Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God
Chapter 40: Because I’m Happy

Gu Nan and Bai Luoluo could be considered old acquaintances. Back then, they ascended from Langya World together and talked about a lot of things along the way.

Later, Gu Nan was kidnapped to Radiant Tower, but Bai Luoluo seemed to be fine and smoothly arrived at Ruby Fish Star. However, it was obvious that her current situation wasn’t very good.

Lu Xinyu’s expression turned ugly when she saw Bai Luoluo’s state.

“This is… Did someone forcibly destroy her Heart of Dao?” Before Lu Xinyu could speak, her young sister, who had been standing beside her, couldn’t help exclaiming.

Gu Xingzhu clearly didn’t recognize this person and looked at Lu Xinyu suspiciously.

“My younger sister, Lu Zhanyu.”

Only then did Gu Xingzhu’s expression clear up. She knew that Lu Xinyu’s entire family were all expert researchers of the Pure Heart Dao, so if she had a younger sister, then the sister would likely also specialize in this.

She hurriedly explained the situation to the two.

“This girl is called Bai Luoluo. Eldest Miss brought her from a smaller plane. Her talent is very good, and she has a pure mind. Eldest Miss originally wanted her to cultivate the Pure Heart Dao, but…”

Here, she smiled a little at Gu Nian’s misfortune. “You also know that Eldest Miss is in charge of half the Gu family right now. She recently dealt with an organization, but she used some… despicable methods.”

Lu Xinyu frowned. She understood her friend Gu Nian pretty well. Despite being a woman, Gu Nian was able to become the heir of a major family like the Gu family. Of course her methods wouldn’t be too clean.

She wanted Bai Luoluo to cultivate the Pure Heart Dao, but Bai Luoluo discovered this other side of Gu Nian… This destroyed Bai Luoluo’s three views[1].

The so-called Pure Heart Dao was one of the “children’s techniques.” It was especially used to train innocent and naive children who weren’t familiar with how the world worked. These children would maintain a pure heart in order to rapidly increase their strength.

When their strength reached a certain level, they would be released into the world to continue their cultivation, gathering their worldly and materialistic heart step by step.

This wasn’t usually considered a dangerous path. Many forces used this, but accidents would always happen.

Bai Luoluo’s situation was one of those accidents. Originally, she thought of Gu Nian as her life mentor—an immortal fairy who was untouched by the dust of the mortal world—but the result was…

“What did Gu Nian do this time?”

“She killed an entire family and kidnapped the wife and daughter, after which she personally chopped them into pieces and fed them to the dogs.” Gu Xingzhu shrugged. “This little girl just happened to see it.”

Lu Xinyu’s frown deepened. She thought for a moment. “Go outside first. Let me talk to her.”

Her younger sister, Lu Zhanyu, also knew that this “medical case” was truly difficult, so she followed Gu Xingzhu outside without another word.

The two waited by the door for a long time. They listened as the words inside the cabin changed from a monologue to a conversation. The voices went from soft to loud, but finally, everything fell silent again.

Lu Xinyu finally opened the door and walked out with exhaustion written all over her face. She shook her head gently. “There’s nothing I can do either. She… Where is she?!”

Lu Xinyu turned around in the middle of her sentence and found that Bai Luoluo had actually disappeared.



“Let go of me! Let go! Who the hell are you?!”

“You can’t even recognize me? That really saddens me…” Gu Nan threw Bai Luoluo to the ground and lightly shook his head.

Bai Luoluo had always been carried by him while they were running, so she only saw his face just now. “Y-You’re Gu Nan?”

“Who else would I be? How about it—do you know Gu Nian’s true face now?” Gu Nan grinned. “I told you that she isn’t a good person…”

“Wait, when did you tell me that?” Bai Luoluo’s thoughts were interrupted by his words. She couldn’t restrain her melancholy anymore and hurriedly interrupted him.

“Hmm? I didn’t?” Gu Nan looked surprised. “No matter. I’m saying it now. I’m telling you…”

“Alright, Gu Nan.” Bai Luoluo interrupted again. She no longer looked interested now, and her expression returned to a depressed one.

“I know you want to console me… But this is my problem, my inner demon…”

Gu Nan couldn’t stop himself from rolling his eyes. He didn’t have the energy to even ridicule little brats like her with Eighth Grade Syndrome.

In fact, he didn’t actually want to meddle in this business. After all, he and Bai Luoluo were merely acquaintances, so he was too lazy to deal with such a troublesome matter.

But just when he was in front of the cabin and was about to take a look, a message suddenly came from the Evil God Temple.

「Evil Event triggered: Bai Luoluo’s Blackening」

Gu Nan’s jaw dropped on the spot. The long-awaited Evil Event actually appeared in this form, and with such a “no bottom line” content!

‘From Yan Xiaoxiao to Bai Luoluo, the same loli blackening subject matter… Evil God Temple, do you have a special fondness for lolis with repeated characters in their names?!’

But roasts were just roasts. Nevertheless, the reward still had to be obtained…

“Follow me,” Gu Nan spoke with a cold expression when he thought of that.



A while later, Gu Nan took Bai Luoluo to the slums.

Children with yellow faces and emaciated bodies were everywhere, as well as women with heavy makeup. Everything was in line with ordinary people’s imagination of such a place.

A woman with slightly beautiful makeup came over and approached Gu Nan. “Sir, do you want to…”

“No, f**k off.”

“F**k! Why so…” The woman had never seen such a coarse response like Gu Nan’s, so she cursed as she turned around.

Without another word, Gu Nan directly grabbed her hair and smashed her head onto the ground.

After five or six times, accompanied by shrill screams, the woman’s forehead was full of blood, and she kept apologizing and begging for mercy.

Gu Nan threw her aside and turned to ask Bai Luoluo, “Do you know why I hit her?”

Bai Luoluo seemed as though she couldn’t bear to look at the scene. She hesitantly answered, “Because she cursed at you?”

“No.” Gu Nan shook his head and spoke to another woman nearby. “You, come here.”

This woman was much older, and her makeup was heavier. When she heard Gu Nan’s order, she trembled a little and forced herself to come over with a smile. “Sir…”

This time, Gu Nan didn’t even say anything as he grabbed her hair and smashed her face into the ground.

Afterwards, he asked Bai Luoluo again, “Do you know why I hit them?”

“I don’t know… Why?”

“Because I’m happy!”

Gu Nan looked as though this was proper and to be expected. He then patted the little loli on the shoulder. “As one of the strong, what you want to do to others only depends on your own needs—it has nothing to do with the other party. Do you understand?”

A cold wind blew. The two innocent prostitutes who suffered from a random beating had fled a long time ago, leaving Bai Luoluo alone in a daze, while Gu Nan stood beside her.

“If you don’t understand, then go back and think about it… Now take me to see Gu Nian.”



“What did you say? Bai Luoluo has already returned?”

Gu Xingzhu sent people to search around the area for a long time, but there was still no sign of Bai Luoluo. With no other alternative, she could only take the Lu sisters to the Gu residence first.

But as soon as she got home, she heard the unexpected news that Bai Luoluo had already returned.

“Eldest Miss should still be in the conference… Then did Bai Luoluo return by herself? This little girl has even learned how to run away now!” Gu Xingzhu said angrily. She had basically wasted her time running around for half a day.

The Gu family’s butler, a middle-aged man with an elegant temperament, gave a bitter and helpless smile. “Sixth Miss, you misunderstood… Miss Bai Luoluo was brought back by someone.”

“Oh, who did that?” This time, Gu Xingzhu wasn’t the only person who looked curious. Even Lu Xinyu couldn’t help looking over.

After all, Bai Luoluo had disappeared under her watch. She really wanted to know what happened.

“It’s this sir, Gu Nan.” The butler pointed towards the lobby.

There was a young man sitting quietly with a cup of green tea in his hand. His expression was unhurried, and he leisurely took a sip. He had the aura of a mysterious expert.

“Bah! What kind of lousy tea is this? So bitter… What’s-your-face, get me two cubes of sugar.”

Notes:[1] Three views: One’s worldview, values of worth, and philosophy on life

Chapter 40: Because I’m Happy
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