Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God
Chapter 47: Azure Dragon Hall, Bait

What price was Lin Jun willing to pay?

‘Normally speaking, for the sake of the common people in the world, not even serving the demon with my body is out of the question. Goddess Sect also has such a tradition, but… How can you ask so directly?’

Lin Jun couldn’t stop herself from giving Gu Nan a bitter glare.

‘If he followed the rules of the righteous path and made his allegiance clear, then he and I can live and spend the night together, both returning to the righteous path. That can still be regarded as a good story, and even Mo Wusheng and the others would only be able to sigh in response……’

But she didn’t know that Gu Nan was just casually flirting while trying to see if he could trigger any “missions” here. He wasn’t actually interested in her.

So when Lin Jun hesitated, Gu Nan immediately smiled and said, “Looks like Fairy can’t give me the price I want. Then I’ll take my leave now.”

As his voice fell, his figure immediately turned into a dark shadow and quietly left.



A moment later, Gu Nan’s figure reappeared outside the courtyard.

“So Teacher likes Goddess Sect’s big-chested fairies?” Yan Xiaoxiao stood beside him and muttered in a very soft voice.

Gu Nan’s expression darkened, and he said unhappily, “What are you muttering about? Go and memorize the list of names here and burn it tomorrow morning. Don’t miss a single name!”

“Teacher, what’s this?” Yan Xiaoxiao giggled playfully, looking a little frivolous. She didn’t seem like her hands were stained with blood at all, but in reality, she was a murderer who had slaughtered tens of thousands of people.

“A list of people who view the demonic path as their most hated enemy.” Gu Nan had a strange smile on his face. “War is hell for the weak, but heaven for the strong.”

“Gather these people together, and you can build an assassin organization spanning the three provinces in a short time. It will become the sharpest sword in your hand.”

“A real assassin is completely unscrupulous when killing, willing to commit all manners of crimes. Framing someone with planted evidence, shifting blame onto others, political strife, moral coercion, blackmail… Killing people with your own hands is merely the lowest of methods.”



The turmoil in Immortal Demon World continued on. The confrontation between the righteous and demonic paths became more and more intense, and even the mortal countries became fully involved in the war.

In such a situation enveloped in the flames of war, an assassin organization called “Azure Dragon Hall” was quietly but abruptly emerging.

Experts who harbored resentment towards the demonic path or had close relatives die in the chaos of war were deliberately recruited and taught assassination methods. These kinds of experts were extremely hostile to the demonic path.

Thus, starting from the South Central Region and going along the three provinces in the Taixu Mountain Range, demonic path experts were constantly assassinated.

Because these assassinations were mixed into the chaos of war, they didn’t attract much attention. After all, countless experts from both sides died every day. Who had time to verify them one by one?

West of the South Central Region, the existence of a small villa was incompatible with these troubled times.

The villa possessed a tranquility that was rarely seen in the outside world. The wind and snow blew, accumulating a layer of white frost at the gate of the manor.

The soft sound of hoofbeats approached under the night sky. A carriage entered the villa, and a young man in white descended from the carriage.

He returned on a snowy night.

The young man slowly walked into the small villa, taking off the silver cloak behind him and handing it to the maid beside him. “Where’s your family’s Miss?”

“Answering Gentleman, Miss is discussing business in the inner hall.”

The young man nodded gently and without a word, he walked towards the inner courtyard. He soon arrived in the inner hall, where a young woman with a serene expression was talking to a middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man had a tough and stocky build. One could tell at first glance that he was someone with high martial arts attainments. However, a man in front of the lady who seemed to be from a noble and wealthy family, lowered his eyes and repeatedly agreed with her.

The title of “Hall Master” could be vaguely heard from his words.

When the girl saw the young man’s arrival, she waved her hand. “That’s all for today. In the evening, have someone send over the list of names for these ten days.”

“Yes, Hall Master.” The middle-aged man quickly bowed, then gave the young man a slight nod as he retired from the inner hall.

“Teacher.” After the middle-aged man left, the young lady finally showed a relieved smile, as though a weight had been lifted off her mind. She grabbed the young man’s hand and said, “While Teacher was traveling alone outside, free and unfettered, Xiaoxiao was here working hard.”

The young man rolled his eyes. “I just told you to restrain your murderous spirit. I didn’t tell you to actually think of yourself as the daughter of a noble family. There’s no need to talk like this.”

These two were naturally Yan Xiaoxiao and Gu Nan.

Ever since Gu Nan told her, “Your killing intent is so strong that you just lack the words ‘I’m a killer’ on your forehead,” Yan Xiaoxiao began to “put down the butcher’s knife” and properly carry out her role as the daughter of an affluent family. At the same time, she carried out her role as the head of an assassin organization.

Yan Xiaoxiao was indeed a natural-born killer. She hadn’t unsheathed her sword for nearly a month now, but Gu Nan knew that the next time she pulled out her sword, her strength would only be greater than before.

Faced with Gu Nan’s chiding, Yan Xiaoxiao didn’t take it to heart. She ran behind him and massaged his shoulder, smiling lightly. “Teacher came back so soon this time. Did you have any gains?”

Gu Nan narrowed his eyes and enjoyed the massage for a while. He nodded slowly. “That’s right. After this, I just have to wait patiently……”

“There are no accidents on Du Mian’s side, right?” He asked after a pause.

“Everything is normal.” Yan Xiaoxiao covered her mouth as she gave a small smile, but her eyes were a little cold. “In accordance with Teacher’s instructions, I cut the tendons in his wrists and ankles everyday.”

“Good, take me to see him.”



In the dark dungeon, the two walked all the way to the deepest place. Du Mian, the “Young Demon Lord” who was full of mettle back then, was now covered with scars. His hands and feet were nailed to the wall.

“Gu Nan…… Kill me if you can, or else you’ll definitely regret it!” Du Mian hadn’t seen Gu Nan for a long time. As soon as he saw Gu Nan appear before him, his eyes immediately turned red and he roared with anger.

Gu Nan spread his hands with much helplessness. “I didn’t leave all these wounds on your body. Even if you want to die, why ask me?”

Du Mian’s expression was a little stiff. Of course he knew from whom his injuries came from, but whenever his eyes fell on that girl, he couldn’t help feeling cold with fright.

The grand “Young Demon Lord” had an unbelievably firm will, but his experience over the past month nearly collapsed his state of mind, almost causing a backlash from his Demon Arts.

Just because his self-healing ability was excellent, this woman came here everyday and cut the tendons in his wrists and ankles inch by inch with a knife.

While cutting, she could actually still keep herself calm and chat about daily life with him like it was nothing.

When occasionally mentioning her teacher, she would even blush a little, but even so, her hands continued their cutting movement without making the slightest mistake.

Seeing that Du Mian didn’t speak, Gu Nan came forward and patted him on the shoulder. “Thanks to you, Brother, I finally found a suitable target… And you no longer have to die.”

Du Mian was silent for a moment before giving a cold snort. “Then you’d better let me go at once. Otherwise, the seniors from my sect will come here to search for me.”

“Of course I’m going to let you go.” Gu Nan looked at Du Mian like he was a moving Evil Value. “However, you’ll have to wait until your role as bait is exhausted.”

“What did you say?!” Du Mian was startled, and an outrageous idea appeared in his heart.

Yan XIaoxiao, who hadn’t spoken a word so far, sighed then and showed a pitiful expression. “You still don’t understand? From the beginning, Teacher wanted to use you to lure a Prodigious Realm master here.”

Chapter 47: Azure Dragon Hall, Bait
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