Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God
Chapter 3: The Campus Beauty’s Personal Soldier King Bodyguard

After a while, Gu Nan carried the Zhang siblings to a corner.

Both of Zhang Qing’s arm joints had been shattered, and his left leg was broken by Gu Nan’s kick… Maximally limiting his combat effectiveness while ensuring that the two wouldn’t be able to run away.

“Now tell me, what’s the matter with my sister?” Gu Nan stretched out his hand to pinch Zhang Yuan’s tiny face.

Zhang Qing, who was lying beside her, burned with anger when he saw this, wishing to bite a piece of flesh off him.

“I… Actually, I also don’t know much…” Zhang Yuan sounded like she was crying, with tear stains on her face. She looked at Gu Nan cautiously, fearful that he’d be unhappy.

This wasn’t because he used her elder brother to threaten her, but because Gu Nan had already beaten her up once.

Zhang Yuan’s escape was, of course, unsuccessful. She was caught by Gu Nan and soundly beaten up until there wasn’t a single unbruised spot on her body—for a veteran player like Gu Nan, the gender of an NPC only made a small visual difference; hitting them felt the same either way.

Hearing her reply, Gu Nan suddenly glared, and Zhang Yuan was startled again. She repeatedly waved her hands. “No wait… I remembered, I remembered!”

Zhang Yuan took a deep breath and looked at her elder brother who was lying aside; she had no choice but to grit her teeth and tell him everything… ‘In any case, it’s just some basic information about Eldest Martial Sister. It’s not a big secret, right?’

What she didn’t know was that it was precisely the basic information she supplied that helped Gu Nan a great deal.

“…You mean, Gu Nian showed remarkable talent ever since she started learning martial arts a few years ago and soon became your Eldest Martial Sister, but then left without a word.”

“And the Lin Feng she’s going to marry now is the disciple who was expelled from your martial arts hall? Moreover, he had a crush on my sister back when he was studying martial arts?”

“That’s basically it…” Zhang Yuan lowered her head slightly and looked at Gu Nan from the corner of her eye. She truly told him everything she knew and only hoped that this person would stop making life difficult for them.

Gu Nan touched his chin and pondered, ‘It’s clear that there’s something wrong with this, but Gu Nian doesn’t look like someone who has fallen in love…’

As a player, once Gu Nan entered mission mode, he wouldn’t include himself in the storyline anymore. What did it matter if she was his sister? He was only interested in the storyline development now.

‘It seems that this Lin Feng person is still the root of everything… Huh, why does his name sound like the main character?’


In novels with a male protagonist, there were rules to naming the protagonist. Characters like ‘Lin’, ‘Ye’, and ‘Wang’ were all grand surnames. If such a surname was combined with names like ‘Feng’, ‘Chen’, or other homophones, then a great name would be created.

On the other hand, a lousy name like Gu Nan clearly didn’t have the fate of a protagonist.

Before this, Gu Nan didn’t go out of his way to understand the person called Lin Feng. He only knew that Lin Feng seemed to have done the Gu family a favor at some point, which was why the family even asked him to be their son-in-law. And the Gu family member whose age was most suitable for marriage was his sister Gu Nian.

When there was no use for the background story, players wouldn’t go out of their way to understand the entire background storyline. Usually, they would slowly start searching once they receive a mission.

Which is what Gu Nan is currently doing.

He ran to the archives room at home and read Lin Feng’s history from beginning to end. He was immediately startled.

This was remarkably like the template for the genre “Return of the Urban Soldier King”!

Lin Feng grew up in the mountains and started studying in the martial arts hall a few years ago. Later on, he was expelled due to some disputes and joined the army. After half a year, he was also fired from the army for contradicting his superiors, and as a result, he returned to his hometown, Feng City.

Everything spiraled out of control after his return. The company president big sister, the big-chested police beauty, and the loli campus beauty appeared one after another…… Whoops, got off track there.

In short, the number of women around Classmate Lin Feng kept on increasing. Even Gu Nian miraculously returned to her hometown and unexpectedly became the eldest daughter of a rich and affluent family who was about to marry this Lin Feng.

According to the Zhang siblings, Gu Nian was Lin Feng’s first love… No, she should be his secret crush.

Gu Nan even saw the specific cause of this wedding event in the records.

It was actually pretty simple. The Gu family’s grandpa crazily insisted on going for a walk on Mt. Wutai, and he suffered a heart attack while on the plane. Fortunately, Lin Feng was present and saved his life using the acupuncture and moxibustion[1] techniques passed down through the family.

“Not bad, not bad. He can cure a heart attack with a few needles.” Gu Nan calmly closed the dossier, but there was a sneer on his lips.

This was too much to be coincidental. Gu Nan believed that this was a big show that someone specially arranged for Lin Feng… ‘But who has so much power, and what is he plotting?’

“Still, I have to meet Lin Feng first.”


On the tranquil campus, pink cherry blossoms gently fell.

A charming girl in a school uniform walked in front. She skipped around, occasionally turning back and yelling, “Lin Feng, hurry up! Didn’t you say you were the ‘Soldier King’? Why are you walking so slowly!”

Quietly following the girl was a young man with a crew cut. He jogged to catch up to her and said helplessly, “Miss Yang, I am a bodyguard, not someone who accompanies you for a stroll.”

There was a wry smile on Lin Feng’s face. The girl in front of him was called Yang Lan, and she was said to be the prettiest girl in this university.

But Lin Feng had little interest, because he had already attracted many troublesome women in the past few months since he returned to Feng City. He was really not in the mood to attract another one.

If that old friend hadn’t entrusted him with her safety, he would never act as a bodyguard for this kind of big family’s young lady.

Sometimes not even Lin Feng himself could understand—why would so many women like him?

Yang Lan sized up Lin Feng with her beautiful big eyes and said with a giggle, “Aren’t they the same thing? Besides…”

“Be careful!”

The beautiful school flower[2] Yang Lan didn’t even get to finish her sentence when Lin Feng’s expression suddenly changed, and he pushed her down.

The instant they fell down, a small black shadow flew by above them and hit the ground beside Yang Lan, directly smashing a small hole in the ground.

Only then did the two of them see that the dark shadow was actually just a pebble that could be found anywhere.


Lin Feng’s heart sank slightly. If the other party could use a pebble to this effect, then they must be a concealed weapons expert. And for bodyguards, such opponents were often the most annoying type of people.

‘If the other party keeps hiding in the dark, then Yang Lan will be in danger!’ Lin Feng looked around vigilantly and was about to say something to bait the other party into showing himself, but instead, he saw a figure slowly walking out in front of him.

‘Eh? To think he actually walked out like this…’

Gu Nan didn’t know Lin Feng’s thoughts. He didn’t know how to use any concealed weapons. The reason that the thrown pebble exhibited such force was entirely due to his great physical strength and had nothing to do with skill.

The physique of a Tier 2 Evil God was completely superior to that of human beings.

“Second Brother Gu?” Yang Lan couldn’t help exclaiming after seeing Gu Nan.

Gu Nan was startled slightly and rubbed his nose helplessly. He didn’t inherit much of his predecessor’s memory, and he certainly didn’t expect that the protected campus beauty would actually recognize him.

But this also didn’t change anything. After all, he came here for the campus beauty’s personal soldier king bodyguard.


[1] Moxibustion: In easter medicine, it is the burning of moxa near or on the patient’s body to act as a counterirritant.

[2] School flower: campus beauty; prettiest girl in the school

Chapter 3: The Campus Beauty’s Personal Soldier King Bodyguard
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