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Chapter 291: Make Her Jealous (1)

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Ch.291 Make Her Jealous (1)

Zhuang Zhao said that he wouldn’t disturb Zhong Qin anymore, and he did keep his promise.

Since the second day, he stopped giving her flowers and preparing meals for her, bringing it to the company.

Zhong Qin’s colleagues noticed that for three consecutive days, she hadn’t received any flowers and whatnot. After getting off work, there wasn’t a luxurious lamborghini waiting for her anymore. As a result, they started coming to her and wanting to get some information.

“Zhong Qin, what’s with you and that Zhuang dude? Is it over between the two of you guys?”

Zhong Qin wanted to ignore, but ended up explaining, “He’s just doing this on a whim. We weren’t together from the start.”

“Really? Zhong Qin, I admire you so much! You can actually withstand the temptation. Although he has a strong background and he’s handsome, I heard that he’s always in the bar with his group of wealthy second generations. He’s famous for his way with women. You made the correct decision to reject him!”

Zhong Qin smiled faintly when she heard this, not wanting to continue this topic at all.

Of course, there were some that felt it was a pity. “Zhong Qin, why didn’t you grab this opportunity? Who is Zhuang Zhao? He’s a wealthy man! You should’ve captured his heart, and get married to him. That way, you’d become a wealthy and noble madam. You wouldn’t need to work so hard then!

Not everyone wants to be a wealthy and noble madam. At the very least, Zhong Qin didn’t want to be one.

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After a few more days, Xin Siyue called her to ask about her and Zhuang Zhao.

At that time, Zhong Qin had her phone on speaker as she was doing yoga. She said indifferently, “What could happen? It wasn’t like anything was going to happen.”

Xin Siyue asked, “He didn’t come to look for you anymore?”

“I already made it clear with him. Why would he come look for me? If he does, wouldn’t it make it seem like he is shameless?”

Xin Siyue couldn’t help but laugh. “Why do I feel like you two are just squabbling?”

“Why would I squabble with him? It’s not worth it. It’s better if I work hard. In the future, if I meet someone I like, I’ll marry them. If I don’t, I’ll just stay single for life. That’s pretty good too.”

“Don’t babble nonsense. You’ll definitely meet someone!”

Zhong Qin sighed. “I think that I’m past the period of time of dating. I don’t care whether I get in a relationship or not. Taking your words, it’s all up to fate.”

Xin Siyue couldn’t say much. She decided to leave it to fate as well.

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What Zhong Qin didn’t know was that ever since Zhuang Zhao was rejected, he started basically living in bars and playing with women more often.

His friends were flabbergasted by his actions.

In the past, he had done this before, but he had never done it like this.

Today, Zhuang Zhao was drunk, and was carried to the guest room by his friends. They even considerately called for a beautiful woman to look after him. She wore a strapless super short dress, and his hand slid up the woman’s thigh. He rolled over and pressed her underneath. In the end, as he was about to lower his body to kiss her, he noticed that he was unable to do so.

He rolled to the side annoyedly and exclaimed, “Get lost!”

That woman wore a shocked expression. Her instinct was that he couldn’t do it. She got up, disdaining him. She arranged her clothes and walked out as she murmured to herself.

Zhuang Zhao rolled over and buried his head into his pillow. He noticed that his mind was on the woman that made him angry!

Zhuang Zhao was sullen because of this for a few days. One night, his friends invited him to drink. After drinking for a while, he dismissed the women there. Hesitating between his words, he asked, “How do you make a woman surrender to you?”

His friends laughed right then. Someone teased, “Whoa, buddy. You’re trying to create a harem and become the emperor?”

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“Get lost! No one thinks you’re a mute if you don’t talk! Be serious! I’m being serious!”

His buddies laughed for a while without a care before asking, “You’re not being serious, are you?”

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