Probably because Gu Nan's strange wording shocked Lu Xinyu for a while, she failed to notice who Gu Nan was staring at.

This continued until Bai Luoluo skipped out and looked at them in surprise. "You guys are those two doctors from before, right?” She giggled. “I'm fine now!"

‘Even her memory is intact. It doesn’t seem like she recovered by forgetting the trauma. She really is fine now…’ Lu Xinyu had some doubts in her heart. ‘How in the world did he do this?’

Usually, Pure Heart Dao cultivators who encountered that type of problem could only recover gradually through the passage of time, coupled with the assistance of external objects, so as to achieve the effect of "reconstructing their three views".

Of course, she didn't know that Gu Nan simply took the patient to a place where time passed many times faster and directly "refreshed" her three views.

Out of responsibility to her former patient, she still asked, "Do you... want to do another examination?"

Bai Luoluo frowned a little. In fact, she didn’t really want to recall that original memory. Just because she walked out of her psychological trauma didn’t mean that she liked to keep looking back at that trauma.

However, Gu Nan nodded repeatedly. "Yes. After all, you’re the professionals. It's better to check and make sure."

"You're too kind," Lu Xinyu quickly replied modestly.

She was happy that she could ease her tense relationship with Gu Nan through Bai Luoluo. After all, her current visit to Ruby Fish Star was because she wanted to request something of Gu Nan.

Since Gu Nan had no objections, Bai Luoluo didn't refuse and followed Lu Xinyu into the inner room.

Only Gu Nan and Lu Zhanyu were left.

Gu Nan asked bluntly, "Mission?"

"Eh, how did you know?" Lu Zhanyu pretended to be surprised.

Gu Nan didn't answer, because it was a matter of course. A scheming bitch like Lu Zhanyu would never have followed her older sister over if she didn’t have something to discuss with him.

Knowing that Gu Nan was hard to fool, Lu Zhanyu simply stopped acting.

"There was a mission originally... but I didn't expect you to advance to Prodigious already. A meager reward like that probably won’t even enter your eyes anymore."

"What kind of mission is it? Let's hear it out first?" Gu Nan didn't mind. In fact, he had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. Even if Lu Zhanyu didn’t come, he would’ve gone to look for her instead.

Why did Gu Nan need Lu Zhanyu? This started with the system behind Astral Gate.

In short, the number of missions provided by Astral Gate was limited.

Only five missions would appear at a time. While it was true that he only needed to wait one day to refresh the mission list, however… each remaining mission needed 10 units of star gold!

If Gu Nan wanted to reset the entire list after only completing one mission, he’d have to spend 40 units of star gold… Highway robbery!

But there was nothing to say. While Astral Gate was an organization open to the public, it wasn’t a public welfare organization. Naturally, it would try its best to force the user to complete all the missions. It was impossible for Astral Gate to provide mission information free of charge.

And after advancing to Prodigious Realm, he could no longer reincarnate indefinitely either.

So on one hand, Gu Nan was considering getting some more star gold. On the other hand, he also wanted to accept some missions from external sources. Lu Zhanyu appeared at just the right time.

Lu Zhanyu’s expression turned serious when discussing the mission. "It’s also a protection mission, but it’s to protect a little girl this time..."

"Don't mention useless information. How large is the mission plane?" Gu Nan interrupted.

"...Quite large. It's medium-sized." Even with Lu Zhanyu’s shrewd mind, she still stared blankly for a while. Between the mission objective and the size of the plane, she didn’t know which one would be considered more useless.

"Reliable!" Gu Nan said excitedly, "That will do. After I investigate a matter and kill several people, I’ll be ready to set off as soon as I return!"


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On a dark and windy night, there was a cool drizzle over the brightly-lit capital. The city’s nightlife had just begun.

In a high-end private club, five or six young men and women were sitting around.

One of them was laughing heartily. "This is the latest news—don’t tell anyone I said this... That boy Hu Daobin had one of his legs broken by Gu Nan!"

"For real? Hu Wei, that crazy woman, didn't go with him?"

"She did! I heard those two even had a fight.” The person revealed happily, "The result is still unknown, but now these two have a grudge against each other. Everyone knows that Hu Wei spoils her younger brother the most!"

Several people beside him immediately gave a thumbs up. "Young Master Long, you’re incredible!"

Long Yi was also very satisfied with his plan to get someone else to fight Gu Nan. He said proudly, "Of course. So what if Gu Nan can fight? He's just a brainless ruffian..."

Before his voice fell, he suddenly heard a bang. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows around him suddenly shattered, and a figure was thrown inside.

When Long Yi turned to look, it was clearly the club’s security personnel.

"Who did this?! Are you tired of living? You dare to make trouble here?" Young Master Long flew into a rage. Right now, he was a little allergic to the sound of glass shattering.

The Long family held the majority of shares in this club, and it was usually managed by Long Yi. Now that he actually encountered this kind of thing right in front of his door, he couldn’t help but be angry.

At this time, several people in black suits hurried in and said anxiously, "Young Master, it's that Gu Nan... Gu Nan is here!"

Long Yi’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Even his words seemed to be stuck in his throat. "Gu Nan? I-Is he crazy?"

There was no evidence to prove that he instigated this entire affair, so nobody could use this against him. But Gu Nan coming directly to his door was akin to provoking the entire Long family!

‘No matter how powerful Gu Nan is, can he withstand the Long family’s wrath?’

After feeling shock and anger, Long Yi quickly calmed down and said in a deep voice, "Long Quan, take everyone away first. I'll find Sixth Uncle. Hmph! Sixth Uncle just happens to be here today. This Gu Nan really picked a good time!"

The Sixth Uncle he mentioned was precisely one of the Long family’s several Prodigious Realm masters.

Long Quan, who had always been silent, looked a little gloomy when he heard Gu Nan's name again, but he still nodded. "Miao'er, you guys can come with me."

Shi Miao'er looked like she had already fallen into a nightmare. At this time, she nodded rapidly, and several other people also hurriedly got up for fear that they’d run into that lunatic if they were too slow.

A moment later, they hid in the adjacent compartment as a temporary refuge.

Sounds from the fight downstairs continued to travel up and even seemed to be getting closer and closer. Shi Miao’er's breathing became short, and her legs began to tremble.

"Brother Long, will we... be all right?" She couldn't help asking.

"It’ll be alright." Long Quan's leg injury hadn’t recovered yet, but his expression was still firm. He comforted, "My Sixth Uncle is here today. If Gu Nan dares to come, he’ll just be walking to his death."

A young man nearby added, "That’s right! Sixth Uncle advanced to Prodigious Realm twenty years ago. He’s only a step away from the Infinitesimal Stage. He can certainly make that Gu Nan..."


Before he finished, he saw a dark figure directly smash through the wall and hit him.

This young man was just an ordinary Acquired Realm martial artist. How could he withstand such a powerful impact? He threw up blood from the impact, while Long Quan nearby changed his expression.

"Big Brother!"

The figure that smashed through the wall was actually Long Yi himself!

"Young Master Long, Young Master Long!"

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Everyone was stunned. Now that the wall was smashed, they could finally see the outside situation.

Gu Nan was standing alone amidst the ruins. An elder was panting like a bull. His whole body was covered with wounds and looked extremely miserable.

The elder’s next words shook everyone’s three views.

The elder slowly let out a breath and said with a bitter smile, "Your Highness, you’re already an Infinitesimal Stage expert who’s not far from Domain Stage. Why bother lowering yourself to argue with a junior?"

Gu Nanli ignored him. A strange smile hung from the corners of his mouth when he saw Long Quan and the others, who had just appeared in his sight. His figure flickered and appeared in front of them in a flash.

Shi Miao'er seemed to have returned to that day. That nightmarish scene reappeared in front of her. She clenched her teeth and forced herself not to make a sound, but her teeth were clattering.

Several men and women around Long Quan had already been frightened silly.

Long Quan, however, held his injured older brother in his arms and looked coldly at Gu Nan. "Gu Nan, kill us if you have the guts. My Long family will fight you to the end..."


Shi Miao'er suddenly felt something warm land on her face—some red and white liquid had splashed onto her face, which was a mixture of brain matter and blood.

Long Quan’s head had burst with a single punch!


"Shut up!" Gu Nan grabbed the screaming Shi Miao'er. He stared into her eyes and asked, "Let me ask you something. That day when you first met me, why did you visit the Gu family?"

Shi Miao'er's head was blank, and she subconsciously replied, "Miss Gu told me to find Xingzhu..."

MC's Status Information

Name: Gu Nan

Current Location: Long Family's residence, Ruby Fish Star

Current Soul Location: N/A

Status: ⟪ Evil God ⟫

Advancement Direction: Agility Type

Current Evil God Rank: Tier 3

Equivalent/Current Martial Art: Prodigious Realm

Comprehension of Innate ability: Infinitesimal Stage

Chosen Core Skill: The Law of Shadow

Current Evil God Temple Quest:

Main Mission Objective/s:

-— Evil Event: Ruby Fish Star’s Martial Arts Competition. - Evil God Temple Issued

Status: On Going

Side Quest Objective:

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-— None. - N/A

Status: N/A

Current Evil Points: 1500

Overall Evil Points: 3775, Overall Evil Value: 97

Core Skill Acquired

Shadow. 「Also known precisely as 'The law of Shadow' - its one of the highest-ranked laws in the game. Skill 'Power of Shadows' LVL +1」

Normal Skills Acquired:

Locked 「N/A」

Locked 「N/A」

Locked 「N/A」

Exclusive Skills Acquired:

Deceitful Steps. [ Passive Ability ] 「Movement Speed increased by 30%. Attack Speed increased by 50%」

Power of Shadows. [ LVL 2 ] 「Allows the players to activate the skill “Hidden Shadows” at LVL 1 and unlocks the skill "Shadow Form" at LVL 2..」

Hidden Shadows. 「The power to manipulate shadows to a fine degree.」

Shadow Form. 「An incomparable handy skill that allows the player to manipulate shadows to create things, like weapons and armor. At the highest level of mastery, it could even create a humanoid clone.」

Equipment being worn


-— Dawn Sage’s Robe. 「Basic level defense. If you are not attacked within 3 seconds, you will receive the “Praise of Dawn” effect.」


-— Four Element Crossbow. 「A Tier 2 crossbow weapon that can generate four types of elemental arrows—earth, water, wind, and fire—based on the user’s needs and does not need to load arrows.」

Accessories - Facial Accessories, Necklace, Earrings

-— Observer Eyepiece. 「An eyepiece that have a fixed Tier 2 magic 'Insight' inscribe in it.」

-— Dragon Heart Pendant. 「Allows players to activate the skill “Dragon Power”. This skill cannot be upgraded」

-— Shadow Earrings. 「Skill 'Power of Shadows' LVL +1」

Equipment Skills Acquired:

-— Insight. [ Passive Ability ] 「Ability to obtain high-precision data analysis when looking at people or objects.」

-— Dragon Power. 「Greatly enhances the player’s strength and physique. Duration: 5 seconds. Cooldown: 5 minutes」

-— Praise of Dawn. [ Passive Ability ] 「Increases self-healing ability by 300%」

Item/s owned:

→ None.

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