuo Zuo and Red’s identity contrast didn’t seem to be what he expected.

Based on the conventional pattern, Red was the ruler of Star Realm, while Zuo Zuo should undoubtedly be the villain lurking in the dark, trying to seize her base.

But in reality… Zuo Zuo was a Star Ruler whose rank was even higher than Red.

It wasn’t so much a conspiracy to snatch away Red's base as it was an invasion—a blatant invasion that didn’t bother to hide its intention.

"So that means you and Zuo Zuo have always known each other?" Gu Nan remembered that back when he first met them inside the personal dungeon, these two actually pretended they didn’t know each other.

"Of course," Zi Yi casually admitted. "It's no secret that Zuo Zuo is in Nirvana Heaven. We all thought he had forgotten about the past, but who knew…"

In the end, the war in Star Realm involved the feud and enmity from ten thousand years ago, but Gu Nan just waved a hand.

He had absolutely no interest in the background stories of these NPCs.

"Continue," Gu Nan said.

Zi Yi originally thought he wanted her to continue talking about the secrets from ten thousand years ago, but before she could speak, Gu Nan's figure had already dashed away.

Now that the nightmare had been driven away, they naturally had to continue searching.

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"What a strange person…" Zi Yi shook her head, then also turned and ran to a different side, but she immediately paused again.

Two familiar figures were wandering around in that direction.

Ying Ge and Zi Dian!

"Found them!"


"They found them," Grandma Tu's voice rang out in another area at the same time. "Someone is attacking dream spirits. It must be them."

Dream spirit referred to the dreamer’s soul when inside Dream World. This was also a term unique to dream masters.

Dream masters had the ability to communicate with the will of Dream World, so Grandma Tu immediately sensed the abnormality.

"Then Grandma… Should we chase after them?" The second Zhao brother asked carefully from the side. Normally, the decision to chase the target wasn’t something they’d even have to think about, but the opponent this time really was a little strange.

He didn't forget that when Grandma Tu tried to check Gu Nan’s illusion, she almost fell flat on her butt.

Sure enough, Grandma Tu didn't make an immediate decision, but after hesitating for a long time, she still said, "Chase!"


This was the first time Gu Nan had fought against Ying Ge and Zi Dian. To be precise, it was only Zi Dian—although Ying Ge's strength recovered quickly, she was still a little short of Void Cutter Realm.

In front of powerful figures like Gu Nan and Zi Yi, Ying Ge might as well have no fighting strength.

However, the power Zi Dian displayed was somewhat beyond Gu Nan's expectations.

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This swordsman who’d slumbered for ten thousand years once revealed the sword intent he nurtured over ten thousand years that even Gu Nan marveled at. Unexpectedly, the current him was still just as strong.

Zi Dian stood in front of Ying Ge, wielding a single sword. As a dream spirit, he didn’t recognize Gu Nan and Zi Yi. He would only fight according to his instinct.

Without invoking any laws, the purest sword in the world slashed down instantly with amazing speed!

The purple sword light cut Gu Nan, leaving a bone-deep wound, and blood immediately splashed out.

Gu Nan paused slightly in surprise, waiting for the Evil God physique to heal the injury. Then he saw Zi Dian’s figure swiftly flying at Zi Yi.

Zi Yi was surrounded by dark purple lines. They glowed slightly, and Zi Dian’s sword immediately bounced off, but Zi Yi herself was also pushed back.

Although she was already at Star Ruler Realm, she never had an astral world of her own and had also been heavily injured by Zuo Zuo previously. At this time, she couldn’t get the upper hand when facing Zi Dian.

"So he’ll even slice his own mother when he goes crazy, tsk tsk."

When a mocking remark reached her ears, Zi Yi couldn't help turning her head to glare at Gu Nan. However, Gu Nan's figure had already disappeared.

Gu Nan had a naturally keen grasp of the battle situation. He knew what he had to do, and he knew even better that his skillset was the most suited for being an assassin!

Target, Ying Ge!

Zi Dian suddenly turned around, stabbing his sword at a place next to Ying Ge, but it was still too late. Or rather, it wasn’t too late, but Gu Nan directly ignored his attack.

Gu Nan emerged from the darkness. In order to pursue the ultimate speed, he didn't even use a sword. He stretched out his hand and directly gripped Ying Ge's neck, giving it a gentle twist.

The "crack" sound of broken bones rang out very clearly at this time, and the petite Ying Ge slowly crumpled to the ground.

Zi Dian’s sword easily pierced Gu Nan's chest, but Gu Nan just grinned, and his figure suddenly disappeared, leaving only Zi Dian and Zi Yi facing each other.

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Zi Yi’s mouth twitched slightly. She stared at the figure overflowing with sword intent in front of her and suddenly felt a little pressure.

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