Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God
Chapter 7: Deimating Internal Energy Experts

Over a dozen martial arts legends gathered together just to demand an explanation from Gu Nan. This scene was quite frightening.

Meanwhile, the person involved stood on the second floor’s high platform and looked down with great interest. He was even a little eager to try fighting then.

Gu Nian hurriedly said to him, “Don’t show yourself. Let the people below deal with them first and wear off their momentum. Then I will make an appearance and draw Lin Feng up here.”

Few people knew that Gu Nian and Lin Feng had known each other for a long time, ever since they met at the martial arts hall. Lin Feng fell in love with her at first sight, which was why she set this trap in the first place.

“Will it be enough to simply draw him up here?” Gu Nan asked.

Gu Nian showed a small smile. “This hotel... is the burial ground of Sword Demon Mo Bai!”

Hearing this, even Gu Nan couldn’t help feeling slightly stunned.

‘My sister really has prepared for everything. Now all she needs is the Dragon Jade!’

‘If I hadn't appeared, she would have used the wedding as an excuse to trick Lin Feng into revealing the Dragon Jade’s whereabouts.’

It would be way too easy for Gu Nian, an old hand, to trick a youth like Lin Feng. She could find a random excuse like “exchanging family heirlooms.” As long as Lin Feng knew about the Dragon Jade, he wouldn’t be able to hide anything from her.

However, Gu Nan didn’t intend to fully comply with his sister’s plans. He never forgot that he had also made many preparations, and it was all for the Evil Value reward from the “Wedding Event”!

The prompt from the Evil God Temple told Gu Nan that the wedding event had already begun. If he allowed Gu Nian to take Lin Feng away, then how would he earn any Evil Value?

So he undoubtedly had to wreak havoc.

Thus, Gu Nan patted his chest and said, "Isn't it merely a dozen old men with half a leg in the coffin? Watch me take care of them!"

"Hey, wait!" This was exactly what Gu Nian feared. She became alarmed and quickly reached out to pull him back, but she was still too late.

With Gu Nan's explosive power, he immediately leaped down from the second floor, making Gu Nian stomp her foot in anger.

None of the old men downstairs were ordinary people. For masters of internal kung fu, the 50s or 60s was still considered the prime of their life, and their strength wouldn’t be that much inferior to Gu Nian herself.

Gu Nian thought, ‘Even if I personally attack, I’m afraid I’ll only be able to handle 2-3 old men at most, but there are more than a dozen below!’

‘Do I really have to ask Elder Yan to attack?’

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Though Gu Nian was pondering this, Gu Nan didn't have the time to care about her thoughts. He jumped down directly from the high platform on the second floor, smashing the hotel floor heavily with a strange force and cracking the marble floor in all directions.

After a terrifying muffled sound, everyone became speechless as their visions cleared and they saw Gun Nan, who had jumped down from above. Even Lin Feng and his party were startled by Gu Nan’s entrance.

"Old farts, why were you asking for me?" Gu Nan’s first sentence thoroughly made everyone explode with anger.

"This Gu Nan... Has he gone crazy?"

"What did the Gu family teach their children? Doesn't he know what these martial arts masters signify?"

"Sigh… Youngsters nowadays are all obsessed with science. How many people still know about martial arts?"

The dozen or so martial arts legends didn’t speak for a while. Some were so angry that they were speechless and also didn't know how to trade insults with a junior, while others were still processing what had happened.

‘This brat... is cursing at us?’

Lin Feng was even more furious. He stretched out his finger and pointed at Gu Nan. "Gu Nan, you hurt my master and Sister Ying for no reason! Today we will carry out justice in Heaven’s place and teach you..."

"Stop blathering. Let’s settle it with fists!" Gu Nan rudely interrupted and directly forced back the rest of Lin Feng's "righteous words."

And Lin Feng indeed couldn’t continue his sentence, because Gu Nan did something even more shocking just then.

He actually stretched his arms around a pillar by the wall and tore it out!

The scene stunned everyone present, including the martial arts masters and even Gu Nian, who was on the second floor. Even the one who had been hiding in Gu Nian’s shadow couldn't help popping up.

"This kid... Could he be a martial artist who reached the Innate Realm by tempering his physical body?"

The shadow’s words made Gu Nian come back to her senses. She suddenly slapped the handrail and said, "Yes! He must have obtained a body tempering inheritance from somewhere, which allowed him to break through the Innate Realm by chance!"

‘No wonder he has no awareness of internal energy!’

Unlike external kung fu users, who had walked down a wrong and crooked path, physical body tempering was one of the seven supreme paths standing at the top of the world. It was truly a grand path that could reach Heaven itself. Once successfully cultivated, the practitioner’s power would far exceed that of those on the same level.

The onlookers could stare all they want, but Lin Feng and the others couldn’t afford to stare blankly, because Gu Nan had already grabbed a pillar and smashed it down on them.

"Justice from Heaven!" Gu Nan viciously smashed the pillar down while shouting a slogan that radiated evil delight.

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Wherever the pillar went, people either died or became crippled. Even those who merely brushed against the pillar suffered fractured bones. With Gu Nan's terrifying strength, what else can these martial arts masters do?

Internal energy can’t neutralize the force of a massive pillar smashing their faces in!

One of the martial arts legends was killed on the spot—it was esteemed senior Chen Bowen, the self-proclaimed inheritor of the Nine Fists technique. It was a pity that he didn't even have a chance to attack before he was smashed to pieces.

The rest of the people scattered and fled in all directions. The hall was in utter chaos. The guests mostly tried to flee by lying on the ground and crawling away—they started doing that ever since several fearless guests were smashed into the wall with a swing of Gu Nan’s pillar.

No one dared to run their mouths now.

"Lin Feng! Come out if you have the guts!" Because Gu Nan was hugging a big pillar, his movements weren’t as nimble, which gave Lin Feng and the others time to hide. Thus, Gu Nan simply stood in place and started taunting them.

"How dare trash like you find trouble for me? I'm telling you, not only will I beat your master, but today I will beat all of you martial arts masters until you’re crippled!"

Behind a certain pillar, Lin Feng's eyes were already bloodshot. He tried to run out several times but was firmly held down by the seniors.

"Don't fall for his taunts!" Zhang Songhe said in a low voice, "This person was naturally born with monstrous strength, but there’s no internal energy flow in his body. He obviously doesn’t know martial arts! As long as we can engage him in close combat, he will certainly d...”


The pillar Gu Nan held smashed into the pillar behind Zhang Songhe, and a large chunk of rubble fell, directly smashing a hole in the old man's forehead.

Zhang Songhe didn't have time to deal with his bleeding head. He hurriedly pulled Lin Feng and retreated—luckily, the terrain in this hall was complicated. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even have a place to hide.

A swing of the pillar once again failed to hit anyone, but Gu Nan wasn’t in a hurry at all and just walked forward leisurely. As long as there was a sound, the pillar would be swung in that direction.

This was also one of the methods he came up with to deal with internal energy experts.

‘Isn’t your internal energy very powerful? If it’s so incredible, then why don’t you transmit your internal energy through the entire length of the pillar to fight me?’

The hall gradually quieted down. The guests had long since escaped, while Lin Feng and the others were still bitterly waiting for an opportunity. On the second floor, only Gu Nian was silently watching the farce below.

Gu Nan was like an invincible general, surveying the battlefield with a sneer. No one was a match for him.

As a top player, Gu Nan knew that in this kind of situation, it was necessary to deal a psychological blow to the other party’s mental state. As long as the mentality of the other side—who were already in desperate straits—collapsed, then he would truly win.

So he continued to hurl trash talk.

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"Lin Feng, did you think this wedding was prepared for you? To tell you the truth: she was already my girl long before you knew her! Tsk tsk, a biological sister sure is great. We’ve got to keep the good stuff within the family after all..."

"Bastard! Just die already!"

Classmate Lin Feng finally couldn't stand this kind of provocation anymore. He roared as he shook off Zhang Songhe's hand and rushed out like a crazy demon!

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MC's Status Information

Name: Gu Nan

Current Location: In a high-end hotel west of Feng City, transmigrated world

Status: ⟪ Evil God ⟫

Advancement Direction: Agility Type

Current Evil God Rank: Tier 2

Equivalent Martial Art: External Kung Fu Master - Innate Realm

Current Quest:

Evil Event: Elder Sister Gu Nian’s Wedding.

Current Evil Points: 206, Overall Evil Points: 506, Overall Evil Value: 11

Exclusive Skills Acquired:

Deceitful Steps. 「Movement Speed increased by 30%. Attack Speed increased by 50%」

Item/s owned:

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The Dragons Jade. 「An infamous jade pendant to the martial world. It is known as the treasure of fortune, and those who obtain it can receive all the luck of the world. Moreover, the Dragon Jade is connected to Sword Demon Mo Bai's inheritance. 」

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