Astral Apostle
Chapter 344: Iron Fist and Rampage (1)

The six leaders of the Heavenly King Stronghold who had come to break into the prison were all famous experts in the Green Forest. Their martial arts were naturally superb.

Among them, Xiang Tianjie, who was sitting on the Fourth Seat, was the strongest. He was one of the top experts in the Heavenly King Stronghold. His attacks using the broadsword were like a violent storm as he killed the prison guards who were blocking his way like cutting vegetables, sending his opponents fleeing in all directions.

Xiang Tianjie and the others did not continue tangling themselves with the guards for long, taking the chance to rush into the depths of the prison.

The six of them found Guo Haishen's cell and broke the door lock without a word. They easily cut open Guo Haishen's shackles and ankle chains, allowing him to regain his movement.

Xiang Tianjie freed one hand to support Guo Haishen. He lowly whispered,

"Brother Guo, we're here to save you! Can you still walk?"

"I'm alright." Guo Haishen steadied himself and cupped his fists at them. "Brothers, let's not talk anymore. Let's rush out first!"


Everyone nodded and turned to charge out of the prison.

The group barely encountered any resistance along the way, but when they rushed to the door, everyone realized that the remaining prison guards and heads were actually gathered here, forming a battle formation to bar their way out.

"Everyone, hold on and trap this group of criminals inside. I've already sent someone to seek help. Reinforcements will arrive at any time!"

The Warden's face was twisted and ferocious as he roared angrily, saliva flying everywhere.

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Because it happened so suddenly, he was caught off guard and was directly beaten up. Taking advantage of the time when Xiang Tianjie and the others saved Guo Haishen, he finally gathered the prison guards who had escaped during the attack and formed a team.

If this group of experts succeeded, not only would his management of the camp end, but he would also be implicated. He was unwilling to let his future end, and would rather take a gamble to stop this group of people from breaking out of the prison.

The bow and arrows were an important controlled ordnance and were not allowed to be kept privately. They were usually stored in the armory and only sent out when needed. Most of the officials were not equipped with them.

The prison guards of An Lin Prefecture usually only served to watch over the prisoners and did not have any special treatment. At this moment, they could only rely on their cold weapons to block the way.

"Protect Brother Guo! Let's kill our way out!"

Xiang Tianjie spoke in a deep voice.

However, Guo Haishen was filled with heroism as he shouted, "Brother Xiang, there's no need to protect me. Even if I've been imprisoned for a long time, I can still open for 'business'!"

With that, he rushed forward impatiently like a tiger freed its cage.

In the past few days, he had been bullied by the official dogs. He had been humiliated by the prison guards and the camp management many times, and he had long been holding back his anger. At this moment, when he saw the camp management, his anger exploded and turned into anger!

Seeing Guo Haishen stride closer, a prison guard hurriedly raised his saber and stabbed Guo Haishen's chest.

However, Guo Haishen did not dodge. He raised his hand that was as big as a fan and grabbed the blade with his bare hands before twisting it.


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Amidst the sound of metal twisting, he curled the blade into a twisted metal piece with his bare hands, while only a faint white mark was left on his palm.

Known as the Iron Arm Azure Dragon in the Green Forest, what he relied on to become famous was this pair of arms. They were akin iron that could not be injured by ordinary blades!

"Get lost!"

Guo Haishen roared and punched out, landing on the prison guard's chest.

The powerful fist force condensed without being released, only exploding when it hit.


It was as if muffled thunder had exploded. With just one punch, the prison guard's sternum shattered and he was sent flying, knocking the two people behind him into a rolling gourd.

Guo Hai's iron fists were like cannons, sweeping and smashing. His strength was overwhelming, like a siege hammer, digging into the prison guards' formation. He alone routed the enemy's formation.

Xiang Tianjie and the others were afraid that something would happen to Guo Haishen, so they quickly followed and protected him on both sides. With Guo Haishen as the arrowhead, the seven of them rushed into the formation and killed the group of prison guards in the blink of an eye!

Seeing that the situation was bad, the warden wanted to turn around and escape, but Guo Haishen was already in front of him. He could only fight to the death.

"Take this!"

The warden roared as he twisted his waist and slashed out with his saber. The blade tore through the air, producing a sharp whistle. He was also adept at some martial arts.

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However, this ability was useless in front of Guo Haishen.

Guo Haishen was not afraid. With a sweep of his hand, he hit the blade with the back of his fist. With a clang, the blade bounced off.

In the next moment, he stepped forward and swept out with his hand, shattering the warden's shoulder and causing his weapon to fall to the ground. Then, his beard and hair stood on end as he continuously retracted his fists and punched out. His afterimages were like rapidly spinning wheels, and the speed of his fists was extremely astonishing. In the blink of an eye, he had punched the warden's chest, face, and abdomen more than ten times, producing a series of muffled sounds like a series of cannonballs.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!


The moment Guo Haishen stopped, the warden collapsed to the ground, no longer breathing. His entire body had been smashed into pulp by the powerful fist, and not a single bone could be found on his torso.


Guo Haishen spat at the corpse before he felt the frustration in his heart dissipate a little.

However, in the next second, his body swayed. He saw stars and his limbs went limp.

After being imprisoned for so many days, his body was really too weak. This burst of strength had consumed a lot of energy.

However, with the help of Xiang Tianjie and the others, it did not matter. The group quickly killed the prison guards blocking the exit and rushed out of the prison, disappearing into the street.

Li Chun and the other three were already prepared and came to receive them. They quietly brought Xiang Tianjie and the others to a safe place that they had long prepared.

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With no pursuers behind them for the time being and their situation safe, everyone's nerves relaxed.

Guo Hai took a few deep breaths and recovered some strength. He spoke out with emotion,

"What right do I have to let you take the risk to save me? Brothers, please accept my bow."

Astral Apostle Chapter 344: Iron Fist and Rampage (1)
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