Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God
Chapter 48: His Target is You

Yan Xiaoxiao’s guess about Gu Nan’s intentions was undoubtedly correct. The reason why Gu Nan kept Du Mian until now was to lure out a Prodigious Realm expert from the demonic path.

Gu Nan didn’t come to Immortal Demon World to teach a little loli—he wanted to accumulate Evil Value faster.

Besides the main mission, Immortal Demon World also had a “kill demonic path experts” side quest. Characters such as “Young Demon Lord” Du Mian were likely to contribute Evil Value when killed.

However, Gu Nan was a very greedy person. Not only did he want Du Mian’s Evil Value, but he also wanted to lure out a native Prodigious Realm expert and try to kill that person too.

The strength of Prodigious Realm natives in Immortal Demon World was already slightly inferior to that of Prodigious Realm experts outside. In addition, Gu Nan had many methods, so it wasn’t entirely impossible.

During the past month, Gu Nan obtained the whereabouts of demonic path masters from Du Mian’s mouth. He eliminated six demonic path strongholds in a row and finally earned one Evil Value.

This vital one Evil Value made it possible for him to hunt Prodigious Realm experts, because his current Evil Value had already reached 45!

> 「Activate the third equipment page!」

> 「Buy armor——Dawn Sage’s Robe」

His consciousness sank into the Evil God Temple, and Gu Nan appeared on the high throne, overlooking the cold palace below.

With his command, the third equipment page was activated, and an indescribable force rose from within his body. Gu Nan only felt that his entire body was full of power.

There seemed to be some kind of energy surging in his bones, sorting out his meridians, veins, and muscles bit by bit.

Ever since the last time, Gu Nan now knew that every time he unlocked a new equipment page, it would bring him an enhancement of all his stats.

In fact, there should have been an enhancement as well when he activated the first equipment page—weapons—but that enhancement was too weak to be noticed by him.

Because of this, his strength reached Innate Realm Third Stage, and after unlocking the equipment page for accessories, his explosive power had already reached someplace between Innate Realm Fourth Stage and Fifth Stage.

Therefore, he estimated that activating the armor equipment page this time would increase all his stats to the peak of Innate Realm, which was also the peak of a Tier 2 Evil God.

Once his Evil Value reached 50, he would be able to advance to Tier 3 and thoroughly enter Prodigious Realm.

He didn’t know how much time passed. When Gu Nan opened his eyes again, the explosive power in his body disappeared, but his physique seemed stronger than before.

And a moon-white robe embroidered with golden patterns was also lying quietly in front of him.

「Armor “Dawn Sage’s Robe” purchased successfully. Deducting 200 points」

After buying the armor, he still had 810 points left—although he only earned one Evil Value in the past month’s hunting, he earned a lot of points.

「Dawn Sage’s Robe: Basic level defense.

If you are not attacked within 3 seconds,

you will receive the “Praise of Dawn” effect」

「Praise of Dawn: Increases self-healing ability by 300%」

This piece of armor only provided basic defense, but it was still very popular with players because it had a special effect that could be called top-class.

Every Evil God has extremely strong self-healing abilities. It won’t take a second to heal a cut made on the skin with a knife.

And once Praise of Dawn activated, it meant that the effectiveness of the self-regeneration ability would be tripled… It was basically no different from Superman.

Players always had some methods to save their lives, so it wasn’t too hard to keep themselves from getting hurt for 3 seconds. Moreover, with the Dawn Sage’s Robe, a player would be like an immortal cockroach.

Gu Nan swiftly wore this robe that had slightly wider cuffs. Its style was very different from the clothes in Immortal Demon World. It was classic Western-style clothing.

After all, 《Evil God Cultivation》 was essentially a game with magic as the main background.



“Is His Highness the Young Demon Lord imprisoned in this manor?”

The wind and snow remained the same. A person in black robes stood proudly in the snow, but his voice was even colder than the surrounding temperature.

“Elder, all the reports from our 46 spies in the South Central Region point to this location,” A young man in blue answered politely as he stood beside the black-robed man.

The black-robed man glared at him with an icy gaze. “Three days ago, these spies were still running around like headless flies, but they suddenly all have the same information now… Second Highness, if I say this isn’t the enemy’s trap, will you believe that?”

The young man known as “Second Highness” smiled lightly and shook his head. “This humble one is just telling the facts. My Elder Martial Brother is fortunate and favored by Heaven. Elder, you don’t necessarily have to look for him in a hurry; you can take your time to slowly figure it out.”

The black-robed man pressed his lips together slightly, and the anger in his heart worsened.

He knew that this Second Highness actually meant the opposite of everything he said. This young man dearly wished that his elder martial brother—His Highness the “Young Demon Lord”—would die here so that he could control the demonic path all by himself in the future.

‘But I really am in a hurry to find Du Mian… Even if I know this might be the enemy’s trap—so what?’

The black-robed man gave him a final glance and was about to threaten him again when his expression suddenly changed. “Who’s here!?”

The young man in blue called “Second Highness” was also stunned. ‘Although only the two of us are here right now, the one in front of me is not an ordinary person. Who can hide under his eyes?’

Just as he was thinking that, a burst of laughter came from beside him. “As expected of a Prodigious Realm master. You can actually sense me from ten meters away.”

Second Highness felt his eyelids twitch nonstop. This person could actually sneak up to a Prodigious Realm master and remain undetected until he was merely ten meters away… Only then did he make something out of the newcomer’s appearance.

This person wore a moon-white robe embroidered with golden patterns, with both his hands behind his back. He wore a strange ornament on his right ear.

The black-robed man had an ice-cold gaze. He waved his hand and sent out a burst of black Qi, which flew straight towards the newcomer.

The newcomer was naturally Gu Nan. He wasn’t surprised at such an attack and instead sighed in relief. There was indeed a gap between native Prodigious Realm experts and those from Star Realm.

That Wen Changfeng’s innate ability was “air,” and the techniques he cultivated allowed him to manipulate the atmosphere with his thoughts, giving him unlimited power.

But the black-robed man in front of Gu Nan still had to use martial arts to activate his innate ability. Even if it was just a simple wave of his hand, there was still a fundamental difference between him and Wen Changfeng.

Without using the Power of Shadows to dodge, he took the blow head-on.

The strike fell on his shoulder. The Dawn Sage’s Robe on his body was perfectly intact, but underneath, his flesh and blood were already badly mangled, and the wound was deep enough to see bone.

This scene fell into the eyes of the two present. The black-robed man frowned slightly, while Second Highness smiled coldly. ‘This person really is stupid. He actually took an attack from a Prodigious Realm master head-on…… Eh?’

What happened in the next moment made Second Highness change his expression.

In just a few seconds, the person stood up again as if nothing had happened.

“An attack from a Prodigious Realm master? It doesn’t look like much.” Gu Nan chuckled and raised the person that had been behind him. “Are you looking for this guy?”

It was precisely Du Mian.

“Your Highness!” The black-robed man immediately rushed up and held him as soon as he saw Du Mian.

Gu Nan had also let go at the right time and handed Du Mian over.

However, as soon as Du Mian saw the man in black robes, he hurriedly shouted, “Martial Uncle Han, leave now! His target is you……”

Chapter 48: His Target is You
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