Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God
Chapter 34: Returning To Langya World

The content of Qin Xuanji's deal was still beyond Gu Nan's expectations.

"Radiant Tower is only a semi-open organization. It’s by no means a good place for a fated one like you." Qin Xuanji curbed her smile and said in a low voice, "If you help me leave this place, I’ll teach you how to become a solo reincarnator."

"What are the benefits and restrictions of solo reincarnation? And what’s a fated one?" Gu Nan frowned. "You know that Radiant Tower’s database doesn’t cover these topics."

Qin Xuanji nodded. "Of course. Radiant Tower only needs its members to complete missions. They will never give extra information."

"To explain, we must first start with the concept of reincarnation."

"In the beginning, reincarnation wasn’t spontaneously carried out by cultivators. Instead, cultivators would be called away by the will of other worlds, traveling to different planes to complete missions......"

"The world provides the reincarnator with a body, and the reincarnator takes on the identity of a native of that world. The reincarnator’s mission is to erase some kind of anomaly for the world’s will."

"In this process, the reincarnator uses their real name as a core characteristic, which serves as proof that the reincarnator retained their ‘self.’ At the same time, they must fulfill a wish for the previous owner of the body as the price for possessing that body."

As Qin Xuanji's narrative unfolded, a set of strange and self-contained laws of reincarnation was presented to Gu Nan.

"So this is what it means to settle your karma?" Gu Nan felt that the mystery surrounding reincarnation seemed to lessen.

"That’s right." The corners of Qin Xuanji's mouth curled slightly, and she continued with a hint of mockery, "Not many people understand this nowadays. They interpret karma literally and still believe that one’s heart demon is responsible."

"How can heart demons exist in this world? If you don’t settle your karma, you’ll naturally be punished by the will of the world. It’s just that the punishment will manifest in that particular way."

“As for the fated ones, they are people favored by many worlds’ wills. They will receive additional rewards from the world itself upon completing missions.”

Only such people would be keen to complete the missions themselves. Others would simply try to obtain some benefits during the missions.

‘One’s real name is proof, while karma is the price......’ Gu Nan felt that this world’s style became slightly magical.

People like Ye Chong and Lin Ruo were merely the outermost members of Radiant Tower. Naturally, they wouldn’t understand the true nature of karma, and someone at the top may have even deliberately misguided them.

‘It’s just that......Qin Xuanji actually knows so much about this?’

Gu Nan couldn't help but stare at her.

As if understanding Gu Nan’s thoughts, Qin Xuanji explained with a blank expression on her face, "We bloodline users have our own inheritance, and our knowledge comes from our bloodline."

Gu Nan coughed lightly and said without any embarrassment at all, "I didn't ask you about that… Speaking of which, do you want to leave Radiant Tower that much?"

"Of course." Qin Xuanji’s tone seemed to ask ‘Are you stupid?’ The gaze that she directed at Gu Nan contained some hidden bitterness.

It wasn’t hard to leave Radiant Tower. Members were allowed to leave the organization as long as they completed a single round (five times) of missions, and Radiant Tower didn’t even restrict members from publicizing what they had seen and heard inside Radiant Tower. Everything was up to the former member.

Qin Xuanji originally thought that because both she and Gu Nan were kidnapped to Radiant Tower, Gu Nan would definitely want to find a way to leave as well. Unexpectedly, he wasn’t in a hurry at all......

With no other alternatives, she could only make the first move. After all, if she wanted to complete missions quickly, she still had to rely on this “fated one.”

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Each fated person would have their own special ability with respect to completing missions. Qin Xuanji naturally attributed Gu Nan's strangeness to his identity as a fated one.

Gu Nan was very satisfied with the information Qin Xuanji provided, so he "reluctantly" agreed to her deal.

His strength really progessed too fast. Based on his current progress, he would enter the Prodigious Realm in a few months, which was equivalent to Tier 3 in the Evil God system.

If he remained inside Radiant Tower, he would be too conspicuous and would easily attract the attention of certain people.

It would be too naive to believe that Radiant Tower was a benevolent organization just because it didn’t restrict its members too much.

"Alright, let's talk about your private mission first." Gu Nan still remembered this. He didn’t know whether there would be a reward for private missions, but he still had to try.

"That’s fine with me. I’ll tell you a relatively simple reincarnation method first. Treat it as an advance payment."


A few moments later, the two people’s figures appeared in a small plane that was both familiar and unfamiliar to Gu Nan.

"This is… Langya World?" Gu Nan looked at the somewhat familiar environment around him and asked in confusion.

"Yes." Qin Xuanji simply nodded. "I still have karma over here that hasn't been settled yet, and it has already evolved into a mission."

‘Karma will evolve into missions?’ Gu Nan obtained some more information. ‘Maybe this is the origin of private missions.’

In fact, Gu Nan was still very unfamiliar with Langya World.

This was a plane that was somewhat similar to Earth, yet at the same time also very different. Similar to Earth, it had an outstanding level of technology, but it also contained the existence of martial artists, as well as special powers.

Qin Xuanji continued, "Our mission this time is......"

"To kill a person called 'Yan Fei'?" Gu Nan casually finished for her.

As soon as he accepted the external mission, the content of the mission had already appeared in his Evil God Temple:


「Main Mission: Kill Yan Fei

Mission Reward: Small」


"Sure is nice to be a fated one." Qin Xuanji resisted the urge to roll her eyes and sighed somewhat sourly. Even her identity as a bloodline user seemed to pale in comparison to the advantages that fated ones possessed.

"We reincarnated with our entire souls this time, so we should resolve this battle in the shortest time possible to reduce the risks… By the way, that body of yours may still have unsettled karma," Qin Xuanji said after a pause.

At the beginning, she and Gu Nan ascended to Star Realm using their own bodies, so this time, they naturally returned to this world by possessing other people’s bodies.

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Qin Xuanji’s body was that of an ordinary young girl she had prepared a long time ago, while the one Gu Nan possessed was merely a companion she found in a hurry.

Gu Nan carefully checked his body’s memory and found that there really was a wish that needed to be fulfilled.

This body was originally named Wang Sheng. He came from a poor family in the nearby mountains and had just turned 16 this year. He was sold by human traffickers 11 years ago.

His adoptive parents were unable to have children, so they spent money to buy a child and treated him as if he were their own. His living conditions couldn’t have been better. Therefore, Wang Sheng's wish was not revenge, but to find his biological parents.

"This kind of wish is the most troublesome, and his obsession just happens to be very deep, so the wish must be fulfilled." Qin Xuanji frowned slightly, lamenting at Gu Nan's bad luck.

This type of karma, which required the reincarnator to search for a target, would waste a lot of time. Unfortunately, they just happened to reincarnate with their entire souls, so time was the one thing they lacked the most.

Reincarnating with the entire soul was all about recovering strength quickly and resolving the battle in the shortest time possible, because the soul being away for too long would inevitably have an effect on their real bodies.

"Is that so?" Gu Nan rubbed his nose and smiled. "Let's go straight to Yan Fei."

"Eh… Don't you want to settle your karma first?" Qin Xuanji looked at Gu Nan in astonishment.

Gu Nan's eyes flickered with curiosity. "It's alright. It just so happens that I want to see what karma is like."

Devotee's Game System Inspired Note

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MC's Status Information

Name: Gu Nan

Current Location: Radiant Tower’s branch office on Ruby Fish Star’s sixth asteroid belt

Current Soul Location: Langya World

Status: ⟪ Evil God ⟫

Advancement Direction: Agility Type

Current Evil God Rank: Tier 2

Equivalent/Current Martial Art: External Kung Fu - Innate Realm Fourth Stage

Current Evil God Temple Quest:

Main Mission Objective/s:

-— Eliminate the six demonic factions. - External Source

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Status: On Going

-— Kill Yan Fei - External Source

Status: On Going

Side Quest Objective:

-— Kill the six demonic factions Innate Realm and above cultivators. - External Source

Status: On Going

Current Evil Points: 800

Overall Evil Points: 1875, Overall Evil Value: 35

Exclusive Skills Acquired:

Deceitful Steps. [ Passive Ability ] 「Movement Speed increased by 30%. Attack Speed increased by 50%」

Power of Shadows. [ LVL 1 ] 「Allows the players to activate the skill “Hidden Shadows”.」

Hidden Shadows. 「The power to manipulate shadows to a fine degree.」

Equipment being worn


-— None.


-— Four Element Crossbow. 「A Tier 2 crossbow weapon that can generate four types of elemental arrows—earth, water, wind, and fire—based on the user’s needs and does not need to load arrows.」

Accessories - Facial Accessories, Necklace, Earrings

-— Observer Eyepiece. 「An eyepiece that have a fixed Tier 2 magic 'Insight' inscribe in it.」

-— Dragon Heart Pendant. 「Allows players to activate the skill “Dragon Power”. This skill cannot be upgraded」

-— Shadow Earrings. 「Skill 'Power of Shadows' LVL +1」

Equipment Skills Acquired:

-— Insight. 「Ability to obtain high-precision data analysis when looking at people or objects.」

-— Dragon Power. 「Greatly enhances the player’s strength and physique. Duration: 5 seconds. Cooldown: 5 minutes」

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Item/s owned:

→ None.

Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God Chapter 34: Returning To Langya World
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