Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God
Chapter 5: Gu Nian's Goal

How strong was Gu Nan’s punch?

Even a martial artist like Lin Feng, who had a much better physique than ordinary people, was knocked unconscious with a single punch. If this punch landed on a normal person like Li Jingying, the consequences were obvious.

The girl's face paled at a speed visible to the naked eye. She spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to her knees.

Based on Gu Nan's years of experience sadistically killing NPCs, this punch had already caused major internal bleeding in Li Jingying's stomach area. The rest of her organs were probably concussed and displaced. Her chances of survival were slim.

And Gu Nan was actually holding back. Otherwise, Li Jingying's abdomen might’ve just burst.

"Ahhh! Die!"

Li Jingying's miserable condition angered Lin Feng. He fiercely pulled out the knife from his shoulder, rushed forward at an astonishing speed, and stabbed Gu Nan in the chest.


The sound of metal hitting metal rang out. This ordinary fruit knife only pierced Gu Nan's clothes but broke when it hit his muscles.

"Did you power up? But it's a pity that you're still too weak... If you’re only at this level..." Gu Nan shook his head regretfully.

He severely injured Li Jingying to see if Lin Feng could give him a "pleasant surprise," but unfortunately, it still wasn’t enough.

"His body is impervious to sword or spear and is as hard as iron. Is he an external kung fu master?!"


Gu Nan turned his head to see that Li Qinghui, the old man, had come close to him at some point. He held Li Jingying with trembling hands, but her body had already stopped moving.

The tragedy happened so quickly that not even Li Qinghui could stop it. Anger and self-blame soon filled his grieving heart.

He hated his conceit. If he hadn’t been so conceited as to believe that nobody would dare to touch his granddaughter because of his status in the martial arts world, he would never have acted so rashly.

So the old man placed Li Jingying down with trembling hands, stood up, and glared at Gu Nan fiercely with bloodshot eyes.

"To be able to enter the Innate Realm at such a young age. You’re indeed extraordinary." Li Qinghui's voice seemed to contain a violent storm.

He slowly rolled up his sleeves. "I don't care which family’s heir you are. Your methods are so cruel that you even killed Jingying, an ordinary person. Today, this old man will carry out justice for Heaven and for the martial arts community…"

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Before Li Qinghui finished speaking, Gu Nan's figure instantly appeared in front of him and directly punched the old man's forehead. Li Qinghui also flew back.

"Why are you blabbering so much when you’re this weak?" Gu Nan was very puzzled. He couldn’t understand why these people would talk so much instead of properly preparing for the fight.

"Master!" Lin Feng roared wildly again. He tried to summon some strength again to fight Gu Nan, but the result was naturally the same.

After beating Lin Feng to a bloody pulp, Gu Nan patted his cheek with a smile. "If you want to get revenge, remember to come to my house tonight for your wedding!"


Half an hour later, Gu Nan returned to the Gu household, playing with a jade pendant in his hand. This was the pendant that Li Jingying had previously held.

Gu Nan was suspicious about these women’s origins, but he didn’t think they would know much, so he was actually more interested in the jade pendant.

It was able to warn them if Lin Feng encountered trouble and guide them to that warehouse. This was no longer within the scope of martial arts.

It was a pity that this jade pendant seemed to have lost its energy ever since it fell into Gu Nan's hands. It no longer shone with a faint light and just looked like an ordinary ancient relic.

However, based on Gu Nan's instinct honed from clearing major dungeons all year round, he could still clearly feel an enormous amount of energy hidden inside this jade pendant. Even a small burst of energy would be enough to destroy him.

"The energy level is at least Tier 4..."

As a former Third Round Tier 16 great Evil God, Gu Nan had an extraordinarily accurate grasp of energy levels, which was precisely why something felt strange about this.

It was very unusual for a group of insignificant people who didn’t even reach Tier 2 yet to carry Tier 4 items.

Thinking of this, Gu Nan suddenly knew who to look for next.


Gu Nian sat alone in the courtyard, feeling a little restless while sipping on a cup of fragrant tea.

A martial artist at her level would have an inexplicable sixth sense about many things.

In fact, even a fool could see that her younger brother’s attitude was very strange, but she didn’t know where the problem was.

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Just as she was carefully pondering this, a photo suddenly floated down in front of her.

Gu Nian's spiritual sense was very keen. She almost subconsciously reached out and caught the photo with two fingers. But the content of the picture made her pupils shrink slightly.

It was a jade pendant!

"Looks like you recognize this." Gu Nan walked out of the shadows with a slight smile. His hands were behind his back, which made him assume the air of a mysterious expert.

"The Dragon Jade is in your hands?" Gu Nian could still maintain a calm look. Even her voice didn't change much, but her hand shook ever so slightly as she placed her teacup down.

Gu Nan captured this detail perfectly in his mind and asked curiously, "This jade pendant is called Dragon Jade?"

Gu Nian’s gaze became extremely strange. “You… don’t recognize it? Countless people have tried their hardest to obtain this, but I didn’t expect that it would ultimately be obtained by you, someone who didn’t even know anything about it.”

"What’s it used for?" Gu Nan asked her directly, not wanting to bother with the girl's misgivings.

Gu Nian didn't hesitate and answered bluntly, "The role of the Dragon Jade isn’t a big secret. Certain elders in the martial arts community all know that the Dragon Jade is a precious treasure of fortune, and those who obtain it can receive all the luck of the world."

She paused, then looked at Gu Nan. "In the martial arts world, the Dragon Jade is connected to a senior’s inheritance."

"Which senior?"

"Sword Demon Mo Bai."

Gu Nan nodded. He knew that the rumors about it being a treasure of luck were basically nonsense. The inheritance of the martial arts senior “Mo Bai” was most likely the real reason a bunch of people were fighting over it.

"So." Gu Nan took out a jade pendant from his pocket. It was the Dragon Jade. "As long as you have this, you can obtain the inheritance?"

Gu Nian's gaze stopped on the Dragon Jade but then moved away. "It's not that simple. Mo Bai left the inheritance to his descendants. He also specifically sought out the Guardian family to protect the Dragon Jade for his descendants."

"Don’t tell me that the inheritance can only be activated using the blood of his descendants?" Gu Nan frowned, feeling a small headache.

"It's even more troublesome than that. It requires his bloodline descendant to personally activate the inheritance." Gu Nian shook her head. "By the way, Mo Bai is the name of the Sword Demon after he became famous. His family name is Lin."


Now he understood why Gu Nian agreed to marry Lin Feng.

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The marriage was false, and the real goal was to gain the inheritance.

Thinking of this, Gu Nan smiled and said, "Sis, since you’ve already made arrangements, I won't intervene... When you need to use this Dragon Jade, just call your Lil’ Bro!"

He was actually saying, “You can keep playing all you want, but you’ll still have to find me in the end, because the Dragon Jade is in my hands!”

"Wait, don't forget to take your photo with you."

When Gu Nan heard this, he looked back to see a thin photo zooming towards him at an astonishing speed!

Devotee's Game System Inspired Note

» This section of the chapter is a Fan based created system to mock up or simulate the 'Status Information' of our MC - Gu Nan. This implies that you are free to skip reading this and continue your journey onto the .

» All catalog data below is a summary of various information achieved by Gu Nan that corresponds till the end of the related chapter and is compiled into a singular 'Status Screen.' Additionally, the invented system below would continue to evolve as we progress and learn more about the novel itself.

MC's Status Information

Name: Gu Nan

Current Location: Gu's family residence courtyard in Feng City, transmigrated world

Status: ⟪ Evil God ⟫

Advancement Direction: Agility Type

Current Evil God Rank: Tier 2

Equivalent Martial Art: External Kung Fu Master

Current Quest:

Evil Event: Elder Sister Gu Nian’s Wedding.

Current Evil Points: 206, Overall Evil Points: 506, Overall Evil Value: 11

Exclusive Skills Acquired:

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Deceitful Steps. 「 Movement Speed increased by 30%. Attack Speed increased by 50% 」

Item/s owned:

The Dragons Jade. 「 An infamous jade pendant to the martial world. It is known as the treasure of fortune, and those who obtain it can receive all the luck of the world. Moreover, the Dragon Jade is connected to Sword Demon Mo Bai's inheritance. 」

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