Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God
Chapter 31: The Legendary Bug

In fact, Tang You hadn’t actually seen Prodigious Realm cultivators attack before. Not every organization was as large as Radiant Tower. Among the ordinary organizations, Prodigious Realm individuals were already aloof and remote existences, so they rarely made any public appearances.

However, this didn’t affect her confidence in Elder Wen, because this young elder named Wen Changfeng ranked quite high among all the other elders.

Gu Nan gradually stood up amidst the ruins in the distance and stared at his opponents with a dangerous glint in his eyes.

‘Air pressure? As expected, the so-called Prodigious Realm cultivators are nothing more than Tier 3 Evil Gods......’ Gu Nan’s expression remained unchanged, but he was smiling coldly in his heart.

With the Observer Eyepiece, he had already noticed the change before he was blasted away and clearly saw what just happened.

When he was only half a step away from Tang You, the air in front of him suddenly became highly compressed, and the strong pressure was like a heavy punch, which sent him flying.

‘This Elder Wen should be someone with an ability related to air, but he clearly just entered Tier 3, and his control over his core skills is still very weak.

‘Otherwise, he could’ve simply detonated the high air pressure inside my body and blown me to pieces.’

It wasn’t like he couldn’t collect any data at all from Prodigious Realm cultivators. Gu Nan noticed a long time ago that Prodigious Realm cultivators were very similar to Tier 3 players in his previous life’s game.

Starting from the Prodigious Realm, martial artists began to be called “cultivators” and would awaken their own attributes, as well as the corresponding “innate ability." For example, Elder Wen’s skill “Air Explosion” was a kind of “innate ability."

This was extremely similar to how Evil God players could gradually learn skills starting from Tier 3.

"Oh? Still not dead?"

Elder Wen was wearing a blue shirt, but he had a big face with sideburns. Coupled with his western-style tone of voice from Star Realm, he didn’t seem to fit in Immortal Demon World.

But Gu Nan was not in the mood to consider this, because he had already felt an astonishing amount of killing intent.

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Elder Wen was so fast that he appeared in front of Gu Nan almost in the blink of an eye. He casually stretched out a hand and instantly locked the air around Gu Nan.

Gu Nan had the urge to roll his eyes. ‘It’s way too easy for ability users who control the air to bully those who have lower levels than them… Fortunately, I had good foresight a long time ago.’

The dark golden earring on his right ear flashed a faint light, and Gu Nan turned into a ball of shadows and quickly fled.

Wen Changfeng was truly surprised now. He said strangely, "Rudimentary innate ability? To think that you were able to comprehend your innate ability to such a degree with your mere Innate Realm Fourth Stage cultivation."

When she heard this, Tang You's eyes behind him couldn't help flickering. "So he’s only at Innate Realm Fourth Stage......"

But after seeing that ball of shadows, she really didn't think she could win anymore. There would always be some geniuses who could make people speechless in this world. This Gu Nan was obviously that person.

Him being able to comprehend a rudimentary form of his innate ability meant that he was only half a step away from Prodigious Realm. What he lacked was nothing more than to further accumulate his cultivation.

If Gu Nan knew their thoughts, he would definitely laugh.

His skill wasn’t any sort of rudimentary innate ability. Instead, it was a genuine core skill, which was the equivalent of a Prodigious Realm cultivator’s innate ability, except that he relied on a piece of equipment to acquire this skill.

"Can you escape even if you have a rudimentary innate ability?" Wen Changfeng’s expression calmed down, and he spoke with a small smile.

In the next moment, Elder Wen's figure suddenly soared and started floating in midair, then quickly shot forth in a certain direction.

Gu Nan, who was lurking on the ground, became dumbfounded. He actually forgot the most annoying thing about air ability users—by controlling the air pressure, they could fly quickly even when they were only Tier 3.

Gu Nan's brow wrinkled. He knew that the other party was conducting a carpet search, constantly swooping down at low altitudes as he quickly investigated the surroundings.

His movement speed wasn’t fast when using Hidden Shadow, which was an obvious disadvantage. If it went on like this, the other party would find him sooner or later...…

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‘I can only try that… I hope it still works the same here as it did in the game.’ Gu Nan kept thinking about countermeasures in his mind, but ultimately found that he could only take a gamble.

The gap between Tier 2 and Tier 3 was really big, especially when the enemy also possessed such a special ability.

Even if he used all 450 points in his hand right now, there was no equipment that could help him turn the tide, be it a necklace or defensive equipment.

Since the power within the scope of the system didn’t work, Gu Nan had no choice but to use some methods unique to players, such as—triggering a bug.

The Four Element Crossbow was very famous in the game not only because it was powerful, but also because it produced several famous bugs, one of which was...…


A teal arrow came from below, but Wen Changfeng shook his head slightly. ‘This young man is still too impatient… Although the result won’t be any different.’

He casually set off another air explosion with a wave of his hand, shattering the wind arrow. Wen Changfeng’s figure quickly rushed down and appeared in front of Gu Nan in the blink of an eye.

"You still won’t admit defeat?" Wen Changfeng looked at Gu Nan with a calm smile.

In any case, he couldn’t truly kill the other party. If Gu Nan was receptive to it, he didn’t mind being friends with him.

As long as the other party obediently left this plane, their mission wouldn’t be affected anymore. Plus, he could also become friends with a genius who could already comprehend rudimentary innate ability even at Innate Realm Fourth Stage. What could he have against that?

Gu Nan sensed the air around him rapidly solidify, and his movements became more and more difficult; he couldn't even turn his head.

He simply looked straight ahead and said, "See my crossbow? It can create explosive arrows."

Wen Changfeng couldn't help but laugh involuntarily. "The air pressure around you right now has already exceeded 20 standard units. No explosive can exist stably under these conditions unless you can create one out of thin air......"

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Before his words even finished, a terrifying explosion sounded, and Wen Changfeng was blasted away.

Poor Elder Wen’s face was full of bewilderment, and he couldn't understand what happened at all. However, he saw a figure breaking out of the smoke. It was Gu Nan, who had ripped through the high air pressure.

Gu Nan was also affected by the explosion, but his Evil God physique was extremely strong, so why would he care about this minor injury?

A sneer appeared at the corner of Gu Nan’s mouth. Wen Changfeng instantly sensed the simultaneous appearance of over ten energy spots.

‘Not good.’

He tried to remove the high air pressure, but it was already too late.

A far more terrifying explosion occurred, which affected even Tang You, who was standing in the distance. The huge shockwave lifted her up, and she fell heavily to the ground.

But Tang You didn’t have time to worry about that. She hurriedly climbed up from the ground and rushed to the center of the explosion.

"Elder Wen, Elder Wen!"

Cough! Cough cough…

"I'm fine." Wen Changfeng's voice came from the front.

Tang You sighed in relief, then hurriedly came forward to help Wen Changfeng up.

“But Gu Nan’s figure disappeared… Has he been blown to smithereens?”

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"He escaped." Elder Wen showed a bitter smile. "It was a miscalculation on my part… but this boy really has a lot of skill. He can create inexplicable explosions and has a physique that won’t die even after enduring this kind of explosion......"

Wen Changfeng stood up and dusted his body. He said quietly, "Have headquarters strengthen its guard. I think this Gu Nan… will reappear in front of us very soon."

Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God Chapter 31: The Legendary Bug
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