Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God
Chapter 37: Crushed

Using the “head changing technique” twice made Qin Xuanji’s face turn pale. It clearly consumed a lot of her energy.

She believed that Yan Fei’s resurrection divine art certainly couldn’t be used indefinitely, but it was hard for her to injure the other party unless she relied on her bloodline.

If the battle ultimately dragged on into a war of attrition, then the other party would certainly have the advantage—after all, this was Yan Fei’s castle!

Right now, Qin Xuanji was glad that she had called a helper. Moreover, it was a helper that could receive rewards from the world itself, so it didn’t require her to pay a high price.

“You still won’t attack?” Qin Xuanji turned around and shouted lightly.

Yan Fei’s movements suddenly stopped. Even his scarlet runes paused in their flickering. His gaze swept the area behind Qin Xuanji a few times.

After a long time, there was still no movement. Only then did Yan Fei regain his calm. His smile, which stated that everything was within his control, also returned to his face.

“Trying to trick me? Heh, it’s useless to stall for time!” Yan Fei said in a cold voice.

Yan Fei was already a god’s apostle, so killing one bloodline user actually wouldn’t bring him any substantial benefits, but… it was cathartic!

The winner of those years was now going to die inside his stronghold, all her techniques neutralized by him.

“Is that so…”

The voice that contained a light smile traveled over. Yan Fei’s expression instantly froze, because he suddenly found that this voice was actually coming from behind him!

‘How is that possible?!’

It was already inconceivable that someone could sneak into the top floor of his castle undetected, but how could a person possibly sneak behind him!?

And Qin Xuanji also looked shocked. She hadn’t actually seen Gu Nan attack before, but when she finally saw it, what greeted her was an incomparably strange scene.

Behind him, a pitch-black hand slowly appeared from Yan Fei’s shadow. The hand held a shadow dagger, which gently stabbed Yan Fei’s heart.

The sound of a sharp blade entering flesh came, and Yan Fei was instantly deprived of his life. He never saw the enemy’s face, even until his death.

Almost at the same time when he fell down, his body turned into blood and sank into the ground. Another Yan Fei revived.

This time, Yan Fei’s expression was livid. He watched his surroundings with rapt attention. His nerves remained in a highly tense state, but his words didn’t stop, “What’s so good about sneak attacks? If you have the ability, then…”

Another dagger stabbed him in the chest, and Student Yan Fei collapsed again.

This time, Yan Fei’s body condensed faster, and his expression was also uglier. He no longer had any time to trash talk. All his energy was used to guard against Gu Nan’s attack, which could appear at any time.

The dagger made of shadows once again rose from behind Yan Fei. This time, the latter reacted with lightning speed. A short knife appeared in his hand, slashing the area behind him.

Yan Fei was actually very strong. He was already half a bloodline user to begin with, so his physique was powerful. In addition, he was also a martial arts expert and a god’s apostle…

This was equivalent to being strengthened by three different power systems. If Qin Xuanji didn’t use her bloodline powers, she might not be able to beat him.

Unfortunately, his opponent was Gu Nan.

Gu Nan’s base strength was already between Innate Realm’s Fourth and Fifth Stage. With the addition of the Evil God physique, his agility, and the existence of bug skills like the “Power of Shadows,” he could even crush peak Innate Realm fighters.

Of course, the peak Innate Realm natives from the Immortal Demon World couldn’t be compared with experts such as Yan Fei at all.

Yan Fei’s slash directly severed the shadow blade that Gu Nan made. He started to smile, but immediately stopped.

‘No one! There’s no one behind me!’

Yan Fei felt cold sweat gather on his forehead. ‘There’s no such thing as ghosts in this world… right? That should be the case?’

The instant he became distracted, another pitch-black dagger appeared behind him!

Yan Fei, who was extremely tense, reacted even faster than the first time. He immediately cut the dagger in half, but it didn’t help his situation much.

He can cut the dagger apart once or twice, but can he cut it ten or twenty times?

For Gu Nan, manipulating Hidden Shadows to stick to the enemy’s back like this was the most basic of all basic skills—it wasn’t difficult at all.

It’s just like how in other virtual reality games, players with high agility classes can always stay behind the enemy, and this skill was often used to bully newbie players and look cool.

But Yan Fei was completely dumbfounded. This world’s battles paid more attention to the attacks themselves and seldom touched upon this kind of dazzling fighting style that relied on pure skill.

So when Gu Nan’s attacks increased in frequency, Yan Fei finally found it difficult to parry. He was stabbed firmly through the heart once again and died.

Qin Xuanji, who was watching from the sidelines, was stupefied. She had never seen such a weird fighting style before.

Gu Nan never showed himself from beginning to end. Yan Fei looked like he was fighting with shadows the whole time. He didn’t even know how to attack the other party, so how could he fight back?

Qin Xuanji concluded that without launching a sneak attack using her bloodline, even she herself would be unable to fight back in this situation.

No matter how powerful the Heaven Devouring Python is, it still can’t swallow shadows—the shadows have already touched upon a power involving the laws of this world.

When Yan Fei appeared again, he’d already learned his lesson. The puddle of blood appeared on the wall in the distance. As soon as he condensed, he immediately adhered to the wall.

He failed to see through the essence of Gu Nan’s methods and still believed that it was some kind of spell involving the law of cause and effect. For example, bloodline users had a kind of magic with similar effects.

In order to neutralize this kind of spell, one must find a way to destroy the prerequisite conditions needed to cast the spell.

Gu Nan, who was hidden in the dark, couldn’t help laughing. Yan Fei’s actions were naturally useless. It wasn’t like sticking to the wall would get rid of his shadow. Moreover, the “Power of Shadows” didn’t actually require shadows to begin with.

However, since the other party limited himself like this, Gu Nan had better ways to deal with him.

In the dark, a ball of dark shadow difficult to discern with the naked eye came to Qin Xuanji’s side, and Gu Nan’s figure slowly walked out of it.

He wore pitch-black skintight clothing with a monocle on his face. There was also an earring on his right ear, which flickered with a lavender light. His entire person looked very eerie.

Yan Fei finally saw the enemy’s true face and hurriedly spoke, “What form of address does Your Excellency prefer? This humble one is willing to pay double the price that Qin Xuanji gave!”

Gu Nan smiled but didn’t speak. He simply raised his hand and shot an arrow.


‘You don’t even have a mission……’

He was willing to help Qin Xuanji only because he had both the rewards from the mission itself and also the tempting information regarding solo reincarnators. It was precisely because Qin Xuanji knew this that she could rest assured about bringing him here.

The teal arrow directly entered Yan Fei’s throat at a speed invisible to the naked eye. Yan Fei didn’t even have time to dodge.

Once again, he resurrected himself through blood, and the revival speed also became faster, but the ball of blood was smaller than before. Clearly, Yan Fei was at the end of his rope.

As soon as Yan Fei’s figure reappeared, Gu Nan instantly killed him off again with another arrow.

As the number of resurrections increased, it was obvious that all of Yan Fei’s stats were also declining. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so weak.

Yan Fei gnashed his teeth, almost breaking them. The other party didn’t communicate with him at all and was completely bent on taking his life. ‘However, the enemy’s methods just happen to be incomparably strange, completely suppressing me…’

“In that case, let’s die together!”

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Chapter 37: Crushed
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