Astral Apostle
Astral Apostle

Astral Apostle

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Astral Apostle novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Chocolion. 380 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Human civilization expanded into space, and its territory spanned across galaxies.

During this great trend of interstellar migration, Zhou Qing accidentally awakened the power of traveling to various Astral Realms. He was able to create [Astral Realm Apostles] as vessels for his soul and project them onto different realms. This allowed him to travel through various worlds with different identities.

His unremarkable life was met with an unexpected twist of fate. Every time he created a new Apostle, it was like being reborn.

Yet, slowly, he realized that the Human civilization wasn’t completely ignorant about the existence of other realms…


Multiple-dimensional worlds, multi-dimensional factions. This is an clash of fate between realms!

And he is the only being who is able to travel amongst the realms in countless different shapes and forms — The Astral Apostle!

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  • Platinum05
    Reader KP:0

    Is this worth reading?

    9 hours ago Reply
  • EvoteArc
    Reader KP:162

    is there romance here

    4 days ago Reply
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  • NullConstellation
    Reader KP:49

    oh sh*t the author of TLM made another novel?👀

    4 days ago Reply
  • CosmicEmperor
    Reader KP:8

    After reading only I am a reader and this novel, astral apostle I think I've become obsessed with novels about someone living in their own worlds and just having the ability to traverse to different types of "novels" worlds and getting the abiltys from that world. Can anyone recommend me a novel that does the same things I've said pls? Any help would be greatly appreciated for my immensely growing reading addiction that I've started to develop. P. s any academy novels with an mc that has any type of system will be fine too, Especially if the mc is a mob character.

    Edited: 01 Oct, 08:59
    4 days ago Reply
    • Purple_smoke
      Reader KP:0

      Custom made demon king Carefree path of dreams ,needs 200 chps for world hopping but one of my fav novels

      3 days ago Reply
    • AndrewEvers
      Reader KP:10

      For one world I've several, for multiple worlds I only found one, I Got a New Skill Every Time I Was Exiled, and After 100 Different Worlds, I Was Unmatched. I haven't read this story as in depth as I have Astral Apostle but I still like it.

      3 days ago Reply
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  • Maldinndes
    Reader KP:2

    The new arc isn’t bad but if you dislike the Wuxia high and mighty nobles courting death you most likely won’t like it

    5 days ago Reply
  • solorzato
    Reader KP:34

    The great poison tester has returned. And I am here to tell you. . . it is not poison. Having said that there are some bitter parts to swallow. Follow along and I shall guide. Really dont like the power scaling of his childhood friend. I understand some authors have to find a way to keep female love interest relevant. But saying they are just as strong if not stronger than the MC without any work is lazzy. Its just like Worlds Apocalypse Online; the MC works like crazy using isekai/previous life's knowledge and somehow his friends become stronger than him. Other than that I really enjoy this novel and wait for updates. The mutant world arc is great. This novel has tons of potential. I think this novel is a better direction than Fantasy Simulator( similar concept, different execution). I am not so interested in the main world story, seems pretty meh atm. The beginning of the Mutant world ark was beautiful, with his first 2 incarnations dying early. This Novel is a def must read.

    Edited: 01 Oct, 01:51
    5 days ago Reply
  • arrogantyoungmaster6
    Reader KP:15

    suggest me some similar to this. It's too early to read this only 300+ chaps

    7 days ago Reply
  • PtanjaKhondee
    Reader KP:4

    Does it in the same univurse as The Legendary Mechanic?

    7 days ago Reply
  • The_goat
    Reader KP:57

    Should I read TLM and then this cause I have heard other people say that it is the same universe

    Edited: 25 Sep, 05:22
    11 days ago Reply
    • Dnnstuff
      Reader KP:1425

      It doesn’t matter what order to read it in, but read both 100%

      5 days ago Reply
    • Questioning_Guide
      Reader KP:1154

      same universe its basically civ that (other) mc built but that civ wasn't really built on at all (using chapters) so its mostly just hints or things that were in last novel in it (this) mc definitely doesn't know higher ups so not 100% also travel is very slow so hard to confirm Aswell (in novel max is Light speed but they control galaxy clusters or something)

      Edited: 27 Sep, 07:36
      9 days ago Reply
    • Marmaralade
      Reader KP:4

      I doubt its the same universe they've only made slight call backs to TLM, so i don't think its necessary. It's still a good novel tho.

      9 days ago Reply
    • kevintortan01
      Reader KP:1069

      It’s not yet truly confirmed but yeh, I reckon you read The Legendary Mechanic first.

      11 days ago Reply
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    Reader KP:499

    I feel so uninvested in the wuxia world, like I am reading a entirely generic random novel…

    14 days ago Reply