Ascending the Heavens as an Evil God

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Chapter n/a 15 days ago

I now read up to chapter 100 and so far so good 👍😊. . If things went well then this might become my third favorite evil mc novel after Reverend Insanity and warlock of the magus world.

Chapter 190 16 days ago

One of the few novels that has an actual evil mc with a good story and world building I recommend this novel And I give it a 8/10 so far at chapter 190

Chapter n/a 16 days ago

A very interesting novel with fresh stories and a unique Mc that is actually evil unlike the usual I recommend this 100% The start is a bit confusing but after chapter50 it gets interesting

Chapter 94 18 days ago

One of the rare few novels that remind me of of fang yuan This is a proper realistic journey of someone pursuing the top Spot no matter how bloody it gets I recommend this 100% not to snow flakes tho

Chapter 13 19 days ago

It's really interesting, mc is evil and focuses on leveling up and changing maps lol, not really maps but he just calls it that. Overall recommend

Chapter 52 19 days ago

This novel borrows elements from other transmigration novels but presents it in a unique way while also stringing a parody elements. The way the MC treats the world also adds decent humor and is a bit of an edge lord. This novel looks solid so far with writing and the characters are pretty fleshy. RI fans will not be wasting their time reading this novel

Chapter n/a 19 days ago

This is a story of a gamer who get transmigrated to a game world but unlike other novels MC doesn't intergrate with the world and treate it as a real world. He still carry the mentality of a gamer and treate everyone like NPC nomatter how they look or behave. Some might call him cold and evil but he's just logical. . . Have you ever felt guilty for killing an NPC? Why would pay for something if you can just take it from NPC? Did you take your promise to an NPC seriously and felt guilty for lying? Would you value the friendship with an NPC if there is no more quest from them? You get the point. . .

  • Lee_On
    Reader KP:419

    I guess mc would be like Fang Yuan if he had a system. So far so good

    15 days ago Reply
    • Limitlesss_Venerable
      Reader KP:210

      Yes, There is no deep philosophical discussion and explanantion like in reverened insanity but MC here is totally like FY, goal oriented and ruthless.

      13 days ago Reply
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