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Chapter 132 2 months ago

Right now it's only up to Ch. 132 but I'm really enjoying it! It's moving faster than a lot of the other novels, and his overpoweredness is demonstrated without being excessive.

Chapter 38 7 months ago

The structure of the game world and the contrast with the real world is very executed, although the fact that the Npc women are so. . . sexy when acting leaves me perplexed

Chapter 38 8 months ago

I just gotta say, the romance and R18 content is so refreshing compared to other novels. The reactions and actions MC takes romantically with his love interest are realistic for a 20 year old, and I'm especially fond of the minor choices he makes when balancing his family's livelihood and his hormonal reactions to someone he genuinely cares for. The game setting is easy to love seeing as its based closely on Avatar: The Last Airbender, and the alterations to the familiar world are just enough to make it feel new without completely stripping readers of the familiarity the setting brings. The combat system so far is the only thing that I think could use some improvement, but I expect it to pick up in future chapters considering the pacing of the story has started to pick up (as of Chp. 125). My only concern with this story is that power system might become incredibly vague in its scale once more elements are added to MCs arsenal, but we'll see.

Chapter 38 one year ago

Really really enjoying it! one of the first light novels i have fully immersed myself in. cant wait to see what happens next in the chapters to come.

Chapter 38 one year ago

Very based on Avatar: the last airbender, the story so far is interesting but nothing big, the world (both virtual and real) is the best part, it makes you curious to better understand how it works, and the characters didn't catch me, didn't they bad but I found it kind of boring.
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  • lnwUser110229

    Romance? 1 love interest ?

Chapter 38 one year ago

I have mixed feelings about this novel. I think the author got "inspired" on how to write this by:
1. The anime I used to watch when I was younger, it was called: Avatar: The last Airbender- was quite good, can recommend (has 5season, related to 5 elements - surprise).
2. A novel called: Close combat mage
3. the Zhan Long novel

The cold-cold, OP and calculative MC seems more like a robot then a human being and the clingy female lead doesn't help in improving my opinion about the novel. The sister that we might later on find out is not blood related to the MC is also very cheesy. I have read the available chapters, because I had nothing better to do... I don't think I will get back to this after the new chapters will get published.