Back to the Sixties: Farm, Get Wealthy & Raise the Cubs
Chapter 1: Personal Interspatial Space part1

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Chapter 1 Personal Interspatial Space part1

"Mother, I'm so hungry. "

In the single apartment, Lin Qing He opened her eyes on her bed and was in a daze. After a while, she sighed frankly.

She grabbed the phone at the bedside and checked the time. It was only 5:30 in the morning, and it was May in the lunar calendar. The sky outside was already bright at this time.

Lin Qing He put down her phone silently, and then a magical scene happened. Out of nowhere a glass of water in her hands!

Lin Qing He observed this cup of hot water which was still steaming. It was just like when she put it in last night.

Taking in the phenomenon within her eyes, Lin Qinghe no longer hesitated, she got up to wash up.

She was just an ordinary office worker and did it pretty well. She is currently the sales department manager. Although she was ordinary, what happened to her recently was not ordinary.

As she brushed her teeth and saw her dark circles in the mirror, Lin Qing He shook her head again and sighed. Although her heart was in a mess, she did not forget to put on her makeup.

No one would believe her if she talked about it. For three consecutive nights, the dream she had contained a child who grabbed her, called her mother and ask for something to eat. The dream felt so real, it nearly scared her witless.

At first, she thought she was too tired as she had recently worked overtime, so she didn't care.

But the second night, she had the exact same dream. Along with this dream, an interspatial space of about ten square meters appeared in her body. It was about the same size as her single apartment.

This scared her.

But probably because she had the habit of reading novels, her ability to accept was relatively strong. Of course, this is also related to her strong tenacity.

In short, she accepted quickly.

The interspatial space on her body is in the palm of her hand. With just a thought, she can see it. The space was like a storage box. Last night, she put a cup of hot water into it as an experiment and it was exactly the same when she took it out in the morning. The temperature didn't change at all.

This is enough to prove that the space was unchanging. The condition it was in when placed inside, is the condition it'll be when taken out.

And just now, the child was in her dream again, calling her Mother and saying he was hungry. And then she was awakened.

But this time, she finally didn't hesitate anymore. The strong uneasiness in her heart made her have an intuition that something strange would happen, so she had to make some preparations.

Because she saw in the ‘dream’ that the place was extremely poor, she wondered whether if it was in the apocalyptic years. The supplies and food were very scarce. The faces she saw were very vague, but without exception, their bodies were all skinny and faces were sickly yellow.

Although her childhood days weren't easy. But compared to the environment seen in the 'dream', her life growing up under the five star, red flag (basically Chinese flag) in the early days of reform, food and clothing was not a problem. It is impossible to imagine that(the dream) kind of living environment.

Her novel was not read in vain, and now she had an additional interspatial space on her. She believes that if she didn't do anything else, then maybe by chance transmigrated to the apocalyptic era, she will starve to death!

Soon Lin Qing He finished washing and sorting herself. She took out a pen and paper and began to count the supplies to be purchased. The basic seven (firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy, vinegar, tea) had to be prepared with the exception of firewood and tea.

Among them, rice and oil are the top priority!

Lin Qing He replaced the firewood and tea with brown sugar and rock sugar. White sugar isn't necessary. Rock sugar was enough to replace it. Eggs were added to the notebook.

In the dream place, something like eggs is definitely an asset currency.

In addition to the eggs, there was meat. No matter what kind of meat, she had to get some anyway.

And also medicines, for emergencies, colds, fevers, bloating and diarrhea are all necessary. And needed to buy some oil/menthol balm for all kinds of aches.

One box of these things was sufficient, and will not occupy much space.

After writing these, Lin Qing He felt that the food supplies were almost enough.

Then she started to write the rest. She didn’t know if it was cold there or not, but warm quilts had to be prepared. The mattresses had to be prepared as well. All of it needed to be grey and not colorful because she saw in the 'dream', the place is gray and white. There was no color at all.

Thinking of this, she blew out some heavy exhales, despite her optimistic nature.

Afterward, materials began to be added again. There were some personal items of her own. Although the materials were important, she also wanted to leave some private space for herself to buy some female personal items, which were also equally important to her.

Few pages are written full of materials. She looked back and forth several times to make sure she didn't have anything left out and then sighed in relief.

Then she started counting her savings.

After checking a few times, her saving was only 50,000 yuan.

For her who had been working as a department manager for just a few years after graduation, this deposit is naturally small. But there was no other way, as her expenses weren't small on most days.

Cosmetics are a necessity. Every so often, she goes shopping or eats out with my friends, which one didn't cost money?

From the current her, one can't find the shadow of the past.

She was an orphan girl abandoned by her parents. She grew up with her grandmother in rural from a young age. When she was a sophomore, her grandmother passed away. From them on she fed herself until she graduated from college to find a job.

Although life wasn't easy, she still persisted. Now she was living very well.

Originally she wanted to save a down payment, and when the time comes for her to get a house for herself so that got her to save on some expenses and try not to be part of the moonlight group.

She still had more than 2,000 yuan of loose money on her, plus 50,000 in her card, it's a total of more than 52,000 yuan.

Straight out, she rented a minibus online.

It was a driver's license she got from the time she studied in college and work. At that time, she wanted to make some money as a chauffeur. Later, I dislike the fact it was little money and lots of trouble, so she dropped it.

It was a young man who rented out the minibus. Because he wants to go back to his hometown for a few days, so he planned to rent it out. He originally thought of just giving it go, and didn’t expect someone would really rent it.

After Lin Qing He contacted him and heard that urgently need it, he drove it over. It was not too far away and arrived downstair in around ten minutes.

Lin Qing He paid the deposit online, so there is no need to pay anymore. After trying to drive it, it was very smooth, even if she hadn't driven for a long time.

Although the minibus was a bit old, there was only one row of seats behind the seat, and the last row was dismantled to become a minibus that could carry goods. Lin Qing He was very satisfied.

Sending off the vehicle's young owner, who tried to strike a conversation with her, she carried her bag and hit the road.

She hadn't had breakfast yet, so better to eat breakfast before you start fighting.

This breakfast shop was a ten-minute drive from the apartment where she lives. The journey was short. Lin Qing He was aware she's a foodie. But she can't come here often because the location wasn't on the way to work.

Chapter 1: Personal Interspatial Space part1
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