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Chapter 345. Unemployed

It can be said that one person had caused a ripple of bad air in the community.

Even like this, Zhang Mei He had even gone to find Old Madam Xu’s eldest daughter-in-law Li Cui Feng.

She wanted to join the night shift or something, but Li Cui Feng disapproved. How could she possibly agree?

There were also young lads on the night shift.

Who knows if she would harm the guys.

So there was nothing to discuss.

Lin Qing He wasn't a saint who wants to change people. Zhang Mei He was like this. She will never sympathize with her. So when Li Cui Feng brought it up, she didn't intervene.

There was also Zhang Mei Lian, who targeted her eldest. She lived in another community. She was already working. Heard that she was in logistics. It was said she had changed two boyfriends.

Both guys were taken back to her dormitory for the night. And then they left the next day.

Don't think that in this era of underdeveloped supervisory information technology, it was possible to hide from the world.

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If one doesn't want others to know, then one shouldn't take action.

Otherwise, even if there was a large distance away from the community, people will get to the bottom of it.

In fact, Lin Qing He wasn't interested in these. She didn't like to inquire about other people's news.

But it can't be helped. Zhang Mei Lian had little awareness.

She thought no one knew about her matter. When Lin Qing He occasionally encountered her, she smiled sweetly.

Why did she still have such an expression in front of her? Wasn't it because she was still aiming for her eldest and not giving up?

That's why Lin Qing He didn't have a good impression of her. It was no one's business whether she got a boyfriend or not. It was her freedom to love whoever.

But to put clearly put on an act that she looked down on her and still come up and stick her face on her cold butt as if she bullied her. This was too much.

So every time she saw Zhang Mei Lian, Lin Qing He's face displayed indifference.

Lin Qing He came to the dumpling shop that day. She saw Aunt Ma washing the dishes with an ugly expression.

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"Aunt Ma, what's the matter? Are you feeling well?" Lin Qing He asked.

"No. I'm fine." Aunt Ma smiled.

Lin Qing He spoke, "If you feel uncomfortable, then tell Qing Bai and have a day off."

Aunt Ma smiled and nodded. Then she continued to wash the dishes.

Lin Qing He turned to Zhou Qing Bai. Zhou Qing Bai didn't pay much heed and said, "The postman just sent a new letter for you."

Lin Qing He remembered when she heard this. She quickly went to get the letter and said, "Li Li must have given birth."

Sure enough, Wang Li gave birth. She gave birth to a daughter.

The one in front was a son. Now, this was a daughter.

After Lin Qing He finished reading it, she smiled at Zhou Qing Bai , "This time, you can have a god-daughter."

Zhou Qing Bai grinned when he heard it, "What should gift should we send?"

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"The rest isn't necessary. Just send some small clothes over." Lin Qing He replied.

Then she asked old Madam Xu to help make some small winter clothes. It was going to be cold soon. There were small inner clothes and cotton-padded clothes. Altogether, there were a dozen or so pieces.

These were all sent to Wang Li's side.

When Wang Li's man Li Bo Chuan received these clothes, he smiled and showed them to Wang Li.

Wang Li didn't know whether to laugh or cry: "Really that Qing He. It's not necessary to send so many. Young children sprout instantly."

Though she said this, her heart was full of gratitude.

At the time, she had the thoughts of aborting this daughter. But she was persuaded by Qing He. Now she gave birth, she was extremely glad.

A son and a daughter. Completely perfect.

"This daughter was born at the right time. I heard the gossip that family planning will start next year." Lin Qing He mentioned in her letter.

Family planning was certainly being implemented in the capital. But the firmness wasn't great.

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It was in 1982 when it became firm and strict.

Despite knowing this, Wang Li didn't care much. After the child was given birth, she got her man to get ligation. There can't be any more accidents in the future!

Back to Lin Qing He's side.

It was only a few days later that she heard about Aunt Ma's matter from old Madam Xu.

It was because she headed out early and returned late every day. Also, she occasionally went to the movie with her Qing Bai or gone to other places to see if there were any antiques that can be picked up.

So she really didn't know what happened to Aunt Ma.

Ma Cheng Min, Uncle Ma's son, was now unemployed.

The job was originally for Uncle Ma. Because he gave his work to his son, he now rode a tricycle to transport goods and make money.

It wasn't a work that happened frequently, but it was enough to not eat idle meals.

Ma Cheng Min’s salary was forty yuan a month and Aunt Ma’s was 30 yuan. Uncle Ma’s work can earn almost ten yuan a month to supplement the family.

If the income of the family were added up, it wasn't little.

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However, Ma Cheng Min's factory laid off staff. He was unlucky enough to get laid off.

Now he was considered as being in a state of unemployment.

That's why Aunt Ma was a little worried these days.

Her grandson will go to kindergarten soon and it will be all expense.

When Lin Qing He went to bed that night, she chatted about this with Zhou Qing Bai.

"Ma Cheng Min graduated from high school. His level of education isn't low. I have seen his writing. It's pretty firm. Say, should I put him in the warehouse?" Lin Qing He asked.

The warehouse was currently managed by old Madam Xu and her eldest daughter-in-law. But because they weren't literate, Lin Qing He had to handle all the accounting books.

And the warehouse must have professional management.

"It's not a bad idea to let him manage." Zhou Qing Bai nodded.

Ma Cheng Min's character was good. Zhou Qing Bai was quite familiar with him. Ma Cheng Min often went to his place since Aunt Ma worked there.

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"It's too idle to just manage the warehouse. How about I open another shop?" Lin Qing He asked.

Zhou Qing Bai raised his eyebrows and looked at his wife: "Not afraid of getting tired?"

"What's to be afraid?" Lin Qing He didn't mind and said, "I hired people to do it, so I'm not the one getting tired."

Then she began to calculate the feasibility of this matter.

She'll let Ma Cheng Min manage the storeroom. She'll still manage the input book as she didn't want to let the people below know what the profits. So mainly the output accounts for him.

Then let him go to supervise a shop. The clothing shop was basically stable. Zhou Er Ni and Xu Sheng Mei were still responsible for that since both of them were already skilled at it.

She was planning to let Hu Zi go to set up a street stall next year.

But now, change of plan. Hu Zi can manage a menswear store with Ma Cheng Min.

Lin Qing He was one to take action. After she gave her class the next day, she went to the Housing Management Bureau.

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